Monday, February 15, 2010

Sophie's new video "Mohabbat" is inspired by a very famous Korean video

I freaking love Sophie, I really do. Love her voice and she's beautiful.

I know she's not responsible for what goes on with the video but she is aware that her video is inspired by a very famous Korean video.

Check out Sophie's video, "Mohabbat" below.

"Because I'm a Girl" by Korean girl group, Kiss

I remember when I first discovered the video back in 2004, it was sooo popular that it has been sang in so many different languages -- Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese. In addition, so many people loved the video so much that they wanted it to be a movie!

None of the girls are in the video. Instead the video features Miss Korea 2000, Goo Hye Jin, and the actor, Shin Hyun Joon.

Here is the original Korean video.

Again, not saying that the music is inspired, the VIDEO is.....see for youself.


ajnabi said...

Oh my gosh, in the Korean video where she's washing his hair? I have never felt so uncomfortably voyeuristic watching a guy get a shampoo! It makes me wonder if the "hair p*rn" moment everyone's talking about in MNIK is taken from this video too!

FWIW, I prefer the Korean video, but the music in the Hindi one is more to my tastes. :-)

bollyviewer said...

That is a total take-off from the Korean video! And not a very good one, either. I much prefer the Korean video, and even the song (though of course, the lyrics arent anything alike) to Sophy's Mohabbat.

Nicki said...

ajnabi - Oh really? Haven't really heard about the MNIK hair porn yet. I love the Korean video. I love Sophie but her vids are like Mariah Carey & Beyonce where it's all about me. Both music are totally different but if I had to choose, I'll take the Korean one cause I have a soft spot for it.

bollyviewer - I totally agree. Sophie's video is a copy of it. I even message Sophie about it.