Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nicki's wish - Bollywood to remake "Peach Girl" (Anime)

Since I had fun posting about my wish to have the Hollywood movie, The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants, to be re-made in Bollywood, I thought that I would continue with my imagination of casts for another movie that I would love to be re-made in Bollywood.

Both of my kids love reading manga and watching anime. Okay, for those who are not familiar with both terms: manga is Japanese graphic novels or cartoons in books & anime is Japanese animation or moving cartoons, which many are based on mangas.

My daughter checked out Peach Girl manga series from the library. On our family trip, I was bored and grabbed one of the Peach Girl manga -- there are 18 volumnes. Since then, I was hooked. I was so hooked that I even watched the anime version. Loved it even more!! Plus this is the first time I ever thought any cartoon guy was hot. Both Toji and Kairi were hot!! Momo is so pretty too! I know. I know….I used to laugh at some of my friends for thinking some cartoon dude was good-looking, now look at me doing the same damn thing!

Unfortunately, there is a Taiwanese drama that took the main plot with a few tweeks and turns. I did manage to watch it and I haaaated it. I fell in love with the three leads -- Momo, Toji, and Kairi -- only to see the Twdrama version poorly cast. Since this post isn't about me bashing the Twdrama, but for me casting it Bollywood style.

Earlier I was cleaning out my Yahoo mailbox and noticed an e-mail from a couple of years ago that I saved about casting Bollywood stars. Dangerous Mousie loves Asian and Indian cinema. We both only cast the four main leads since we love Peach Girl. But I just thought, why not cast the rest? Therefore, I am going to try to put a Bollywood face on the rest of the cast.

Like the Twdrama, I rather have a college atmosphere rather than high school. Otherwise, I would rather have the Bollywood version follow more faithfully to the manga/anime. Since it is a manga/anime, from 25 episodes to one long movie would be a challenge.

Since it's been two years since I've seen the anime, I re-watched it last night. OMG, I still loooove it! But I stayed up the other night watching it! Imagine 25 episodes!

Peach Girl is about a dark-skin, light-colored hair, insecure, hot-tempered girl who has been in love with the same guy since junior high but have heard he does not like girls that are dark-skin. She spends too much time trying to re-make herself into the girl she believes he will like, which causes her to have low self-esteem. Many people make assumptions of what type of person she is because of her skin color and hair, thinking she is a slut. Even her friend is manipulative and tries to be with the guy she loves. No one believes her except a popular, good-looking guy who is known to be a player, who is in love with her and she eventually will fall for. It's a love triangle about growing up, learning lessons, and seeing what is truly in your heart.

Momo Adachi

Momo is shy and insecure but is a hot-temper girl. She has dark skin and light-colored hair, which makes others think she is a "beach bunny" aka slut. On top of that, she has a nice figure since she is on the swim team. Ever since junior high, she has been in love with Toji but has heard he doesn't like dark-skin girls. Her "friend" Sae gossips about her and manipulates others to dislike her. Only Kairi believes Momo and knows the truth. Even though her heart has always been for Toji, she is slowly falling for Kairi, who has been there for her through it all.

Bipasha Basu as Momo Adachi

Just because Bips is my girl crush does not mean I preferred her for this role. Come on, she's the sexy dark-skin girl in Bollywood! She's been snubbed by so many people about her skin. Plus she likes to experiment with her hair, whether it's colors or cuts. Momo is a swimmer and has a nice figure. Therefore, Bips fits that description.

Sae Kashiwagi

Sae is Momo's "friendemy" -- a term my friend and I use for those girls who has friends who are like their enemies. Unlike Momo, Sae has opposite features from Momo. Sae is light-skin with dark hair, making her look like she's innocent. Therefore, many would believe Sae over Momo, even though it's the scheming, manipulative, selfish Sae instead. Spreading rumors and gossiping about Momo is what Sae is best at, resulting in her own jealousy and insecurity. In addition, she only tries to go for Toji because Momo is interested in him.

Katrina Kaif as Sae Kashiwagi

Two years ago, both Dangerous Mousie and I originally thought about having Amisha Patel as Sae. However, re-watching Peach Girl again, no way. I rather have Katrina Kaif play that part. Even though her acting skills is still amateur, she fits the appearance of an innocent, beautiful girl with pale skin and gorgeous silky hair. Okay....Sae has short dark hair. But in Bollywood, it's the long, dark hair that is in. That's why originally Amisha was thought of but now, I say that Katrina is more of the "it" girl. I don't think Katrina is that bad of an actress. She's not good either. Yes, overrated playing in movies with the right heroes but she's tolerable and more likeable than some of the other model-turned actreseses out there.

Kairi Okayasu

Even though he's one of the most popular guys at school, Kairi is not able to shed his "playboy" images. Regardless, he has a good heart. He is the only one who believes Momo over Sae and starts to fall for Momo.

