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Mini-reviews: part 5 (NTR JR edition)

Part 1 (Hindi/Tamil), Part 2 (Telugu), Part 3 (Prabhas), Ram, Part 4 (Telugu)

I know, I know. I already did a mini-review of Tarak's Kantri but I need to do mini-reviews of all the films I've seen so far....

After Yamadonga, which I have also listed on one of my favorite Telugu films, I really started to like Tarak! There's just something about him. He is just so charismatic. Admittedly, I am a very shallow person but his dancing intruged me even more. Tarak has the sexiest voice!!!

Jill who is Tarak's #1 fan got me on the bandwagon! So over the weekend, I watched the stack of unwatched dvds I had sitting...and finished them!

Samba (2004)

Samba (Tarak) is a badass. Many fear him but respect him at the same time. Education comes first to him and wants others to do well. It will almost be a whole year since he has been in his village. He was banned from AP because of a bloody warzone.

The beginning half was humorous with Genelia being the love interest. At first, the reasons for her character, Sandhya,  falling in love with Samba, had me shaking my head. However, I thought about it again and realized that a lot of people are like her, especially with celebrities...falling in love with what you hear about a person and wanting to marry them! The way they both met was really cute. She just did a prank call to his home using all her friends and her lucky numbers :D She is really cute but have some really fugly outfits in the songs! Oh gosh!

The film clearly belonged to Tarak! I preferred the second half of the film with the flashbacks. You got to see why Samba is this angry man.  Honestly, I was waiting to see when Bhumika would pop on screen. Even though I'm not a fan of hers, I do like her in what I've seen. The love story with her character, Nandu, and Samba was really sweet.

And on top of that, you get to see more of Prakash Raj :D
He is always a pleasure to see since he always gives it all and is the most versatile actor ever! In Samba, he is bad Prakash :D (see Liz's blog on her Prakash ratings)

Definitely worth watching!

Ashok (2006)

Ashok's father (Prakash Raj) disowns him because he blames Ashok (Tarak) for his grandmother's death. He is sadden and tries his best to win his father's heart again. Seeing Anjali (Sameera Reddy), Ashok falls in love with her. However, K.K. (Sonu Sood), a rowdy, also falls in love with Anjali as well and vows to marry her at any cost! Since K.K. plans to be in politics, instead of just killing off Ashok, K.K. and his mother (Vadipukarassi) plot against Ashok using his father to open up and warm him in his life again to lure Ashok away while they scheme to kidnap Anjali.

Definitely worth a watch! Probably my third favorite film of Tarak's after Yamadonga and Rakhee (look below for my mini-review and thoughts).

Very bloody film! Even with one smack, you see blood gushing out! It didn't bother me since I watch all types of films and genres. So yes, it's a very violent film. My eyes widened more than a few times in many scenes. The fight scenes were choregraphed and filmed very well.

What made the film really work is the acting from everyone.
Not to mention Tarak and Sameera's chemistry! There were rumors that the two of them were romantically link. I can see why. Out of all the heroines, Tarak seems to be very comfortable with touching and kissing her!

The dancing is amazing!!! Not to mention that it is choreographed from my fave, Lawrence :D

For those who want to see more of Sonu Sood...he is looking extra yummy in the film! I just couldn't take my eyes off of him at all!

Go watch!

Rakhee (2006)

Rakhee (Tarak) loves his sister, Gayathri (Manjusha), so much! The two of them are childhood friends with Tripura (Ileana D'Cruz), who is a news reporter in TV channel who fights and exposes atrocities against women. Rakhee and Tripura are in love but are subtle about it because in order to save face for his family, he promises to marry his cousin Gowri (Charmy) so his sister could marry a software professional (Ravi Varma) in a well-off family moving to the USA. However, everything turns around when Gayathri's greedy in-laws and husband burn her alive for more dowry. Devastated and delusional, Rakhee sees his burning sister everywhere. Without the help and support from the police, Rakhee becomes this super hero by killing all men who harass women.

OMFG. This is Tarak's best acting...EVER! He shows off his comedic side telling Charmy that she's too heavy for him to carry to his serious side when he takes the law to his hands. I am very wowed and impressed!

