Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Remake thoughts

Since I've been ranting on Twitter about remakes, I thought I would give my remake thoughts again.

For those who are confuse, lemme explain.

I don't mind remakes. Just as long as credit is given, I'm cool with it. But I'm not going to cry when there is a "remake" involve. I've seen this way to much from South Indian fans who cry that Bollywood is remaking a movie. So what.

Actually, now I think more about it. Do people complain when an oldie or another Indian language is being remade more? Nah.I read just the same amount of complaints about when a Bollywood movie is copying a Hollywood movie.
To me, a film is remade and changed a bit for their intended audience. I love the Bollywood remakes of Korean and Hollywood movies. For example, I looooove Awarapan way more than the Korean original, A Bittersweet Life. Just like I prefer Aamir over the Filipino original, Cavite. Or even Murder over the Hollywood original, Unfaithful.

Now I don't like every remake. For example, Partner comes no where close to the original Hollywood version, Hitch. Or I See You and the Hollywood original, Just Like Heaven.

I love Wanted just as much as I love Pokiri. Same for Ghajini (Hindi) and Ghajini (Tamil)

I've often come to to this confusion when it comes to Hmong food.

As you may or may not know, Hmong culture is close to non existence, only because there was never anything written about my culture.

We have adapted a lot of food from other Asian cuisines. Although I may be cooking papaya salad and sticky rice. I made the Hmong style version of it.

Maybe I shouldn't compare food and movies? Or with music? For some reason, when it comes to the entertainment world, it has more value, or territorial? Who is creative and such? I don't know.

Don't tell me you never thought about seeing a Telugu or Hindi version of a Hollywood movie before. You even thought about your dream cast to go along with it.

Wow, I've been ranting on and on again. Sorry for this post. I haven't done much "reviewing" lately. I was hoping to have a remake wish post again but instead did this rant :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ali Zafar - talented singer and actor

In 2006, I discovered a lot of things.
The beginning of 2006, I got laid off from my job and got re-hired back (and still working there). I had six months of finding a job again. During that research, I found my love for Telugu films, actually, it's really Allu Arjun because he's the reason for my love for the Telugu film industry :D

In the same process, I got into Korean movies, dramas, and music.

On top of that, I discovered Ali Zafar.
This is how...

Since I had a lot of spare time, I used to rip and upload videos on YouTube. One of the songs was "" from Fight Club, which featured Dino Morea and Amrita Arora. During that time, I took clips, mostly songs from dvds with English subs and uploaded on YouTube. My dinomoreaonline YouTube account is still active, along with arjunrampalonline and bipsonline [my first Bips account was suspended, along with John Abraham's and many others :*(]

"Chhore Ki Baatein (Ke Ne Bhole)" - Fight Club

A bunch of people commented about how it was copied from Ali Zafar's music. Because of that reason, I decided to look it up.

"Channo" - Ali Zafar

and he's a cutie!!
Since then, I got his albums and been following him since then.

So I was totally psyched to find out that he was going to make a Bollywood debut -- Tere Bin Laden :D

However, I was late in watching it :(
But when I did, I looooved it....and made my top 5 Bollywood films of 2010

taken from my mini-review

Full of laughters! I haven't LMAO this much in a long time! I looooooove it! From beginning to end, everything about it was hilarious.

Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar.
What a debut film! He was so natural. I was already in love with his music and him (see him on my list of drool-worthy guys I wrote in 2008) and now love him even more after this film. I hope he makes it big as an actor.

As an American by nationality (Hmong by ethnicity), any topic with Osama Bin Laden is really touchy. A lot of Americans still grief at even the thought of the 9/11 incident.
But not with Tere Bin Laden! It was a great tongue-in-cheek film.

The satire take of this tragic incident in Tere Bin Laden was done so brilliantly and cleverly!! Hubby and daughter have watched it with me and laughed so much. I am getting my American friends to watch the film and laugh along with me.

I am eagerly waiting for his next film, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. It is produced by Aditya Chopra. It also stars Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif. The only sad part is Ali is just a supporting cast. I am happy for him but at the same time, sad because if he's in a supporting cast in a bigger budget film, it means that he may be cast as that for most of his other roles :( I hope not!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Emraan Hashmi - one of my favorite actors & most underrated actor in India!

I am not shy expressing my pyaar for Emraan. I think he is the most underrated actor in India.

So, obviously, I'm sick and tired of reading the crap written about him. Yes, everyone has different opinions but to just dismiss him and label him as the "kissing king" due to what others have said about him? But lately, you see more and more kissing, so what's the big deal?

Whatever. Get your own mind. Watch a few of his films and decide for yourself. I've said it before. You cannot judge an actor by a few films. Imagine watching Shahrukh only in his earlier flop films, such as King Uncle, Chamatkar, Maya Memsaab, etc. Now, I'm not saying that these films are bad or good. I'm just saying you will have a certain impression of him already.

