Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Allu Arjun - taking a look at his films and him :D

Since it's the first day of the last month of the year of 2010, I thought I would post something.

Besides Siddharth, who I've seen his all of his films that are on dvd.
It's no surprise that I have seen all of Allu Arjun's films.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
My hottie is engaged...but I'm still thinking about him :)

Actually, I have even blogged about all of Allu Arjun's films...okay, I lied, I haven't blogged about his debut film, Gangotri, and his special appearance in Daddy (another reason why I should do it) This is just a brief list and rundown of the links and my thoughts on his films, especially for those who don't go back and read my previous posts and ask me if I have seen all his films.

Did you notice that all his films are one word? Okay, all but one (but I didn't really include it in the beginning cause he's in it for like 5 seconds in a song!) I know, too much observation.

I made caps from YouTube because I was too lazy to pull my dvds out and wanted to have a "different" cap than from the ones I already had. I know, I'm weird, lol

In 2002, Allu Arjun had a short brief role in Daddy with his uncle Chiranjeevi, which you could find his awesome dancing.

Clip of him dancing to Backstreet Boys song, "Larger Than Life."

A year later, he debuted in Gangotri.

Playing the naive, caring, playful young, Simhadri, Allu Arjun shines on screen alongside with Prakash Raj. Look at how young he looks!

"Nuvvu Nenu Kalisunte"

Then almost every year afterards, he released a film. In 2004, Aarya released and is just the beginning of the Allu Arjun love and his rise to fame!

On the bottom of my favorite list -- even though so many people loved it -- but cannot deny how cute and adorable Bunny is! Aaaahhhhh, I love the soundtrack too!
Read why I want to feel Allu Arjun's love.

"Feel My Love"

Bunny, Bunnnnnyyyyyyy! Many people thought Allu Arjun got the nickname Bunny from this film. Not!

Read about Bunny as my intro to Telugu films and made me fall instantly in love with Allu Arjun aka Bunny!

"Jaabilammavoo Jajikommavoo"

Happy is my favorite Allu Arjun film. Honestly, I just love his character soooo much. Plus I adore Genelia a lot. On top of that, I love his style in the film.

Read why Allu Arjun & Genelia makes me happy!

"Happy Happy"

Even though Bunny was my intro to Telugu films, it was movie stills from Allu Arjun's hotness in Desamurudu that got me mesmerized in 2006.

Allu Arjun is looking his best ever! Not because of the six-pack abs because I love him with long hair. He just gives me that sexy vibe with it and his eye contact! OMFG! It's to die for :)
With all that, I cannot wait to see Baadnirath since he has got the long hair and six-pack abs in that film too. Could February 2011 come any slower?? I know, some of you will say his wedding is during that time too, hehehe.
Read why I want to have Allu Arjun's babies :D

"Gili Giliga"

I didn't even know that Bunny was in Shankardada Zindabad because he only had a 5 second item song with his uncle.

I haven't seen it yet but read that it's the Telugu remake of the Hindi hit, Lage Raho Munnabhai, which I enjoyed a lot.

"Jagadeka Veeruniki"
Bunny appears at the 2:47 mark

With Parugu, many people started to see Bunny's acting potential instead of the best dancer in T-town!

Film starts off a bit slow but is worth it for Bunny. The songs and the dancing make up for the pace. He even bagged a Filmfare award!
Read why I want Bunny to run to me!

"Nammavemo Gani"

I absolutely love Aarya 2! It's waaaaaaay better than the first part, the original, whatever you call.

On top of that, I am always torn between Aarya 2 and Happy, which one I love more. I'm in the minority who love his flat-iron, long hair.  He looks so damn sexy! The dancing is one of his best and a tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson.
Read my thoughts on Allu Arjun's best acting!

"Uppenantha E Premaki"

Varudu has lots of awesome masala OTT!

I freaking love it. I saw it in the theater with*out* subs. I'm sad that it didn't do that well and so many people didn't like it but it was such a beautiful film to watch. I love watching the whole wedding reception!
Read my thoughts of Allu Arjun on the big screen! I will have to do another full review with lots of caps like I usually do :D

"Bahusha Vo Chanchalaa"

When is Vedam releasing on dvd???

I saw it in the theater with*out* subs, same as with Varudu. It is dialogue-heavy but does not stop me from loving the film. I cried so much. Hurry up and release the dvd with subs!! Please!
Read my thoughts about Allu Arjun in a multistarred film!

Vedam trailer

I think the past few Bunny films have been foreshadowing his life. Bunny is his nickname, so there is a film with the title. Then comes Happy since he's such an adorable, happy-go-lucky person. Desamuduru cause he is the boy wonder/smartest guy :D Aarya 2, just a reboot remake of the super hit film, Aarya, which I haven't come to a great conclusion yet :D He did Daddy to show off his dancing skills and star with his uncle. Almost ditto for Shankardada Zindabad too :D Gangotri is the origin of the well-known Ganges River, so it was just an educational intro for me since it was Bunny's lead debut. Storyline to Parugu is said to be inspired by Charan's sister running off to get married, so it's a positive side to a father's love for his daughter and his understanding of love, which he understands his daughter so she won't take off and run off with her lover. Varudu means groom and is about Bunny trusting his parents to pick his bride although he's been in love relationships before so it foreshadows Bunny getting married soon....and he is! Last, Vedam - I concluded to Bunny giving us powerful performances like he did, plus it was the first film he signed on his own without his dad's consent. So that means, more awesome acting from Bunny!

