Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jay Sean - got the ALL OR NOTHING cd & won tickets to see him!!

I'm sooooooooooooooooo freaking excited. I've been calling in to Q100 (very popular, Atlanta radio station) to win tickets for the Office Christmas Party that Q100 throws every year. This year, they are bringing Kelly Clarkson, Jay Sean, & Orianthi. Get this, you can *not* buy the tickets. You have to *win* them.

And I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe that dream I had of Jay Sean a week ago was foreshadowing me seeing him again. Regardless, I have been on cloud nine for the past few hours.

Oh yeah, I got Jay Sean's new CD too. I pre-ordered it and got it on Monday. Those who pre-ordered got an autograph Jay Sean booklet too.

My review on the songs....

"Do You"
Loooooooooove it. So Jay Sean. This is the Jay Sean I know. What does that mean? Well, the USA got a taste of Jay Sean with "Down" and even though it's a huuuuuuge hit, that wasn't the Jay Sean I remember. Maybe it's Lil Wayne, lol. It's not like Jay didn't have rappers in his songs before. One of my faves from the CD, I am swaying my head and hips right now to it.

The song is actually good, but I don't really like the chorus too much. Too much of the repeating -- Fire, Desire, Fire, Desire, Fire, Desire.

"Down" f/ Lil Wayne
Okay, if you haven't heard this song yet. Where have you been? It hit #1 on the Billboard charts booting out Black Eyed Peas. Ya! You go Jay! When I first heard it, I have to admit, I didn't like it that much. It's a song that grows on you. Again, I think it's Lil Wayne. Watch the official music vid.

"Do You Remember" f/ Sean Paul & Lil John
Second song released. No official music video yet but you can listen to it. Don't really care for it. Maybe it'll grow on me? Must be another Lil problem, lol. Not a fan of Lil John's voice. I adore Sean Paul though and liked his piece. I actually like the song minus Lil John. His part reminds me of a dog barking in the background trying to get attention. Not trying to diss him or anything.

"Ride It"
Love it. From Jay's old track in the My Own Way CD. It was the first time I heard Jay enter the R&B/Hip Hop era. See the official music vid.

"Love Like This" (Eternally)
The title reminds me of the famous song with Natasha Bedingfield & Sean Kingston. The beats have an old school feel. Definitely catchy.

"If I Ain't Got You"
Two old school feels in a row! Beats are good. Like the end of the song, nursery rhyme.

One of my fave new songs from the CD. It's nothing like Jordan Spark's "Battlefield."
Looove this song, almost decided to write down the lyrics.
How we march across the desert to defeat my enemy
And I would lie here in the trenches with your picture next to me
When I told you it's forever, then that's how it's going to be
Don't, won't let him, take the place of me, No
Does he really know you, like I know you
All the little things?
Does he really love you, like I love you
How can he compete?

Soliders in a war
None of us are backing down
And I will show you victory is mine
Before we leave this battleground
Cause he don't wanna leave
And I don't wanna go
And I know how this battle goes
He don't wanna leave
And I don't wanna fight this kind of war

Also from the My Own Way CD. Song is awesome. Check out the song.

"All or Nothing"
Another song which was on the My Own Way CD. It is also the name of his USA CD debut. Song is awesome. Check out the song.

"Stuck in the Middle" f/ Jared Cotter
One of my fave songs from the My Own Way CD. Lyrics are amazing. Jared Cotter is a former American Idolist. I love how their voices compliment each other. Check the song out.

Another track from the My Own Way CD. Another favorite of mine. Yeah, I just love his songs. Check out the official music vid. That's Thara in the vid too.

"Lights Off"
I listen very carefully to the lyrics, it's about a guy going crazy missing a girl who left him. Really digging the lyrics and the melody.
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired
It's you that I'm missing
It's like my brain is wired up
And there's a glitch in my system
You're like a drug
And my blood no-stop itching
I'm in critical condition
Someone let me out of this prison

"Down" (Candle Light Remix)
This version is awesome. Jay singing "Down" accapella style, not really, but it's a slow version with only the piano in the background. I really dig it.