Maybe cause Emraan is part of the Bhatt's clan and not part of the Johar's or Chopra's that people do not really care to seek his films?

I personally love the Bhatt's. IMO, they have the best soundtrack featured in their films! Even if the movie is a hit or miss, you will be humming and singing a long. You don't need an item number or cool dance steps to hype up the movie. I do admit that a lot of Bhatt films have taken inspiration from others. Ahem, remakes? Not necessarily. I've seen a lot of the original films but I like the Bollywood version much better.

Back to Emraan. I've adored him since his debut film, Footpath.
Now I originally watched it for Bipasha because she is my absolute favorite, if you didn't know :)
But after watching it, I wanted to see more of Emraan. This guy is too damn good.

Since then, I've been following his films, watching each and every one. The film that got me loving him more,  proclaiming my love, and declaring him as my favorite actor (besides the Khan's) is Awarapan.

I have listed Awarapan as one of the most underrated films in 2007.
It is my favorite film and acting of Emraan.

Yes, I know that Awarapan is a "remake" of the Korean movie, A Bittersweet Life. I have seen the Korean version and trust me, the Bollywood version, I liked much more. And no, I'm not saying that because of Emraan. The Korean version stars my favorite Korean actor, Lee Byun Hun. I didn't mention in my mini-review of Awarapan what I loved more about it than the Korean version. Therefore, I will briefly say why. I liked that Awarapan had a backstory (which was added in to this version) to the main character and made me wonder why he is the way he is. That story and Emraan's acting made me love him even more!

Since then, Emraan became one of my favorite actors. Plus, he consistently does well and chooses films that make me love him even more. Tum Mile is one of my favorite movies in 2009.

In 2010,  Once Upon A Time in Mumbai is on my top 5 list of my favorite movies in 2010. Even though Crook wasn't a great movie, I love the "twist" at the end. OMG, the soundtrack is off the hook. I listen to it non stop. It has the perfect mix of R&B flavors for my liking.

I was posting about modern Bollywood and Emraan hit it right on with Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji for 2011, for me. It has the right amount of moderness mix in with a great story telling of all three guys. It's a bit rom-com for Emraan, which makes me like it even more since most of his other films aren't like that!

I freaking love Emraan Hashmi. He's talented, good looking, and have a nice body. What more can I ask for? :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My celebrity lookalike?

No one has ever told me I looked like any celebrity so that's the reason why I'm so intruged and have been asking everyone this question

It all started when....Dil Bert wrote this in the Manmadan Ambu thread....

"Was it just me or does Sangeetha look a bit like Apunbindass?"

Whatcha think? Does she Sangeetha and I resemble each other?

Not only has this been a first time for a celebrity lookalike for me, but also cause I've never seen anything of Sangeetha that really made me wonder, hehehe.

A few of my Twitter buddies have told me that it's mainly in Manmadan Ambu cause Sangeetha is made to be hip and modern...and that we have the same hairstyle.

Whatever the case may be, I have to go get my hands on this movie :D

So I did some asking around to get others opinions. I felt like a telemarketer for a minute.

The funny part is that people who only know me online, meaning have never met me and only seen me in pictures, 4 out of 5 of them says, yes, Sangeetha and I resemble each other.

While my close friends and family all said no; however, Sangeetha and I both have same facial structure and cheek bones but that's about it.

I even asked those who have met me several times and they even indicated that I look like Sangeetha in some stills that were found online.

So maybe it's just some photos? But then again, I have not seen any of her films.

Especially these photos...that has come up several times....

One of my childhood girlfriends said to me that it's just the certain angles that Sangeetha and I resemble each other but overall, she would not say that we look alike.

Whatever the case may be, I am flattered to finally have a celebrity lookalike :D

And for those who haven't told me that either I resemble Sangeetha or not...what do you think? I'm sure many of you have seen my photos already but here are some that have already been posted on my other blogs... Sangeetha my celebrity lookalike?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy 28th Birthday Allu Arjun

April 8th is the day my #1 hottie was born.
It is no secret that I absolutely loooooove him.

2011 is a special year for Bunny since he became a groom.

The lovely, Sneha Reddy became Mrs. Bunny eerh, I meant Mrs. Allu Arjun.

Now, I'm just eagerly waiting for Baadnirath to release in theater (and hopefully with subs).
Bunny is total hotness and very yummilicious in the stills.
That pose.  The stance.  The long hair. The badass look. The bod.
That's what made me drool for him in the first place.

Oh yeah, when in the heck is the official dvd of Vedam going to release?
Seriously! I don't want any bootleg dvd or any dubbed ones.