Even with Tarak's strong performance, the two ladies were impressive as well. Ileana's character, Tripura, wanted women's right and tried to fight for it and even goes undercover too! She is the western girl who Rakhee cooks for and teases. Charmy's character, Gowri, is so adorable and funny. She always adds her spunkiness to her role! She is the traditional, naive girl who falls for Rakhee and is the perfect housewife.

What I loved more is the brother-sister love that is shown. Interesting enough, the hero's name is Rakhee and there's an Indian holiday, Rakhee Bandhan. With Rakhee's super hero act, he leaves the sacred thread behind to mark his appearance at the scene.

Adhurs (2010)

Twin baby brothers get separated at birth in the hospital. A single mother raises Narasimha (Tarak), who grows up to be an undercover agent and is in love with Bhattu (Sheela). Chari (Tarak) is raised by a family of traditional Hindu priest and is in love with Chandu (Nayantara). The two of them finally come face-to-face when Chari is asked to act as Narasimba since both look a like. Little did they know that they are long lost twins.

Who says the twin theme being switched at birth is dead in Indian cinema? Well, maybe in is.

Even though the film is not brilliant, it is very enjoyable! There were just so much flashbacks bringing me back to my nostalgia childhood to why I started watching Bollywood films, whether it's Seeta Aur Geeta or Ram Aur Shyam.

I enjoyed the comedy a lot, especially from Tarak. He does a great job with playing two characters in the film. The girls were mainly there for the love interest and songs but did their best.

So far I have watched six Tarak films. Out of the six, four of them have Tarak's character names as the title - Samba, Ashok, Rakhee, & Kantri!

I am looking forward to watch more of his films since I enjoyed each and every one of them I have watched so far! I hope I can find them all. Until then, I will wait for Brindaavanam on dvd :D

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Mini-reviews: part 4 (Telugu edition)

Here's more Telugu film mini-reviews, just a continuation of mini-reviews that I've been doing.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Ram

Bindaas (2010)

Ajay (Manoj Manchu) is a free-spirited guy and doesn't take anything too seriously, just living a "bindaas" life. His family has estranged him from the tree due to a conflict that his deceased father had done in the past that caused another family to rival with each other. The feuding is so chaotic that each opposing families want to kill each other. In order to close the gap with the family, Ajay plans to unite both families together.

Manoj Manchu!!!! Why did I take soooo long to watch this film?? I absolutely looooved Manoj in the film. His character is soooo freaking adorable. Not only that, Manoj is also a cutie pie. His dimples are to-die-for! He gave his character his all and did an awesome job. I've said before I love fun, loving, carefree, unselfish guys and that's what his character is all about.

Sheena is mostly there for the songs but has a cute love interest with Manoj. She was seen in Bollywood with Teree Sang. The storyline is nothing new but it was great to see fresh faces and laughable comedy. Definitely worth a watch.

Kasko (2009)

Vamsi (Vaibhav) goes to Hyderabad and ends up meeting Mahesh Babu (Brahmanandam). He then goes by the name Pawan Kalyan who joins with Mahesh to end rowdism. But he really came to search for his lost love Krisna (Shweta Prasad) who has been abducted by rowdies.

I mainly watch this film for Shweta Prasad who I found adorable cute in Kotha Bangaru Lokam but just like Kalavar King, I was disappointed :(  Unfortunately Kasko is one of the most boringest movies I've seen in a long time. The storyline dragged and dragged. Not only that, I hated Shweta's annoying character. I did not understand why Vamsi would fall for Krisna at all! Vaibhav was a cutie and danced well and I wouldn't mind watching more of him in the future.

Kick (2009)

Kalyan (Ravi Teja) is no ordinary guy. He likes to spice up his life with getting a "kick" out of life by adding the extra oomph or adding a cherry on top. Otherwise, it'll just be another boring life. Naina (Ileana D'Cruz) hates Kalyan and he only falls for her to add a "kick" to the story. Eventually, she ends up falling for him but leaves him only finding out about him lying to her about having a job. She ends up living in Malaysia where she meets a tough cop, Kalyan Krishna (Shaam) who is seeking an anonymous thief from India and now in Malaysia.

