Sunday, February 8, 2009

Unnai Ninaithu - Surya love keeps on going

To conserve money, Surya (Surya) works as a receptionist for his ancestral hotel lounge that he owns. He is not a wealthy man but his heart is very rich as he helps out, Nirmala (Laila), the woman that he loves. No matter how sweet he is helping her and her family out during rough times, her parents rather let her marry another rich man to get them out of poverty. Agreeing to do so, she has hurt Surya. Radha (Sneha) and her family move in. She falls for Surya's sweet charm but is afraid to tell him. Nirmala ends up leaving her rich husband and Surya helps her out. Will Surya and Nirmala get back together? Or will Radha ever be with Surya?

Although Surya may not be rich, he has a big heart and reaches out to those in need. He has loved once and it hurt a lot.

Another Surya movie for me to watch! Surya is my Kollywood crush. Not only is this man is good-looking with a fine body, he can act. I keep getting impress with him every time now. Now, that is a good thing.

As I mentioned in the Sillunu Oru Kaadhal review, I usually cringe with guys with mustaches. Again, Surya has proven to me that he is the only guy who can sport it and look hot with it at the same time. In Unnai Ninaithu, he also has that mustache-look. Instead, I overlooked that and focused on his sweet character.

Radha loves Surya and sees how sweet he is but doesn't want to tell him about her feelings. She knows about his heart being hurt before.

Sneha is soooooo cute! OMG, love her. This is the first film I've of her and I want to see more! She has that girl-next-door look.

Nirmala loves Surya but is torn between what her parents want for the family. When she finally decides to give up Surya and marry a rich man, she finds herself in a mess and in need of Surya's help.

Laila is okay in her role. Plus her character is very boring and is very robot-like in doing whatever her parents want her to do. Not very impress.

Song #1 - "Chocolate Chocolate"
Surya hangs out with his friends
Loooove Surya's dancing

Song #2 - "Pombhalainga Kadhala"
Guys goofing off
Cute song about guys talking down on girls but Surya disagrees

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Song #3 - "Ennai Thalattum" (part one)
Surya and Nirmala falling in love
Looove the song and the beautiful scenery

Song #4 - "Yaar Indha Devadhai"
Surya and Nirmala in love
Again, beautiful scenery, looks Thai-ish

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Song #5 - "Sil Sil Sil"
Radha falls in love with Surya
Beautiful scenery again. However, prefer Sneha with Indian clothing. Too bad this song shows her in western outfits, not very flattery and makes her figure look bigger. Thank goodness the rest of the movie, she's in Indian clothing.

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Song #6 - "Happy New Year"
Everyone celebrates the new year

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Song #7 - "Ennai Thalattum" (part two)
Surya and Nirmala spend a lot of time together. Are they falling back in love?

I would have loved Unnai Ninaithu even more if the comedy parts of the film were removed. Admittedly, I fast-forwarded the comedy aspects, which made the movie way too long, past 2.5 hours! Why, oh why? If you are willing to get the remote in your hand to fast-forward those scenes, give the film a try. Other than that, the film is worth watching for a sweet, love story. Falling in love with Surya all over again! His character is a complete gentelman and makes me love him even more!


lapetitediva said...

The comedy bits are the reason I held off from buying the DVD. I'm not a fan of comedy tracks, I find them more jarring and unnecessary than funny. I wanted to see it because of Sneha, but I guess I'll forgo this one.

Anonymous said...

I must see this movie for Surya and Sneha. Thanks for letting us know thru ur review.

I saw "Varunam Aayiram" - the new surya movie last night on DVD. Interesting Surya watch - will refrain from commenting until u have seen and reviewed it.

Sneha has acted in a number of good tamil movies - she is a really beautiful and talented girl. I will try to list some of her famous tamil movies tomorrow


ajnabi said...

Thanks for posting about this, Nicki--I haven't seen any Kollywood movies yet and this looks like a fun place to start. I'll see if I can find it.

Nicki said...

lapetitediva - I did find the comedy parts unnecessary! If all that have been removed, the move would've been worth it. I am so in love with Surya right now too. Sneha is a doll. I plan to watch more movies of hers.

anonymous - Thanks for stoppying by. Oh gosh, I am eagerly waiting to see Varunam Aayiram. I hope I can find a copy soon. Once I do, I will review. I think I have a couple more of Sneha movies in queue. I'll double check, watch, and review soon.

ajnabi - You're very welcome. Not sure if you should start with thisKollywood film first. I do have a few more Kollywood movies pending to watch. Maybe you should start off with the original Tamil version of Saathiya. :) I hope to review that movie soon too. Too many movies, too little time, hehehe

Anonymous said...

I saw this the other day, and maybe I got it because of this post, or for my love of Surya. I enjoyed it, it was about a 6/10 for me, because I liked Surya's long speech on the heart at the movie's end. "Heart is not like tape recorder where one can go back and rewind!" He really told her, all the while loving her, so it was a great kiss off! I agree lapetitediva in that the "comedy" scenes weren't necessary, luckily I could fast forward them like you did. You're right about song 3 "Ennai Thalattum" the scenery is gorgeous! I especially loved that tree (your 3rd screen cap from that song) and the rest of the scenes too. You're also right about western clothing being less flattering on Sneha's figure, and the white pants were hard to pull off with style. Of course the Indian clothing is more flattering for what if graciously hides, right? ;) Anyway, Surya was fantastic and his acting, especially through his eyes is really superb. So glad you had a post on this film so I could comment and read what you and others thought.

All the best!