Saturday, March 27, 2010

South Scope commercial from Magadheera

I'm just hear to show some South Scope love.
Since I am in the USA, I don't have access to buy the first South Indian magazine :(

I was very excited when I saw a commercial for South Scope in the Magadheera dvd. The film is produced by Geetha Arts.

Here are the magazine covers I was able to capture.

South Scope, I wish I could get a year's subscription. Until then, I will just see what I am able to get off the Internet.

So yes, my review on Magadheera will be up soon.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dariya Dil - not a Superman film, don't get fooled by the cover or YouTube vid

Or even the scene you saw in Striker :)
like what Minai reviewed

But honestly, I was fooled too.
Even though I have seen Dariya Dil before, one of the reasons (besides Govinda & Kimi) that I wanted to see it is because of the Superman song.

At that time, I rented the VHS film (yeah, I know, ancient but I was already a Govinda fan) because I saw the song on another VHS of Govinda - Naach Govinda Naach. No, it's not this version that Nehaflix has because the version I saw had his older films in the 80s and early 90s.

When I first saw Dariya Dil, I saw it on VHS with*out* subs. I re-watched it last night and wow, I don't remember the film at all!!! I only remember the songs, lol.

After re-watching Dariya Dil, I had flashback of a case of Baghban with uncaring children for their parents. But remember! Dariya Dil preceded several decades!

The weathly businessman, Dhaniram (Kader Khan), has two useless, elder, selfish sons, Vijay (Raj Kiran) & Ajay (Shashi Kiran); and the youngest son that he's proud of, Ravi (Govinda). The two elder sons are uneducated and lazy but want daddy-dearest to cut them some slack, give them money, and excuse their inability to actually do some work in the company. They are so heartless and selfish that they try ways to entrap their own father! If you think that's sad, even their wives are unexcusable as well. The greedy, corrupted, Income Tax Officer, D.O. Gogi (Shakti Kapoor) tries to trick Dhaniram but only resulted in Gogi being arrested and imprisoned. To take revenge, Gogi's sister, Dolly (Roshini) and brother, Gulu (Gulshan Grover) both scheme to end Dhanirami and take over his wealth.

That's a lot to take for a Superman and Spiderwoman cover, isn't it? Nah, Govinda and Kimi don't change into their uniforms to save the day either. Although it's Govinda and Kimi selling the film and dvd cover, it's Kader Khan's film all the way.

Dhaniram (Kader Khan) has three sons, two of them are worthless. At least he has one son who has the same values as him. He has always been a hard worker and believes in being there for others who needs help.

The first film that I've ever seen of Kader was Karate, which he played a villlian. Since then, I always pictured him as an evil guy. Ironically, Kader in Dariya Dil is one of the best persons in the world! I would love to meet a sweet guy like him.

Ravi (Govinda ) is the youngest and most caring son of Dhaniram.

Govinda is really underrated in Bollywood, in acting and dancing. For those who got exposed to him in the late 90s and early 00s of his stupid David Dhawan films, I can understand. However, after Salaam-E-Ishq, more people saw the Govinda that I knew, the one I grew up with, the one that I love!

Radha (Kimi Katkar) is Ravi's love interest. That's all she mainly is there for! Seriously. She had a little love-hate relationship with Ravi but eventually realizes that he isn't like most of the guys she knows and falls for him.

Kimi is so cute! After the Govinda-Neelam jodi, it's Govinda-Kimi for me. Kimi was listed on my post I did with the 80s/90s stars-where-are-you-at.

Loser son #1 - Vijay (Raj Kiran)

Loser son #2 - Ajay (Shashi Puri)

Laxmi (Seema Deo), Dhaniram's wife, 2 loser-son's & 1 hopeful son's mother

Suleman (Asrani) - loyal servant to Dhaniram

Daughter-in-law from Hell #1 - Sapna (Shoma Anand), Vijay's wife

Daughter-in-law from Hell #2 - Dolly (Roshini), Ajay's wife

Dolly's deceitful brother #1 - D.O. Gogi (Shakti Kapoor)

Dolly's deceitful brother #2 - Gulu (Gulshan Grover)

Maniram (Kader Khan), is the cool, hip, English-speaking twin brother of Dhaniram who lives in London.

Yes, Kader Khan in a double-role.

Of course, everyone remembers Dariya Dil for the Superman song - "Tu Mera Superman"

Song #1 - "Dariya Dil"
Opening credits

Song #2 - "Barse Re Sawan"
Radha teasing Ravi

Song #3 - "Tu Mera Superman"

Watch Below

Song #4 - "O Kehta Hai"
Ravi & Radha in love

Song #5 - "Kaante Hamara"
Fight song

Check out Gulu (Gulshan Grover) on left & Ravi (Govinda) on right competing against each other in badmintin, nice legs.

The fashion on Radha (Kimi Katkar) bothered me!! Socks and heels????

Check out the HIS & HER bathroom on the door

Even though they are brothers, I caught the BROmance

Let me say that there were missing subtitles in many lines throughout the whole film!!  Overall, the film has a really good message. It's not all about loving your parents. It's about what you're worth with earning and working hard to achieve it.