Monday, October 25, 2010

Kotha Bangaru Lokam - one of my favorite Telugu films!

First of all, I read on Wiki (don't read it unless you want to cause there are spoilers), that Kotha Bangaru Lokam is based on a book. However, I went googling and found nothing about the title of the book that it was based on.
Therefore, I'm asking everyone who is reading this and knows the answer to puhleeeeese let me know the name of the book. Thanks so much in advance :)

I have a lot to say about this film but may not be able to say it all. Just that I freaking looooooooooove it. So much that after much thought about it for the past few days, I have placed it #2 of my favorite Telugu that means I have to update my top Telugu films post :D

Honestly, I was debating whether or not I love it more than Magadheera. In the end, Magadheera won because of it's overall masala entertainment, even though I did enjoy the two characters more in Kotha Bangaru Lokam.

Varun Sandesh is toooo adorable! I already thought he was the cutest thing in Happy Days. I read that Kotha Bangaru Kokam was suppose to be Varun's debut film but Happy Days ended up being his debut film instead. Interesting tidbit since both films are about young love and growing up.

What makes me love Kotha Bangaru Lokam a lot is that one of my guilty pleasures is watching teenie-bopper films or even of the college atomosphere that I even asked and blogged about film suggestions before.

Kotha Bangaru Lokam is my favorite film dealing with young love and parents' love for their children, along with the misunderstandings/secrets between parents and their children, friendships within the social network. On top of that, the wonderful music, gorgeous colorful cinematology adding the extra oomph that I'm looking for and love. Adding the cherry on top, I can relate to the natural characters in the film and Varun and Shweta were really good. I almost want to say that this is my favorite Telugu film.

Now, if young love isn't your cup of chai, just stop right now and don't read any further.
I haven't even gone into details with the characters and songs like I usually do in my "official" reviews, lol.

Even though I have mentioned that Kotha Bangaru Lokam is about young love, it is more than that.

The film opens up with a mother in a train, narrating her love for her son and how he used to depend on her until he got older.

Her husband loved their son so much that he never punished him and allowed him to get in trouble, hoping their son will know the differences between right and wrong.

So around when does that happen???
Teenage years!!!???!!!

This touched my heart a lot! As a mother, I nurtured my kids. My first born is a son. He used to be by my side all time and came to me for everything. Now in his teenage years, he thinks he is too grown to even go to the grocery store with me! Hubby is sorta like Prakash Raj in the film. He doesn't punish my son like that. He wants him to learn his lesson and usually cater to what my son wants. For example, my son wanted to get an earring and a mohawk. Hubby allowed it, all he asked for is for my son to make good grades in school.

The loving mother

Cool dad
No movie is complete without Prakash Raj

Balu is going to junior college.
In the USA, junior college is not common. I did some research and found out that junior college in India is equivalent to 11th & 12th grades in the USA. Very intrugeing, to me, because even though the USA have community colleges, for non Bachelor degrees, it is still an instutition for post high school graduates. So this was an interesting, learning experience for me since junior colleges in India are like mini colleges for teenagers with dorms and everything. Love it!

Balu a cute guy ready to got to junior college. I love everything about him. From his good looks to his personality! He is young and just having fun. He is kind-hearted, goofy, silly, just plain adorable. I *heart* him!

Move over Siddhu! It's Varun! Siddhu would've done an awesome job as Balu. However, I'm glad to see Varun in the role because he's a newbie and has that "it" factor for me. Right now, I want to watch Varun's short filmography. Even though I heard really bad reviews on Maro Charitra remake but I don't care, I will still watch. Besides I loved the Hindi remake, Ek Duje Ke Liya :D

Sapna is the new girl in the school and comes into Balu's life.

I love how they met by bumping into each other! It wasn't love at first sight but both were curious about each other. It was one of those cute encounters.

Besides the father/mother-son relationship, the main focus of the film is about young love.
Is it really attraction or love? What is the difference?
Is it just a test of age? When does love enters your life? Is there an age requiremement?
When do you find your soulmate? How do you know?

I absolutely adore the newcomer, Shweta Prasand.  Her facial features have some North East Indian looks.

So...I had to look her up...only to find out that she is the same child star in Makdee (double role), Iqbal (Shreya's little sister), and Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi.

The thought of their love was challenged by their professor (Rao Ramesh) because he believes that 1% of young love is just infactuation.

Soundtrack is really good. I am listening to it right now!

Song #1 - "Confusion Confusion"
The carefree Balu

Song #2 - "Kalasalalo"
Having fun at junior college

Song #3 - "Nijangaa Nenena"
Falling in love

Song #4 - "Nenani Neevanii"
Missing you

Song #5 - "Ok Anesa"
Finally together again

Song #6 - "Neepreshnalu" (I)
Sadness part 1

Song #7 - "Neepreshnalu" (IiI)
Sadness part 2

The sweetest moment ever!

Coolest interval

I think Varun has nice, kissable lips!

The horizontal striped shirt is popular in the film, mostly worn by Swapna though.

Again, it would be unfair to say this film is all about young love. Motherliy love is a significant part too.

As you can tell, I absolutely loooove this film! Go watch it!
I need to re-edit my top 5 Telugu films again :)