I'm on full Jay Sean mode

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look, I'm famous, well, not really...but so are a few other bloggers :)

Webneetech has featured some of us bloggers.

I'm one of them.

My interview/article

But do *not* forget to read other bloggers that have been mentioned either!

They are modest and haven't blogged bout it but I am here to do that for them, check out their interview and blogs :)

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nicki's wish - Forget "Charlie's Angels", Bollywood to remake "So Close" (Hong Kong)

I've been wanting to start this post for some time now but been preoccupied. Now, here's my chance!

You know how much I love female-oriented, strong-minded films. Besides, this one was fun to do.

The talks about Bollywood to remake Hollywood's Charlie's Angels has been in the talks for sooooo long. But it has never happened!!

The first time I ever heard about it was before Raveena got married back in the early 2000s. At that time, the cast would be Raveena Tandon, Sushmita Sen, & Shilpa Shetty.

But of course, that film never seen that light! Another article came out indicating the remake but with Diya Mirza, Perizaad Zorabian, & Amrita Arora.

But that article was in 2003. And now it's 2009, quickly approaching 2010! What now?

Of course, the media fed into Mallika Sherawat's Twitter with a fan indicating the Charlie's Angels Bollywood remake should include Mallika, Priyanka Chopra, & Bipasha Basu. There was even a fictional picture floating.

Not a bad trio.

However, my cast would be different.

I was tweeting about it with @dunkdaft aka Darshit & @bana_nnie about what my version of an awesome trio. After I saw Tere Mere Beach Mein, I really want to see Shilpa and Bips together. They were only in Chor Machaye Shor, but didn't have many scenes together. Shilpa was one of the original choice for a Charlie's Angels Bollywood remake. Till this day, she is still looking hot and fit!

So what's up with the title, "Forget Charlie's Angels, Bollywood to remake So Close?"

When So Close first released its movie previews, many people compared it with Charlie's Angels.

But trust me, it's nothing like that. Although it is not a "brilliant" movie -- but neither is Charlie's Angels, So Close is one of my favorite guilty-pleasure, no-brainer, kick-ass, female bonding, action-packed, Hong Kong movies. It got me back in watching Hong Kong movies again.

So Close is about two sisters, Lynn (Shu Qi) and Sue (Vicki Zhao Wei). They are espionage agents, computer hackers, assassins, everything along that line. Lynn is the skilled, sister who does the action work, while the younger sister, Sue, is the assistant and runs the computer at home. The two sisters end up with a cat-and-mouse game with police detective, Hung (Karen Mok), who is out to find them.

When Lynn's ex-flame, Yen (Song Seung Hoon) re-enters back in her life, she realizes that she must live a "normal" life and want to leave the secret lifestyle behind. However, Sue disagrees. She always felt like the underdog and never got to do any real undercover work. In addition, she wants to prove that she can be just as good as her older sister.

Will Hung ever find the two sisters? Will Sue ever be as good as her older sister, Lynn? Will Lynn ever leave that lifestyle behind and be with her lover?

I'll leave it at that. Just in case, others want to see So Close.

Again, lots of movie promos show the three girls together like some kind of Charlie's Angels film.

Just my dream cast of a Bollywood remake....

All screen caps are stolen taken from brns on his So Close review with spoilers.

Shilpa Shetty as Lynn (Shu Qi)

No denying that she is the *only* Bollywood actress that remains fit from beginning to end of her career. Never did you read about her ups and downs of weight. In Dus, she had a small action role that could have done better justice to her.

I can definitely see Shilpa playing the older, sexy, sister who does all the kick-ass action.