The length could have been reduced a bit and let go some of the comedy tracks but overall, Kick is absolutely fun! I enjoyed it a lot. Storyline added a "kick" and that's what made it worth watching. I absolutely love Ileana D'Cruz and see her acting growth as an actress. This is my first Ravi Teja film and he's hilarious in his role. There's rumors about a Kick remake from Bollywood starring Salman with Deepika or Sonakshi.

King (2008)

King (Nagarjuna) is a badass ruler and everyone is scared of him...until one day he goes missing. Is he dead?
Enters Seenu (Nagarjuna) who is rowdie and works for the fearful Gyaneshwar (Srihari). Seenu falls for Sravani (Trisha Krishnan) but steals the identity of Sharath (Sunil) to woo her. Seenu, now Sharath, and Sravani are in love.
Seenu looks like the missing King and gets abducted. He is paid to play King to unite and bring the King family together.

Worth a watch. King takes you for a fun ride but I had to re-wind a few times because I got confused with all the different characters Nagarjuna played. Made me re-think who really is dead, the King or Seenu? Or none? Whew! The twist exploded in my brain :D

One of the best parts were the performances. Nagarjuna is definitely the king. Trisha looked really good and is really good in comedy. Mamta had the supporting role but did a great job and wowed me. The songs are great, especially the title song. However, the film is more known for the song, "Nuvvu Ready" because of the many guest appearances by actresses, including Trisha and Mamta -- Anuksha Shetty, Charmy, Genelia D'Souz, Priyamani, Sneha Ullal, Kamna Jethmalani.

Kurradu (2009)

All Varun (Varun Sandesh) ever wanted was a bike. He dreams of it day and night. His father works hard and doesn't have extra cash to give him to spend on something useless. After many bitter disagreements, the sad father finally gives in. With the brand-new bike, Varun tries to be responsible and get a job to help his dad with the bills. He is in love with Hema (Neha Sharma) for two years. With the new bike, he could take her to her destination instead of her taking the bus. Unfortunately, Varun ends up getting dragged and involve with some rowdies and his bike gets stolen.

Kurrudu is a remake of the Tamil film, Polladhavan, which is inspired from the Italian movie,  Bicycle Thieves.

Since I absolutely adore Varun, I wanted to see more of his films. I was stoked to find out the heroine is none other than Neha Sharma because I think she's a hottie in Chirutha.

Varun's role is much different from his other two films, Happy Days & Kotha Bangaru Lokam, which he plays a college student. This time, he shows off his baddass and beats up rowdies. Neha is the bashful, sweet love interest and still looks gorgeous and sexy, covered up.

Worth a watch but the beginning is really slow.
The film is more about being at the wrong place at the wrong time with misunderstandings and backstabbing. The love story takes a backstep, along with the family values, which were shown in the beginning half.
If you are used to Varun playing the loverboy, stay away because you will be disappointed!

Prasthanam (2010)

Mitra (Sharwanand) and his sister (Surekha Vani) lost their father at a young age. His mother is forced to marry another man (Saikumar). He takes the responsibility of raising them two and ends up having Chinna (Sandip) with their mother. Since childhood, his sister hates the fact that her mother remarried. On top of that, she hates Chinna because he is the product of the marriage. Mitra loves Chinna and is a loyal son in his step father's political field. Chinna always felt alone, unloved, and unappreciated compared with Mitra. Therefore, he becomes angry and careless about life becoming jealous of Mitra.

Dolce did a wonderful full review on the film, along with comparing it with the Cain and Abel theme.

One of the best political films ever! From beginning to end, to the performances, to the screenplay, everything was just perfect. The songs just released some tension that was stirred up and added a nice feel. Each character had enough volume for you to understand each one.

I adored Sharwanand since Gamyam and was excited to see Prasthanam. He stepped it up several notches with his acting and choice of film. Ruby Parihar is cute and really had nothing to do but be in the songs and a love interest.

The film is a bit long, falling right under 3 hours but you don't really feel it because you get really into the characters and want to see what is going on.

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Ram - the next Telugu Superstar, taking a look at his films!

I discovered Ram through Louella who did her wonderful graphics. With that one avatar, I was interested who this Ram guy was.

