Thursday, February 25, 2010

Help! Need the movie title to the following Hindi films...

***I am still working on my Ranbir post, it's taking longer than expected. I am going to participate in Beth's 70s week post :)

As I mentioned before that Hmong people love Bollywood films. A lot of us grew up wathcing them dubbed in either Hmong and/or Thai. We didn't know the original Hindi film title. As we grow older, we want to re-watch them...but we do not know the Hindi title.

You'll be amazed with all the e-mails and questions I get all the time about finding the Hindi film title to so many movies!! I was able to answer many but there are a few I had no idea on!

Special thanks to Bollyviewer who helped me solved one and suggested I blog about the others still pending....

Move #1 - late 70s

I think the one I am looking for involves a king. Thai people say Oong. That's a king in Thai. So it's Oonkg Koriman or something like that in Thai. King Koriman, that is.

The cover should show a guy in striped suits, bearded with fingers on his necklaces, maybe standing over a beautiful lady, holding up a human head or something...? Not sure.

A circus star who killed an escaped lion to prevent harms to the spectators got reprimanded by the circus manager; after a struggle between the two, the star killed the manager. From there, the world turned dark on his face. The sky. The fans. His mom. His girl. They all took him to be a killer. So they all closed their doors on him. He had no place to go. He couldn't live with people anywhere. The dark sky was about to rain and he looked scared and in a very desparate situation. So he just ran off.

The next scene showed him with a total look: fatter, bearded, curly hair--all happy on the mountains with some animals. He has tamed up the animal kingdom and has lived peacefully with the animals and the wild now.

The star continued to despise humans, however. Anyone he saw coming there, he would kill. A snake pipe blower got killed. Some other hunters got killed. Each person that he killed, he would cut off a finger and add to his necklace. He got lots of them...

Then one day his girl came to look for him. In her most beautiful appearance, she sang into the jungle, across the sands and streams...he took her to be another human stranger. So he wanted to kill her. But something reminded him of her, so he didn't. But he refused to go back home with her. He just yelled at her and told her to go back and to leave him alone. She hung onto his leg. But his just dragged her on the sand...hey, beautiful sight.

His mom--old now--came to look for him. He didn't recognize her anymore, so he chased her down with his sword. He raised it and tried to slash off her neck. But he couldn't move his sword. Something had stopped him from moving his sword. So while his sword was raised and him struggling with it, his mom ran away. Suddenly, a shiny figure of Buddha or something on lotus appeared. He chased the figure to kill it, too, but no matter how much he moved his feet they seemed to stay at the same spot. Like walking but not going anywhere.

Now the shinny Buddhist figure told him what to do and soon he bowed down.

At the end, the hero returns home with the heroine. The people threw rocks at them. It's a sad ending.

Movie #2 - late 90s and early 2000s

it started off with a couple, who are rich, just gave birth to a boy. they were driving and got into a car accident where the baby was rolled down a hill into a creek. from that, there's also these two couple, the main guy and his girlfriend who got into some arguments and what nots. the tign is that this main guy he does things that are life risks to get money. anyways, the girlfriend and him had an argument and so the guy went off and gotten himself into a fight? i think. From there, he had goen to the creek to wash off, and that's where he found teh baby boy. He went and grabbed teh baby boy and this is where a song starts. the guy brought him to those indian temple and was about to walk off, but he turned back and took the baby. Since than, he raised the kid by himself. so, some years went by and the kid is all grown up going to school. now the school's principle is the boy's mother, but she doesnt know it until later. Soo enough, the truth came otu tha tthe boy is the principle's biological mother and they went to court with the main guy to get the son back. Ofcourse, sicne teh boy grew up with the main guy, the boy didn't want to go with the new family of his or his real family. after the court, the main guy got into some fight since he had some unsettle bussiness with the person he used to work with. I can't remember if he lost his girlfriend, but i think he did lose his girlfriend in this fight since his girlfriend realize that the main guy's a good man. Once the fight was over, the principle and her family agreed to let the boy stay with the main guy.

Solved!! Movie is Jaanwar (Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty)- saw it so long ago once and didn't remember the details, you know how it is, hehe. Thanks so much to Yer on Twitter.

Movie #3

the couple is married and has a kid. he wants to re-marry someone else so they go on an excursion and he pushes her and she fall's captive to alligators. they think she dies but she survives and gets plastic surgery and becomes a famous singer/actor? then she revealed herself to her exhusband and child. 

Solved!! Movie is Khoon Bhari Maang (Rekha, Kabir Bedi, Sonu Walia) - Thanks so much to Filmizest. Haven't seen but Bollywooddeewana has blogged bout it here.

If anyone could help out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks sooo much!


Anonymous said...

Your 3rd film is Khoon Bhari maang, remake of some australian mini series.

It has Rekha and Kabir Bedi as the evil husband or ex.

I also have vague memories of your first film.

Nicki said...

Filmizest - you rock!!!

HuyenPham said...

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