Hrithik Roshan as Kairi Okayasu

Honestly, I think Abhishek Bachchan would be a better Kairi in the personality department. I always see Abhi as the cute guy who the ladies love because of his personality. However, for the looks department (sorry Abhi fans), I don't think he's drop-dead gorgeous but I do think he is puppy-cute. After Dhoom 2, I can see Hrithik play the loveable Kairi. He is the good-looking guy who teases the girl he's in love with.

Toji Toujigamori

Toji has been Momo's crush since junior high school. He's good-looking and plays baseball. Since he is too sweet, he is oblivious to what's actually going on.

Arjun Rampal as Toji Toujigamori

Toji is a good-looking athelete, which I can see Arjun in that role. He is more of a silent guy who just goes with the flow, something in which I can see Arjun pull off. Lately, he's in a lot of supporting roles and shares screen time with the other casts, but he excels in every one of the roles.

Ryo Okayasu

Ryo is Kairi's older brother. He is the silent, cold type that can sometimes be dangerous.

Suniel Shetty as Ryo Okayasu

Needed an attractive veteran actor with negative shades to play Hrithik's older brother. Finally, I thought about Suniel Shetty. He's played negative characters before and is attractive. Suniel as Hrithik's older brother, that's something that hasn't been done yet either!

Misao Aki

Misao is the school nurse and is like an older sister to Momo, who she looks up to. She has always loved Ryo but he doesn' t know it. Plus she still loves him. In addition, she was once Kairi's tutor, whom he had a crush on.

Tabu as Misao Aki

Just like Ryo, I was thinking of a veteran actress who could be cast to be Hrithik's first crush and also have a crush on Suniel. Tabu came to mind. I can see her dressed up in glasses as the school nurse and like an older sister to Bipasha. Imagine Hrithik having a crush on Tabu too. So cute!

Goro Oji

Male model who is
smitten with Sae but is unaware of her true personality. She uses him in her schemes against Momo.

Dino Morea as Goro Oji

Just needed a hot model with six-pack abs to be Goro. There's lots of models who can fill this role but my soft spot for Dino made me choose him. No way could I put John Abraham in this role. I mean, him in a short role and not end up with Bips, no way. It's like I'm selling out on my fave jodi, lol. But in all, Goro doesn't have a big role and wanted Dino to have a huge crush on Katrina, chasing her around.


Beautiful lady who used to date the Okayasu brothers - Ryo & Kairi, who has a grudge against Ryo and uses his younger brother Kairi against him.

Amisha Patel as Morika

Originally had Amisha cast as Sae so wanted her to remain in the star cast. Why not add her as Morika? Amisha dating both Hrithik and Suniel before would be perfect. Like Sae, Morika has some negative shades with her as well.

This is my silly rant of another Bollywood movie I would love to see. Again, it would be hard to re-make it but just my dream cast. Maybe I could see it in a soap/drama or something.

Watch Below a fanvid with Momo and the two guys who love her

Watch Below a fanvid of Momo and her "friendemy" Sae


ajnabi said...

Oh my gosh, this sounds like soooo much fun. I love your casting ideas, and the storyline sounds awesome. I hope there's a scriptwriter from Bollywood who reads your blog. LOL

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I totally agree w/ Ajnabi: this sounds like a really great potential Bolly movie!

dunkdaft said...

Ajnabi is right Nicki. You shall not give story ideas to bolly writers like this - free. You must charge some royalty :-)
I know someone really is reading your both posts and will make movie.
btw, I loved Manga, when I searched for 'Yeh Pyar Kya hai' for my SEL post. And I found that beautiful anime video. Its lovely.
So is your pick. Definately I wanna watch this !!

PS: [Tabu looks wow !!]

Nicki said...

ajnabi - I remember the post with your kids (or is it your neice and nephews?) about Bollywood movies. I would love for them to watch some anime. I know they would love it. And more Bollywood films for kids. I may just have to send you some as a gift.

I do hope someone is reading this blog and take some inspiration to their script. Of course, I would want them to go through the legal process of asking for permission first, lol.

Shweta - I never realized that a cartoon would have so much drama and love. I looove it. No more Hollywood cartoonish stuff for kids. :)

Darshit - Like I said to Ajnabi, I would like them to get the legal rights first. Afterwards, all I will charge is for me to have dinner with any one of my hotties, preferably John Abraham or Allu Arjun. Scratch that. I want to meet Bips, lol.

Animes are really good. There's one that is a must watch and very sad - Graves of the Fireflies. Oh gosh, love that movie.

Tabu is so beautiful, such natural beauty. So underrated in acting too.

ajnabi said...

I know my kids would love anime. I always enjoyed what I saw as a kid. Oh, and you know who I think could play the friendemy, is Diya Murza--you know, who played the rich chick in Parineeta?

Nicki said...

ajnabi - Dia Mirza is actually a good choice. Now, I would choose her for Morika instead of Amisha. Shoot! If Amisha isn't available, then Dia it is. :)