Friday, February 20, 2009

Dedication post of Nazia Hassan

If you're a fan of Bollywood and have not heard Nazia Hassan's music, where have you been? Okay, I'll give newbies a pass. I know the 80s were a bad filmi era for most people. Not for me! I grew up in the 80s and loved so many films and music during that time.

Inspired to blog about one of the best singers ever. Simply love and adore her. After posting my Valentine's Day playlist, Darshit commented on Star's music. So because of that, I am inspired to spread my love for Nazia Hassan. PS - Thanks Darshit for the John banner

Who is Nazia Hassan? She is the beautiful, talented, never-forgotten Pakistani singer who debuted her vocal chords in the famous Bollywood song, "Aap Jaisa Koi" from Qurbani, starring Feroz Khan, Vinod Khanna, and Zeenat Aman. Can you believe she was only 15-years-old at that time? Although her voice is known to have a unique "nasal" sound, at the same time, it's so powerful and soothing.

Just reminiscing about about my childhood, I can now imagine every time I hear Nazia's music, I just want to be that little girl again just dancing to her music. Almost a decade ago in late 2000, I chatted with a Nazia fan online. During that time, the Internet was starting to become more familiar with people (nothing like it is now though) but not that much information on the World Wide Web yet. I did not know the name behind the "Aap Jaisa Koi" and "Dhoom Dhoom" song was. All I wanted to do was listen to more of her music since I love her voice.

To much sadness, I learn from the fan that Nazia passed away a few months ago in August 2000. Only 35-years-old and died of lung cancer leaving behind her 5-years-old son, Arez.

Another interesting tidbit was the male vocalist in the movie, Star, belonged to Nazia's brother, Zoheb. He's amazing as well! Since my brain starting absorbing all this knowledge, I was able to find a couple of Nazia's albums, such as Disco Deewana, Star/Boom Boom, and Young Tarang.

The following are her albums -
  • Disco Deewana (1980)
  • Star/Boom Boom (1982)
  • Young Tarang (1984)
  • Hotline (1987)
  • Camera Camera (1992)
The following are the movie soundtracks she sang for -
  • Qurbani (1980)
  • Dil Wala (1986)
  • Ilzaam (1986)
  • Main Balwaan(1986)
  • Sheela (1987)
  • Saaya (1989)
Source - Wikipedia

Singing solo or in a duo with her brother, Nazia has acclaim so much fame and love from Pakistanis and Indians. Till this day, her music still is popular, especially "Aap Jaisa Koi."

Well, can't conclude this post without YouTube links to share the love of Nazia.

"Aap Jaisa Koi" - Qurbani
Let's not forget this famous song. Come on, it has been remixed so many times. I remember hearing at least three versions.

"Boom Boom" - Star
Very popular song from the mediocre movie that I looove!! The music drove the movie. This song has been remixed as well. It's okay. I prefer the's mainly cause I don't like the talking parts in the remix.

"Lekin Mere Dil" - Disco Deewane
This song has also been remixed. I have the Sophie version, who I am also a fan of -- yes, I know she's the music remix queen but her voice is nice, but not as great as Nazia's.

"Sun Mere Mehboob Sun"- Young Tarang
My favorite song of Nazia. Watching this video, she looks like she could be a filmi actress.

"Aankhein Milanay Walay" - Young Tarang
Another favorite. She looks so sweet and innocent in the video.

"Mera Dil Tota" - Young Tarang
Gosh, can't choose my favorite songs of hers! This one, I listen to a lot. She's so beautiful in the video and love her voice!

I love and miss you Nazia!


Bollywood said...
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dunkdaft said...

Oh I was confused and had put Janbaaz in place of Qurbani. I knew she sang Aap Jaisa Koi. Thanks to Biddu, who remixed her few songs and made them famous again - Boom Boom and Aap Jaisa Koi.

Disco Deewane I came to know from Sagarika's remake. [Singer Shaan's sister] in early 90's. Then I heard LP of Disco Deewane the original one at my cousin's place And totally loved it. I wish somewhere I can find her mp3 / cds.

Thanks for great info. I never knew about her. And btw its always a pleasure to make such collages.

P.S.: Again, I am at work, so will watch those awesome videos later. :-P Looking extremly forward to see original version of Boom Boom. I loved its remix version. And voila !! its from Star??!!!

bollywooddeewana said...

Nice Post the first thing i think of when i hear the name is Aap Jaise Koi, such a classy song that could have been easily recorded by Pop Music greats, Abba in Particular come to my mind.

By the way i'm new to blogging bollywood, do check out my blog and i hope you'll be making frequent stops in future. Cheers :0)

Anonymous said...

I looooove Nazia Hassan. Her songs are the only thing I remember fondly from the 80s! Thanks for putting them up. She was so pretty and glamorous-looking. Her videos played a lot on Indian TV and as a 10 year old it was my ambition to have a pink gown like the one she's wearing in Aankhen milaane waale! :-)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Big hug in Nazia love to u.
I remember being 3 or 4, and worshiping the poster my aunt had of her! And I do believe that Junaid was my 1st crush, at the same age :)
Aap Jaisa Koi rules forever.

Nicki said...

theBollywodFan - Thanks! I love "Dum Dum Dee Dee" too. I haven't heard "Telephone Pyaar." Thanks so much for the YouTube links. I do remember your post on Nazia and Junaid. I haven't heard much of him but I will check him out.

Darshit - I love all the oldies remix because it does enforces you to remember the classics. Some of the remixes I don't like but most I do.

I hope you get to watch the videos soon. Nazia is so talented. Listening to her music again. :)

I know...Star is not a great movie, but I mainly like it for the sogns. I would have to dig through my dvds and re-watch. I'll do it soon though. ;)

bollywooddeewana - Welcome to the blogging world!! Yes, I love "Aap Jaisa Koi" so much, Nazia is wonderful and missed.

bollyviewer - I agree, the 80s music was filled with me loving Nazia, as well. Gosh, she is so gorgeous!! Aaaahhhh, that pink gown is so cute! I would want one too.

Shweta - Aaaww, thanks girl for the Nazia love. I definitely have to listen to Junaid cause his music doesn't ring a bell with me. Yes, I agree "Aap Jaisa Koi" rules!!

dunkdaft said...

Finally I saw all videos. Great stuff you have gathered Nicki. I liked so much is 'Sun Mere Mehboob'.

Also It reminds me of 'Zara chehra to dikhao aur thoda sa muskurao' [i dont know the artist, but its a pakistani pop]

zahid imran said...

"Zara Chehra to dikhao" is by Zoheb Hassan, brother of Nazia Hassan. It's from their famous album Young Tarang.
Love both of them...........R.I.P Nazia..