With that knowledge, I decided to start watching his films. Little did I know that I would see an entertaining, young new face! His dancing astonishes me because he's so vigorous and gives it his all!

Next thing I know, I have completed watching Ram's short filmography but am looking forward to his forthcoming film releases!

Below is just a recap of his films :D

Devadasu (2006)

I bought the dvd learning that the title was called Devdas....and wrote a short review/synopsis on a mini-review I written earlier.

Don't get it confused with the famous film, Devdas, in Hindi. This film has nothing to do with that. It's just the name of the hero. No, he doesn't sap all day long not able to be with the one he loves. This Devdas is just the opposite. He's ruthless, cool, modern, and hip. But he is unselfish. Film is both Ram & Ileana's debut film. Ileana is the NRI who comes to India to learn music but ends up falling for a guy who her father disapproves. Story is nothing new. It was refreshing to see another college setting. Admittedly, film was a bit long though. Some parts were entertaining while others could have been avoided.

Devadasu really didn't do it for's the storyline but I enjoyed both Ram and Ileana. Ram still had that high energy and fresh face that made me wanted to see more of him. Since I already saw Ileana in Pokiri, I wanted to see more of her.

Jagadam (2007)

Since childhood, Sreenu (Ram) enjoys fighting and violence. Unlike most yong kids, he wanted to grow up and be in a gang! When he got older, he tries his best to be feared and be on top and create his own gang. He eventually starts to fall in love with Subbalakshmi (Isha Sahani). When he realizes that his younger brother looks up to him, he gives second thought about his gangster paradise.

Overall, I really really enjoyed the film and Ram really impressed me. He was able to show his comedic side without having Sunil as a sidekick. Isha is really cute but didn't have much to do.

I really enjoyed the songs!
The implied sexual scenes were hilarious, especially eyeball licking, haha...but still no lip-to-lip kiss? :D
Definitely worth a watch.
PS - Prakash Raj has a special appearance in the film.

Ready (2008)

Chandu (Ram) and his friends mistakenly kidnap the wrong bride, Pooja (Genelia D'Souza) for one of their friends. Coincidently, Pooja was planning to runaway from the dreadful marriage anyways. She asks them to take her to Kurnool. On the voyage there, Chandu ends up falling for Pooja.

It is the biggest hit of Ram's career, which established him as a wonderful actor. Even Bollywood plans to remake it with Salman-Asin!

It is a fun family entertainer. However, it was a bit long for my taste. If the length was shorten, I would have enjoyed it more. The acting and chemistry between Ram and Genelia were amazing. This was my second Ram film and appreciated him a lot! Genelia is one of my favorite actresses so I was happy to watch it.
PS - Tamannah and Navdeep have a special appearance :D

Maska (2009)

Krish (Ram) just wants an easy life so he decides to start to woo Manju (Sheela) to get a free trip to the USA and be rich off of her. He tricks her in telling her a fictional tale that he is in love with Meenakshi (Hansika Motwani) from stealing one of her pics from her resume. Once he starts to trap Manju in his scheme, he really does meet the girl from the photo -- Meenakshi!! Now, both Krish and Meenakshi started to develop feelings for each other.

Overall, I really liked it. Both Sheela and Hansika were good! Sheela really impress me and reminds me of a young Sridevi. I prefer her in traditional clothing like in Parugu and she danced very well. Hansika looked really good with minimal makeup and traditional outfits. This is my favorite film of hers. Ram was cute and charming showing off more of his comedic side.

Ganesh (2009)

Ganesh (Ram) is an orphan who is very unselfish and always willing to help out others. One of his friends has an arranged marriage with Divya (Kajal Agarwal) but loves someone else. He vows to win her love so that his friend could be happy. In the process of making Divya fall for him, he ends up falling for her. However, it's too late when she finds out the truth. Now, he must prove to her that he really truly does love her and that it wasn't just a joke.