Isha Koppikar as Sue (Vicki Zhao Wei)

Some people are saying, "Isha? Are you sure?" Yes, I am. She is so underrated.
She can definitely pull the action scenes, she does have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do :) Check out pic below

This lady needs better scripts because as little as her role is in Bollywood films, she is good at each of them. She had a bit of an action role with Bips in Rudraksh, which she totally had the looks for and could have gotten a fight scene against Bips!

Imagine Shilpa & Isha as the two beautiful sisters as action beauties!

I like.

But there's one more girl.

Yes, there is.

Bipasha Basu as Hung (Karen Mok)

Come on, you know there is no way that a girl-power, action film *not* star Bips! Just like Shilpa, Bips' very short cop role in Dhoom 2 could have been given better justice. Why Bollywood? I know actresses get paid a lot for wearing minimal clothing and dancing around in trees at the clubs. Regardless, Bips would have done it well.

Would totally like to see Bips in an action role. She already is the fittest star in Bollywood. With the help of her beau, John Abraham, she would kill the fight scenes.

See, the girls in So Close use martial arts, fight with swords, and use guns.

Farhan Akhtar as Yen (Song Seung Hoon)

Hottie Korean actor, Song Seung Hoon, didn't have a huge role but provided eye candy for the ladies.

So why not another hottie to do so in Bollywood?

Besides, Farhan & Shilpa would look soooo cute together!

Just another one of my fantasy film cast in Bollywood.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hmong dubbed Bollywood movies

For lapetitediva, just because she asked when I blogged about the Hmong New Years and Bollywood films being sold there.

I thought, why not blog about it?

Hmong people love movies, in general. We love all types of cinema. Whether it's Thai, Korean, Hong Kong, or Bollywood, we watch them all.

But most of the ones I grew up with are dubbed. There are no Hmong subtitles. Sadly, most of the Hmong Americans are not able to read and/or write in Hmong. Therefore, the films are dubbed.

Here are a few Bollywood films that have been dubbed into Hmong.

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

Hmoov Phem Tau Neej Toxm Nyem
Translation - Unlucky To Have Someone Poor

Om Shanti Om

Nco Koj Txhua Tiam
Translation - I Remember You Every Life Time


Tus Neeg Zoo
Translation - The Good Person


Txoj Hmoo Sib Raug
Translation - Our Luck To Be Together


Yus Tus Tav Thiaj Hlub Tus Tshaj
Translation - Your Soulmate Is The One Who Loves You Most

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Kev Sib Hlub Txheej Tiam No
Translation - The Love This Generation (I think it's saying this generation's love story?)


Tseem Muaj Koj Nyob Hauv Kuv Nraub Piab
Translation - Still Have You In My Heart

Many Hmong dubbed movies are on YouTube. One of them being Tum Mero Ho, which I blogged about before.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kaalpurush - Bengali film, I've been looking for and found on Induna

Kaalpurush was released in 2005 and won the National Award for Best Film. However, it took several years for this film to be released officially on dvd. I've been looking for it everywhere. Thank goodness I found it on Induna, which I blogged about.

Bengali films are more serious and arty than other Indian cinema that I've seen. Or so it seems like. Even though I bought Kaalpurush several months ago, I didn't watch it right away. I wanted to be in the right mindset to watch, what I mean is be in the right mood to watch it, even though I have been wanting to see it for a while. I don't watch many Bengali films. It's already hard enough for me to find Tamil and Telugu films, imagine me trying to get Bengali films!

After watching it the first time, I wasn't sure whether or not to like it. The film definitely has a good,  meaningful storyline. Yet, the pace was very slow. The performances are top-notch, don't get me wrong. Kaalpurush is just one of those films that you will appreciate for its storyline, but cannot watch over and over again. I wanted to like it more, so I gave it a second viewing.

Kaalpurush focuses on a father-son relationship that once was there but is gone. The film shows in different timeframes of both the father and son's stories of what happened to the father-son relationship.

Mithun Chakraborty plays the father, Ashwini.

From the beginning of the film, he is shown watching over his son Sumonto (Rahul Bose) and his family.

