Sunday, October 2, 2011

30 Day Tollywood Song Challenge, part 1, #1 - 10

Since I had so much fun with the 30 Day Bollywood Song Challenge
Part 1, with entries 1 - 10, found here
Part 2, with entries 11 - 20, found here
Part 3, with entries 21 - 30, found here

This time, I'm heading for the 30 Day Tollywood Song Challenge

Instead of posting daily on Twitter the songs, I am just gonna do this post like for the Bollywood ones :D

And use this hash #30DayTollySongChallenge

Here are #1 - 30 :D

1. A song that makes you happy
No lie...."Happy" - Happy. I'm happy because it has Allu Arjun, catchy music, Allu Arjun, cute dancing, Allu Arjun, lyrics, Allu Arjun should I say more?

2. A song that makes you sad
Every time I hear, "Povodhe Prema", it makes me, so so sad. I love Oy a lot too. The pain in Siddhu's eyes!

3. A song that you like driving to
The beats to "Tidathara Kodathara" - Aashta Chamma, plus having cutie, Nani, only adds positive results.

4. A song that you like walking to
The OST to Pokiri was my fave for a very very very long time, I still love them. One of my faves is "Gala Gala Paduthunna."

5. A song that reminds you of someone
Honestly, no one really because I got into Telugu cinema a lot later than Bollywood. However, a friend on Bollywhat, who is no longer active, is the one who introduced me to Telugu cinema. He was sweet enough to send me a few dvds so I owe him big time since my love for Telugu cinema has grown tremondously! This was back in 2006! When I watch Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, I do think about him. For those who has been on Bollywhat for a very long time know who this person is, he introduced me to Bunny as well :) The rest is history. My fave song from the film - "Chandrulo " followed very closely by "Adhire Adhire"

6. A song that you can chill to
"I Go Crazy" - Kantri is the song for it. Just watching NTR Jr dance is worth it. The song is really mellow so you could chill to it.

7. A song that you like dancing to
Every time I hear the song, "Ye Mayo Chessave" - Drona, I wanna dance! It definitely made me fall in love with the sexy, Nitin. The dance moves, the song, Nitin...oh my :D

8. A favorite item number song
Just like Bollywood, the beat item girl, hand down is one person. It was Malaika Arora-Khan, but in India, itself, note I said India cause this woman is wonderful, she's been dancing in the South more so I included her here. No other than - Mumaith Khan!!!!!
Check out Louella's list of Mumaith item songs, listing "O Baby O Baby' - Aadavan Matalaku Ardhale as her favorite, I haven't seen the movie but I agree with her #2 & #3 because those are my fave songs of Mumaith. So my fave is "Ippatikinka" - Pokiri, then "Bangaru Kodi Peeta" - Magadheera but my fave song picturize on Mumaith is "Manela Thintivira Kana" - Chatrapthi

9. A favourite song from a Yash Raj an Allu Arjun movie
Haha, sorry I cannot do I'm crossed it and put Bunny :D
I cannot stop looking at "Mouname Mouname" - Desamuduru because Bunny is just soooo hot and sexy. Shirtless Bunny dancing seductively. Must I go on? :D

10. A favourite song often that is played at Indian weddings
I have no idea! But.....I'm sure "Aidhurojula Pelli" - Varudu will be played. Took me t

That concludes part 1, come back for part 2
Sorry that a lot of these songs has my fave hottie

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