Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bipasha Basu - Love Yourself fitness dvd

I can not help but blog about this.

Bips is looking so hot!!!!!!

Even John thinks Bips is fitter than him now. Ironic since he was the one who gifted her the treadmill many years ago. Now, she's a fitness freak.

Just more pics of the lovely Bips

Bips with her mom

Bips with John

Look at John's expression! So cute.

I want that dvd!! I have Bollywood Bodies, John and Bips's other workout video


lapetitediva said...

She looks good in those pics but body-wise, I prefer her meatier frame in Jism. IMO, she's one of those women who looks best when she's a few pounds "overweight".

Nicki said...

Hey there. Honestly, I think Bips face is a little too slim for her, but body-wise, she's hot