Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pokiri - Telugu masala flick & Mahesh Babu

So I've been trying to watch more South Indian films lately. More like catch up on the good Telugu and Tamil films. Next thing you know, I'll be watching more Bengali and Kannada films, as well. If only I was able to have more access to South Indian films. Does anyone know a good rental place in Atlanta to get South Indian movies?

One of the main reasons why I wanted to watch Pokiri is because I was told it was loosely inspired by the Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs, the movie which Hollywood has also remade, The Departed. I've seen both films. When watching the film, I did not see any inspirations at all. However, after watching the film, I can see why but it's not so much of an inspiration for me to think it was a remake.

Regardless the mega-hit Pokiri has inspired Tamil to remake it with the same title, directed by Prabhu Deva, starring Vijay and Asin.

There is even going to be a Hindi version!! The name of the film will be titled, Wanted Dead or Alive, starring Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia. Ironically, Ayesha was suppose to be in the Telugu version.

Pandu (Mahesh Babu) does not give a damn about anything but money. If asked to kill, he'll do it. Just pay up. Whoever thought this ruthless guy would fall in love? He fell in love hard with the beautiful Sruthi (Ileana) but does not to conflict his love for her with his crime-life. But Sruthi loves Pandu and wants to be with him. Will love be an obstacle? Will they ever be together? He still has to do his job and fight or kill others when asked to.

Pandu kicks ass!! This superhero is not scared of dying. He's so tough that others are afraid of crossing paths with him. With all that, he does have a soft side. He is in love with Shruti.

Maybe I'm a sucker for an action guy who is invincible, ahem Allu Arjun. It's definitely the characters that is shown that I fall in love with. In this film, Mahesh just spells out...I don't even know the words to describe him. He's this tough guy who I find so charming.

One of the most popular and well-known Telugu actors.

OMG Mahesh Babu...I have to watch more movies of you. I find him good looking with a goofy look, lol. And can act. Since Takkari Donga, I thought he was a good actor but just never gotten around to watch more of his films. Now, I got to. Plus I like his real life wife, Namrata Shirodkar, and think both of them make a cute couple.

Shruti is gorgeous girl who works and supports her mother and younger brother. She is in love with Pandu but he's nothing but trouble. Yet, she still yearns for him.

Ileana D'Cruz. Really cute girl who reminds me of Amrita Rao in the looks department but that's it. Not impress with her acting. But this is the only movie I've seen of hers and wouldn't mind watching another film of hers.

Ali Bhai is the don of all dons. Just hearing his name, you will be afraid.

Prakash Raj is always a pleasure to see. Whether he's playing the loving father in Bommarillu or an overprotective father with negative shades in Bunny, he's one of the best actors in South India.

Bal Reddy wants Pandu in his gang and works for Ali Bhai.

Mona (Jyothirana) is a villian who likes Pandu's toughness.

Inspector Pshupathy (Ashish Vidyarthi) isa corrupted cop and works for Ali Bhai.

ACP Syed Mohammed (Syaji Shinde) is the Assistant Police Commissioner who wants to put Ali Bhai behind bars.

Mahesh Babu's amazing dancing is what makes me enjoy the songs even more. Songs are catchy and up-beat.

Song #1 - "Samarane"
The one and only Pandu. Love him or fear him.
Love his dancing!!

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Deva Deva Deva"
Pandu falls for Sruthi at first sight.
Again, love the dancing.

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Song #3 - "Chalega Chalega"
Pandu and Sruthi hangs out

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Song #4 - "Gala Gala Paaruthunna"
In Love?
My favorite song from the film, love how it's pictured. Colors are beautiful.

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Song #5 - "Ippatikinna"
Item song featuring one of the most famous item girls, Mumait Khan.

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Song #6 - "Chudadantunna"
Pandu and Sruthi in love

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But I love you......

I spy a Shilpa Shetty poster.

Just like Madhumasam, sublimal message before movie starts

And Mahesh Babu smoking....

Pokiri is a masala movie with every genre you can think of -- comedy, action, love, drama. I looove that. It's been a while since I've seen a masala movie in Bollywood. Now, it seems that film makers want to make a movie suitable for Hollywood aka movies that will hit the Oscars and attract Western viewers. Well, I have no problems with that. However, you can never win. You have some people who think Indian scripts will never pass the masala formula and complain that Aamir has gone downhill after doing Ghajini. Then again, you have people who still wants the masala formula. No matter what. Someone will always say something and not everyone will ever agree on everything.

Having said all of that, Pokiri is a very violent film. Someone's getting shot left and right from beginning to end. If you like movies like Ghajini (Tamil & Hindi) that has a little of everything -- drama, action, comedy -- then you will like Pokiri. There's actually more going on in the movie, lots of sub-plots but didn't want to list them all.