Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Emraan Hashmi - one of my favorite actors & most underrated actor in India!

I am not shy expressing my pyaar for Emraan. I think he is the most underrated actor in India.

So, obviously, I'm sick and tired of reading the crap written about him. Yes, everyone has different opinions but to just dismiss him and label him as the "kissing king" due to what others have said about him? But lately, you see more and more kissing, so what's the big deal?

Whatever. Get your own mind. Watch a few of his films and decide for yourself. I've said it before. You cannot judge an actor by a few films. Imagine watching Shahrukh only in his earlier flop films, such as King Uncle, Chamatkar, Maya Memsaab, etc. Now, I'm not saying that these films are bad or good. I'm just saying you will have a certain impression of him already.

Maybe cause Emraan is part of the Bhatt's clan and not part of the Johar's or Chopra's that people do not really care to seek his films?

I personally love the Bhatt's. IMO, they have the best soundtrack featured in their films! Even if the movie is a hit or miss, you will be humming and singing a long. You don't need an item number or cool dance steps to hype up the movie. I do admit that a lot of Bhatt films have taken inspiration from others. Ahem, remakes? Not necessarily. I've seen a lot of the original films but I like the Bollywood version much better.

Back to Emraan. I've adored him since his debut film, Footpath.
Now I originally watched it for Bipasha because she is my absolute favorite, if you didn't know :)
But after watching it, I wanted to see more of Emraan. This guy is too damn good.

Since then, I've been following his films, watching each and every one. The film that got me loving him more,  proclaiming my love, and declaring him as my favorite actor (besides the Khan's) is Awarapan.

I have listed Awarapan as one of the most underrated films in 2007.
It is my favorite film and acting of Emraan.

Yes, I know that Awarapan is a "remake" of the Korean movie, A Bittersweet Life. I have seen the Korean version and trust me, the Bollywood version, I liked much more. And no, I'm not saying that because of Emraan. The Korean version stars my favorite Korean actor, Lee Byun Hun. I didn't mention in my mini-review of Awarapan what I loved more about it than the Korean version. Therefore, I will briefly say why. I liked that Awarapan had a backstory (which was added in to this version) to the main character and made me wonder why he is the way he is. That story and Emraan's acting made me love him even more!

Since then, Emraan became one of my favorite actors. Plus, he consistently does well and chooses films that make me love him even more. Tum Mile is one of my favorite movies in 2009.

In 2010,  Once Upon A Time in Mumbai is on my top 5 list of my favorite movies in 2010. Even though Crook wasn't a great movie, I love the "twist" at the end. OMG, the soundtrack is off the hook. I listen to it non stop. It has the perfect mix of R&B flavors for my liking.

I was posting about modern Bollywood and Emraan hit it right on with Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji for 2011, for me. It has the right amount of moderness mix in with a great story telling of all three guys. It's a bit rom-com for Emraan, which makes me like it even more since most of his other films aren't like that!

I freaking love Emraan Hashmi. He's talented, good looking, and have a nice body. What more can I ask for? :D


Mette said...

Just reading the title of this post makes my fan-heartbeat go faster - that's just what I think about Emraan; he's so underrated and so good. Not that I've seen all of his films, but what I've seen was good, really good. My first one was "Murder", and I admit, that I somehow like it. Ok, a lot of kissing (and more), but still kind of good.

Dolce and Namak said...

Oh nice!!! I knew you'd like DTBHJ! :) Emraan and Ajay were so funny in it together. Though I did not get the side of the story involving Shruti Hassan, but not even that could ruin it for me. I bought it the week it came out :D

I can't say I am as in love with Emraan as you are, but I did enjoy him in the films I've seen him in so far. Crook is next on my list.

It's always nice to read blog posts about actors and actresses who are not on everyone's mind 24/7, so I'm glad you got around to writing this one! :)

Filmbuff said...

Good post Nicki. I too have appreciated Emraan in the movies you have mentioned. While he is not my fav actor but i enjoy some of his films. These include the one on betting in cricket based in South Africa - can't remember the name of the movie.

Another one was where Kangana Ranaut is an alchoholic and i think that movie was filmed in Korea or Taiwan.

Nicki said...

Lime - hello lady. I'm glad you're an Emraan fangirl too. Wow! I'm glad you enjoy his acting in Murder cause I thought he was wonderful. Hope you get to watch more of his films.

Dolce - Thank you so much for mentioning to me about DTBHJ. I freaking love it!! I think the story with Shruti - he just liked her cause she was hard to get. On top of that, she is the female version of himself :D I thought I was going to do a full review but I haven't yet. I started to do one one on DTBHJ but wanted to write on Emraan instead ;P

Filmbuff - thanks so much!! At least you enjoy his films,that's what counts. The two movies you mentioned are Jannat and Gangster. See, I'm Emraan-bound :D

bollywooddeewana said...

i like Emraan and i would watch almost anything with him in it, i think I have to say that Murder is my favourite of his so far

Daddy's Girl said...

Yes Yes YES!!! Nicki, I LOVE you for this post... I totally agree with everything you've said here. Emraan is a really good (and good-looking!) actor and he is criminally underrated and under-appreciated. He gets a bum rap for no good reason. I love his work (especially Awarapan, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai) and am looking forward to seeing Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji. I also agree with you about the Bhatts - despite what people say about them, for me they make socially relevant and thought-provoking films with killer music. Works for me.

The Bolly Hood said...

I agree, he is unfairly labelled these days. What's in no doubt is that all the films he has been in the music has been excellent. Tum Mile's songs are all first class.

Check out my blog at where I talk about the possibility of a sequel to his career-defining film Crook 2...

The Bolly Hood said...

*his career-defining film Crook...*

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Anonymous said...

well great to see many people have same thoughts bout emraan....
for me he is far better than these new ranbhir and imran khan type of actors....atleast for me:)
i can never forget his acting in d movies like jannat , aawarapan,once upon a time,footpath, and finally when i saw jannat 2, i was sure that this guy is my all time favourite actor.......bhatt camp + emraan combination always works..
just see d songs of this cool guy:)