Definitely one of my favorite film of Ram and Kajal! Both look their best EVER! I really like their interaction with each other. It's such a cute romantic comedy, especially how Ganesh gets Divya to lure in his game in finding out who this Ganesh is. I love the interactions with Ganesh and the kids at the apartment and how Ganesh makes the kids trust him. The cutest part was when the kids starting calling him Superman and the heroic action starts coming out :D

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna (2010)

Rama Krishna (Ram) is a silly, fun guy who wants to live his life to the fullest and pretends to be the perfect son in front of his father (Nassar), who happens to be the village president. The don, Ashok (Arjun Sarja), moves from Mumbai to Gandhipuram to escape his past with his two sisters. Rama Krishna and Priya (Priya Anand) falls in love but Rama Krishna ends up getting on the bad side of Ashok.

Honestly, I was debating whether or not I love Rama Rama Krishna Krishna or Ganesh more. What I loved most about Rama Rama Krishna Krishna is the usage of the star cast! I absolutely adore Arjun Sarja and loved him so much in the film. I loved his cool, badass character. Gracy Singh had a short role playing his wife but I was happy to see her. Having two lead newcomer heroines, Priya Anand from Leader and Bindu Madhavi from Avakai Biryani, play Ram's love interest added the cherry on top for me! Ram gets better and better in each and every one of his films! Each year when his film releases, he gives it his all.

I look forward to watch more of Ram's forthcoming films!
Kandireega, which is scheduled to release April 11th!

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Mini-reviews: part 3 (Prabhas edition)

On to part 3 of my mini-reviews is the Prabhas edition. Earlier it was the Hindi/Tamil edition in part 1 and the Telugu edition in part 2.
PS - I'm not done with my Telugu mini-reviews either!

Prabhas has a huge fan following online. I think he's attractive, a badass, and a decent actor...but with all that said, he doesn't do anything for me in the drool department.

Now, don't get me wrong. There were a couple of times, I was like..."dang, Prabhas is fine as heck!" But then after that split second, I went back to "I will always love Bunny! No one is as hot as my Bunny!"

I haven't seen all of Prabhas films but have seen a handful, enough for me to know if he's drool worthy or not. However, I do enjoy seeing him on screen.

Interesting enough, I have never done a full review on any of Prabhas's films but also a mini-review of Chatrapati too.

Pournami (2006)

Every 12 years, a girl from a traditional family should dance in the Shiva Temple on pournami (full moon night) because long ago, there was once a drought in the village.

When it's time for Pournami (Trisha Krishnan) to dance, she ends up missing. Since then, her father never taught Chandra (Charmy Kaur) the dance.

Siva (Prabhas) comes to village to try to get Chandra to learn the dance. But why?

Thank goodness the dancing was done by Charmy! I think she is an underrated dancer and justifies it! Trisha is an average dancer and looks cute on screen but no way would I rank her with Charmy! Trisha wasn't in the film as much as I thought but did well in her part. Prabhas was good. The cinematography was beautiful!

One cringe-worthy part of the film is the younger sister of Pournami, Chandra, falling for Siva. I can understand why it happened but to have him return the favor bugs me. Just because Chandra is the younger sister, she will never be Pournami!

Definitely worth a watch, especially for the songs, but not one of my favorites.

Munna (2007)

Munna (Prabhas) is an orphan who ends up going to college to better his life. Everyone at school is scared of the son of Kakha (Prakash Raj) because Kakha is the fearful don. No one has ever thought to stand up to him. People start to respect Munna and go to him for advice.

My favorite Prabhas film! Even my hubby likes it. One night I was watching it and hubby came to watch beginning to the Intermission but ended up going somewhere. He asked me for the next few nights to turn on the Telugu film with the badass guy and cute girl :D so he could finish watching it.

I love the songs, mainly because I enjoy watching them. Prabhas looks his finest ever! I love him with the straight hair and the clothing style is just right on him. Even though Ileana was mainly there to look good and shows off her curves, her screen presence added oomph. Adding Shriya Saran in an item song is an extra treat.

What I found interesting about Munna is that Prabhas help direct it.
Prabhas, please help direct more movies because Munna is my favorite film of yours!

Bujjigadu (2008)

Bujji (Prabhas) and Chitti (Trisha Krishnan) are childhood friends who separated due to a misunderstanding. Chitti ask Bujji not to meet up after 12 years.

Bujji is a huge fan of Rajnikanth and even goes by that alias name. Bujji is assigned to kill Sivanna (Mohan Babu), who happens to be Chitti's brother but doesn't know it yet.

