Monday, February 16, 2009

Madhumasam - Sneha is still so adorable!

Eaaaarly this morning, around 3 am, I finish watching Madhumasam. I was too tired afterwards to write up a review. Instead of finishing this review, I decided to do my two playlists for Valentine's Day.

Although Sanjay (Sumanth) has a good heart, he is logical and doesn't think with his heart and reasons with his head. He is known as a rowdy but Hamsa (Sneha) overlooks it all and sees him as a sweet person. She takes love to the fullest level and trusts everyone blindly sometimes. So in love with Sanjay, she proposes to him and he accepts. But he reveals to Hamsa that he does not love her but is marrying her because why not? She would be the perfect wife. Hamsa refuses to go through with the marriage. With Hamsa's absense, Sanjay starts to feel lonely and realizes he is in love with her. Reality hits Hamsa and she takes the hard truth that she trusts others too easily and that she is being taken advantage of, even from her family members. She starts to become independent. Will she become too independent and not accept Sanjay's love? Will Sanjay and Hamsa ever be together?

On the outside, Sanjay is another one of the bad-ass guys aka a rowdy. However, he does have a good heart and help those in need. No wonder girls fall for him. But when he finally realizes that he's lost the only girl that he loves, he has to prove to her that his love is true.

Sumanth is a cutie. Not sure who he reminds me of but he is pleasing to the eyes. Going through his profile online, I read he used to be married to Kirti Reddy. His acting is enjoyable and I would like to see more of him.

Hamsa is a sweet naive girl who trust everyone around her. When those who are close to her hurt her, she learns to be strong and become independent. She once gave her heart to Sanjay but he didn't love her in return. When he finally understood the meaning of love, will she accept him?

Look, it's another Sneha movie! So this time, it's the Telugu film,
Madhumasam. The other two films of hers that I've seen are Tamil - Autograph & Unnai Ninaithu. Although in both films, she had a smaller role than the other supporting casts, she still shined. In Madhumasam, she shared an equally amount of screen presence with Sumanth.

Since watching more of Sneha's films, I am really starting to become one of her fans. She is so darn cute and can act.

Maya has been Sanjay's friend for at least 7 years. Very promiscuous in her relationships, Sanjay covers for her when she is in trouble. She knows that Sanjay is in love with Hamsa and encourages him to stay with Hamsa.

So glad it wasn't a love triangle. Parvarti Melton plays Sanjay's friend who is there for him. She shows no sign of love interest for Sanjay and Hamsa doesn't feel threaten by her at all. As for acting, Parvati is decent in her role.

Overall, music is nice and good to watch.

Song #1 - "Voni Merupulu Atu"
Cute song at wedding. Everyone watches a black/white song and dance to it. A girl falls for Sanjay and imagines the both of them during that time. Hamsa is also at wedding.

Song #2 - "Promise Chesthu Vunna"
Hamsa falls for Sanjay and imagines being with him

Song #3 - "Valentine Valentine"
Valentine's Day song. Sanjay rejects Hamsa's love but hangs out with his friends for Valentine's Day.

Song #4 - "Devadaasu Kanaa"
Sanjay realizes that he is in love with Hamsa. Maya tells Sanjay to stop being like Devdas missing Hamsa too much.

Watch Below

Song #5 -"
Vasantham Vaayidhaa"
Hamsa rejects Sanjay's love confession and leaves him lonely

Song #6 - "Edhurasalu Choodanidhi"
Hamsa is met with an accident and Sanjay misses her and hopes she will be alright

The scene when Hamsa realizes that she has no one is heart breaking as she learns that she has no one, not even her family members.

When I saw this - "Smoking is injurious to health" - I thought about Maine Pyar Kiya. Why would this motto be in the beginning of movie.

Then watching the movie, you see Sanjay smoking up a storm!

Overall, Madhumasam is worth it mainly for Sneha. Sumnath is good and a pleasure to watch. The storyline dragged a bit and didn't pick up until the middle. Besides the love obstacle, it's a movie of Sneha's character learning to be strong and independent as well.


lapetitediva said...

I thought about getting this movie, but always wound up buying something else. Maybe next time I'll actually add it to my cart.

I thought Sneha was good in ABCD and Pirivoom Sandhippoom. The latter film is a heroine-centric movie, so she gets lots of screen time.

ajnabi said...

Oh, I really want to see this! Sneha *is* super-adorable.

Nicki said...

lapetitediva - I think overall, you'll like this film. It's cute but not the best. Definitely worth it for Sneha.

I'm actually getting ABCD and Privoom Sandhippoom very soon. I can't wait. I definitely will review it.

ajnabi - Sneha is so freaking adorable. Love her beautiful, warm smile.

Anonymous said...

I must get this film. Thanks for sharing with us. I wasn't aware of this movie.

Nicki said...

You're very welcome anonymous - thanks for stopping by

BB said...

I love Sneha!!! Adding this one to my list.

Nicki said...

Aaaww BB...I hope you get to watch it

Linda217 said...

...Sumanth is a cutie. Not sure who he reminds me of but he is pleasing to the eyes...

The first movie I saw Sumanth in was Gowri. He looked so similar to Abhishek Bachchan in his earlier movies that my sister and I used to joke that he was Amitabh's son from the south.

Nicki said...

Linda - that's very interesting. Now, I can see the young Abhi! Thanks!