He really wants to talk to Sumonto but is afraid. He hasn't seen him in so many years after the misunderstanding and miscommunication of what happened in the past.

I'm a bit biase because I adore Mithin and watched his earlier films. However, I'm used to watching his masala-filled Bollywood films and have never seen him in anything "serious." Therefore, I was very excited to watch him.

It was very endearing to see an older Mithun in a fatherly role. In his recent Bollywood roles, he usually plays a villian and/or just in a supporting cast. Arguably, one can say he also has a supporting role in Kaalpurush, as well. However, his character is one of the main focus of the film.

Rahul Bose & Sameera Reddy play the married couple, Sumonto & Supriya.

Sumonto (Rahul Bose) is in a loveless marriage with Supriya (Sameera Reddy) and their two children. On top of that, he has a dead-end job. He often wonders about his father (Mithin Chakraborty) who he used to adore.

Rahul Bose is one of my inexplicable crushes. I've often wondered why he isn't as well-known in Bollywood, but I've learn that he steers away from masala-type of films. The few Bollywood films that he's been in, I enjoyed watching him. His acting is amazing and is no different in Kaalpurush. I mainly watched the film for Sameera and was stoked Rahul was opposite her. A lot of people have praised Sameera in her role but it was Rahul who carried the film.

Supriya (Sameera Reddy) is married to Sumonto (Rahul Bose) and a school teacher. She is definitely a high achiever and wants to better herself, even if that means ignoring her husband and children.

As I mentioned before, I mainly wanted to watch Kaalpurush for Sameera. I've heard nothing but great things about Sameera's performance. Although I do think it is Sameera's best acting till date, Kaalpursh is still Rahul Bose's film all the way. Playing the cold, emotionless woman, Sameera took it to another level from her glamorous, dolled-up looks in Bollywood.

Laboni Sarkar plays the mother, Putul. Sudipta Chakraborty plays the ex-lover of Ashwini, Asha.

Putul knew about her husband's ex-lover, but he chose to marry her instead. Little did she know that she will finally get to meet her one day.

Laboni Sarkar is just so motherly. I don't even know if that is a good ajective but I just love her look. As a wife and mother, I do know how she would feel if I was in her position to ever face the "other" woman who you know your husband was so deeply, madly in love with. She doesn't have a big role but was a pleasure to see her.

Everyone wants to hate the "other" woman, the ex-flame. But can you really fault her for wondering why the man-of-your-dreams just simply left and went away without you knowing? She got the chance to see him again and talk it out.

Sudipta Chakraborty is beautiful. Why did the "other" woman have to be so gorgeous? Me thinks just for insecurity purposes. Just like Laboni, Sudipta doesn't have a huge role either.

So you think you know the rest of the story? I'll leave it at that. Don't wanna spoil anything. The flashbacks show little Sumonto and his parents.

Little Sumonto used to accompany his father when he's out with his patients. Yes, his father was a doctor. Of course, something dramatic happened causing Sumonto and his father not to talk anymore.

Many years will pass, Sumunto and his father, Ashwini, will finally meet again, discussing what happened, how they are doing.

Will it be too late?

The strongest relationship in the film is definitely between Sumonto and his kids. He loves his kids so much. One of my favorite scene is when his daughter is drawing on his back, while he is holding his son on the bed.

Even though there was a brief cooking scene, I captured it. I mentioned in my Punnagai Desam review, how rare it is for me to see this in Indian cinema.

I thank Eagle & Shemaroo for finally getting Kaalpurush out on dvd.

However, must you put BOTH of the logos throughout the film?

Another complaint I have with the dvd is the poor quality and dark visual look.

After watching Kaalpurush more than once, did I like it? Yes and no. It may not appeal to a lot of people. However, it is worth a watch for the storyline and acting. Even though it is very slow-paced, there are several arty symbolic signs shown throughout the film. Definitely, it will be appreciated to film critics who want to look more pass masala-type of films.