Overall, the film is not bad. My problem with the film is the beginning...I found it very childish for a stupid misunderstanding to cause someone not to talk to each other. Not only that, why would you even be so much in love with that other person after selfishly making that statement? Urgh. Overlooking all of that, I love the story of Bujji. I would have been happier if Chitti wasn't in the film cause she's a spoiled, annoying brat. Lemme have the other Chitii (Mumaith Khan)!!

Prabhas looks really good in the film. I am sucker for 6-pack abs :D who does a wonderful job at dancing too. Trisha is stylish but has too much makeup. She is naturally pretty so didn't need to look caked-up.

Darling (2010)

Nisha (Shradhdha Das), daughter of local don (Mukesh Rishi), is in love with Prabha (Prabhas) and only wants to marry him. Nisha's father forces Prabha to marry his daughter until Prabha tells a fictional tale about Nandini and his love. However, in reality, Prabha is in love with his childhood friend, Nandini (Kajal Aggawal) but have not seen each other for almost two decades. His reunion with Nandini is coming up so he has to see if she feels the same about him.

The beginning half of the film bored me because the clothing on Prabhas were horrendous! Whoever the stylist is needs to be fired! Urgh. Thank goodness it wasn't throughout the film but I kept looking at how awful the outfits were instead of focusing on the dancing and songs.

I do have to point out that the bridge scene in the beginning when Nandini falls in the water and later Prabha builds a bridge to help her get across; Nandini thanks the anonymous person with a painting. This scene is taken from the Korean movie, Daisy (2006), which is also one of my favorites!

Kajal looks gorgeous in the film and has one of the flattest tummy! She's an okay actress but what bothers me about her the most is her facial expressions, especially when she rolls her eyes. It's not her acting that I have a problem with, it's more of the characters that she chooses to play each time.

I preferred the second half of the film over the first. Yes, the outfits were that bad. Not only that, I liked the interaction with everyone. Worth watching but not one of my favorites.

I look forward to seeing Prabhas's next film, Mr Perfect, because I really think the short hair makes him look yummy.
Bunny is still my Mr Perfect :D

PS - I have Varsham and Chakram at home but haven't watched yet

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Mini-reviews: part 2 (Telugu edition)

Continuation of my mini-reviews pt 1

These are some Telugu films I've seen (that I could remember :D )

Avakai Biryani (2008)

Story about a Hindu girl, Lakshmi(Bindu Madhavi), and a Muslim guy, Akbar (Kamal Kamaraju) falling in love. Lakshi's father hates Muslims because of his past experience. Lakshmi's family move to the village after losing everything and ends up making pickled mangoes to make money. Akbar is an orphan and a rickshaw driver.

Storyline is nothing new but I mainly saw this film because the producer is Sekar Kammula who I adore. What I did like about the film is the two leads. It was great to see two new faces and took place in a village. There is gorgeous cinematography. I just loved how everything flowed together, just a good-feel film for me :D

Chandamama (2007)

Mahalakshmi (Kajal Agarwal) has an arranged marriage with Dhorababu (Siva Balaji). He is the sweetest guy that you've ever met. Therefore, Mahalakshmi has to tell him the truth of her past. She once loved a guy name Kishore (Navdeep) but he wasn't interested in marrying her and had cheated her. Since Dhorababu deserves better, she thought she would tell him the truth. Learning this, Dhorababu seeks to find Kishore. He learns that Kishore and Mahalaxmi had a misunderstanding and that Kishore still love Mahalaxmi. Dhorababu want to unite the two lovers. In the process, Mahalaxmi's childhood friend, Rani (Sindhu Menon) ends up falling for Dhorababu.

It is a fun film. It gives you the same feel as Ashta Chamma. However, it is not as good. What Chandamama lacked were adorable couples.

Kishore was a selfish prankster. Mahalaxmi was a bit flaky and annoyed the heck out of me. I really didn't care whether or not they got together or not. What I do love is Dhorababu! Why do the girls always like the jerks?

