Friday, September 13, 2013

A post in 2013??

Hi Blogger friends,

My last post was 11/14/12 just a short paragraph why I haven’t been on. Prior to that, I had a 30 Day Tollywood Song Challenge I did back on 10/2/11.

It’s like I fell off the face of Blogspot. I’m usually on Twitter so you could always connect with me on there : )  Twitter ID – ApunBindaas or just click here for the direct link. 

But for real, ever since I started this job almost two years ago, I’ve had less time to come online and blog. Sure, I still get on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, watch movies and stuff. The difference is I haven’t committed in making a zillion screen caps. Before, I used to make the screen caps, then save on a flash drive, upload them at work, and write. I don’t do that anymore and have to be careful how to spend my time at work since my job isn’t as laid back.

I do love my job. Let me explain. Now, I work in a CPA firm. Before I worked in a payroll company, I used to just sit at work, mostly bored, and wait for payrolls to come in. There are schedules to when they will come in but it’s mainly a waiting process. I would just go and check, come back to my computer and start blogging again. Every day at a CPA firm is a new adventure. Every day is different. You never know what kind of work the Seniors, Managers, and Shareholders may want your help with next. I can go on doing nothing for 4 hours, then busy for the next 4 hours. Not to mention, we have same tax deadlines as the nation – the famous April 15th deadline and to some extent, September 15th, for the clients that have been extended.

Believe me, I still watch tons of movies. Not as much as I would like but I still do. I usually post what I’m watching on Twitter and quick thoughts on them. Nothing in details and no screen caps of my thoughts.

Since my love is Allu Arjun, I do want to dedicate a blog of him only. I’ve already merge some of my posts over to the pending blog of him. Many photos are inactive now on blog so I have to look back and figure out something. I want to re-watch all his films and do another review thought on it as well, what I missed. I can go on and on why I adore him