My name is Nicki, also known as ApunBindaas in most Bollywood forums. I'm a non Desi chick -- Hmong, to be exact, who grew up watching Bollywood films since I was a little girl.

Well here it is -- my blog on Indian movie cinema. I just love Bollywood and used to put up my movie reviews a long time ago. But with new technology (thanks Blogger), I was debating whether or not to blog again. After much thought and consideration, I finally did it.

Now do not be surprise if you do not read a professional blog. No way am I trying to achieve that. I know this blog is probably crap compared to the other non-Desi bloggers who post their movie reviews. 

Why? It's because I do not analyze every aspect of a movie like them. I'm no professional when it comes to movie reviews. I watch movies to be entertain, not to criticize. Therefore, most of the time, I enjoy a film that others do not. In addition, I do not like to put many spoilers in my movie reviews. But there are a few posts that do have spoilers but read with caution because I have noted it.

Besides that, I like to screen cap the movie since I'm a visual person and like to show what the movie has to offer, plus adding the songs to the review. Songs from the film is what made me fall in love with Bollywood in the first place. Regardless, enjoy and don't think too much when reading my movie review blog.
Lastly, read my reviews with caution because I'm a shallow person, you'll be overflowed with lots of caps of too many hot Desi men like John Abraham, Allu Arjun, Jay Sean, Surya, Ruslaan Mumtaz, etc.

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