I couldn't believe that this Siva was the same guy in Aarya who played the annoying Ajay! How funny that both Shiva and Navdeep played Ajay :D I absolutely looooved Siva. He reminded me of a moustached Surya back in his earlier films. Navdeep is a cutie but he tried a bit too hard to be funny and slick in his role, which didn't make me like him anymore. I have yet to find a role of Kajal's that I really liked. I don't really have a problem with her, it's the roles that she chooses. Sindhu cracked me up in her short role.

Overall, worth a watch!

Kalavar King (2010)

Rajesh (Nikhil) is street smart and goes around town making loans, after loans, after loans. Shruti (Shwetha Prasand) accidently drops her chain necklace in Rajesh's home. She looks for it everywhere because Narendar (Ajay) gave Shruti the chain necklace and is in love with her. Rajesh must find the chain necklace since he has taken it for a "loan." In the meantime, Rajesh is forcing Shruti to marry him.

It's another case of forced marriages when the heroine doesn't want to marry the villian. However, this story is a bit different in the case that the hero and heroine do not fall in love with each other and that's the reason why she doesn't want to marry the villian. She is scared of the villian and just wants out. The hero realized that he made a big mistake in trading in the necklace.

There were cute moments and Nikhil was cute dancing but other than that,. Not really worth watching. It was good to see him after Happy Days. I mainly watched it for Swetha but she looked really bad in the film. Nothing like how she was in her Telugu debut film, Kotha Bangaru Lokam.

Kantri (2008)

The orphan Kantri (NTR JR) is fearless but helps out the orphanage since he can understand the pain. He later joins forces with the don Pothu Raju (Prakash Raj) only to find out that he is the long lost son to the don.

The film has a lot of twists and the love story between Kantri and Varalakshmi (Hansika Motwani) and Priya (Tanisha Mukherjee) was only a backdrop. It added to more of the confusion. I didn't really care for the romances at all. Varalakshmi was really annoying and whiny. I preferred Priya's personality.

Overall, I did enjoy the conness of Kantri. He was smooth and slick, loved his thorough plan and twisted things around with Pothu Raju. Again, I looooove NTR Jr's voice and always a pleasure to see him dance!

Lakshyam (2007)

ACP Bose (Jagapati Babu) is ah honest and sincere police officer who is happily married and lives with his parents and younger brother Chandu (Gopichand). Chandu and Indu (Anushka) are college students and fall in love with each other. Villian Section Shankar (Yashpal Sharma) kills anyone who comes in his way and does not leave any evidence or witness behind. With the help of a backstabbing police officer and politian, he takes loans from the bank and blames it on Bose. Everyone turns on Bose. Chandu does his best to prove to everyone that his brother is not crooked.

Worth a watch! Some scenes were slow but overall, it's a good film. I liked the fact that I was able to see Gopichand in a lead role instead of the supporting cast or a villian. The beginning was focused a little too much on the love angle but glad it didn't take that long for the storyline to kick in. I do think how they met was cute and fun. Anuksha reminds me so much of one of my favorite 80s Bollywood actress, Poonam Dhillon.

Style (2006)

Ganesh (Prabhu Deva) is one of the best dancers ever. This causes his rival, Anthony to become jealous. A tragic accident has caused Ganesh to lose both of his legs. With the encouragement of his loving sister, Priya (Kamalinee Mukherjee), he looks for another dancer who could train since dancing is his passion. Raghava (Raghava Lawrence) loves dancing but works cleaning up in a dance school in Vizag along with his four friends. No one ever recognizes his talent. Ganesh sees the dancing potential of Raghava and his friends on tv and wants to train them to compete with Anthony in the dance competition.

This is what I call fun! I loooooved this film. That's what you get for putting two of the best choreographers from India in one film -- Prabhu Deva & Lawrence! OMFG! From the beginning, I was hooked. Sure, the ending could've been done better but I am easy to overlook stuff like that.

The starcast is huge itself. Well, to me, that is. Kamalinee Mukherjee is one of my favorite actresses. Then add in Charmy and Raja too. I loved it! The dancing was top-notch.

Admittedly, I have to say that Style could possibly be in my top 10 films. I mean if you have a film about dancing, this is it!

PS - I'm starting to have a slight inexplicable crush on Lawrence. I need to seek more of his films.