On top of that, let me just list all the posts that I have written that has my hottie.

Bunny is in quite a few of my blog headers.
My post of Desi hotness is actually the most viewed on my blog. I am quite astonished!
My tough decision to close down my Allu Arjun website :(
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Wishing Allu Arjun a Happy Birthday
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I love guys with the name Arjun!
Allu Arjun is engaged!

Okay, I think I'm done. Here's enough Bunnylicious for today, to start off December, going into 2011!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Allu Arjun is engaged!

Oh yes! My fave heart throb is getting married! No sad tears for me, but tears of happiness. I only wish that I could be at the engagement. Wait...I got a few months before his actual wedding ceremony ;P

I will still be a fangirl cause I absolutely love and adore him! However, from time to time, I have to refrain myself.

Here are some videos from Bunny's engagement.

And photos from their wedding, just click on pic to see view larger.

The groom & bride with their parents

Allu Arjun & Sneha Reddy with their family members

Chiranjeevi wishing the couple.
Do you see Charan & Siri too?

I still love you lots!

Allu Arjun's wedding is expected to be in February 2011.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blogue - bloggers unite for a mag cover ;P

Nah, not really, but kudos to the talented Louella for making this happen with her talented skills!

I hope you know which one I am :D
Check her page out for all the details with who's who.
I liked it so much I just had to do a blog post :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arjun - Mahesh is the Jet Li of Telugu cinema

Woah, what a long tagline for this post review of Arjun, huh?

Before I explain, let me say that the dvd quality of Arjun sucks big time. I complained before that there were no English subtitles for the dvd that I tried to watch a while back.

"...However, the dvd I bought did *not* have English subtitles!!! I am soooooooo mad!! Watched the first 15 minutes and wondering what happened to the subtitles. None! There were even menus that had the subtitles options, I made sure it was ON.....I've had this movie sitting around for the past few years, I know, it's my fault for not watching it sooner. I bought it the same time I bought Allu Arjun's other films. So mad at myself!! The dvd clearly said With English Subtitles in purple. :( Okay, just wanted to vent that. I hope to find a copy with English subtitles soon. I really want to watch more Mahesh Babu films after watching Pokiri."

I later learn from Jill about making the subtitles appear. It is tricky but I finally got it to work, using KM Player! I was soooo happy!!

But then again, I was extremely pissed off.
First of all, having this much difficulty to actually put the subs on is crazy. Then on top of that, the dvd quality sucks big time! It's very grainy and unclear. I hate the fact that I couldn't make that many screencaps like I usually do.
Second of all, I should have watched Arjun a long time ago. Not because I love the Arjun's :D but because this film is sooooo freaking awesome! While many people will say that either Pokiri or Athadu is their favorite Mahesh film. I am in the minority with Arjun being my favorite Mahesh Babu film!

As I eagerly wait for Khaaleja to release on dvd with English subs, Mahesh's last film was Athidi, which was released in 2007!! I decided to watch Arjun again, not only because it's my favorite Mahesh film but also due to the fact I have not blogged about it yet. It is listed on one of my favorite Telugu films. I will have to update soon since a few newly watched films made the list now, will have to do top 10 instead of top 5.

So why do I call Mahesh the Jet Li of Telugu cinema?
Lemme tell you. Mahesh is a bad kickass action hero. His films involve him beating up 15 rowdies with a single punch, drop kicking them with a blink of an eye, and running as fast as a speeding bullet. But through all this, never once has he extorted to being shirtless! He has always been covered up and also doesn't bare much of his biceps either.
Jet Li is also the short, fast, martial arts Hong Kong star who kick your ass and never have to rip his shirt off to do so. Interesting enough, fans have even asked him about why he hasn't been shirtless :)

So there...that's why to me, Mahesh Babu is the Telugu Jet Li.
Both are kickass action stars who don't need six pack abs or humongous biceps to show off.

Oh yeah, back to the film, Arjun :)

Since I wasn't able to get a lot of good screencaps, I did the best I could.

Film starts off with a machete!!

And a bloody, drenched Mahesh sitting, waiting in the rain...

He is narrating what has  happened in the past (yes, with flashbacks) that lead up to the point where he's at

You have twins. A guy and a girl. Arjun and Meenakshi.

I love the sibling love, especially from Arjun for Meenakshi. He is the overprotective, loving brother.

Meenakshi loves Uday, a classmate. Arjun makes sure to unite the two of them.

Uday and Meenakshi eventually get married.
However, Uday's parents are greedy, stingy, money-hungry.
While Uday's away on business, the evil parents try to kill Meenakshi because they wanted their son to marry into a rich family instead.

Twin brother Arjun loves his sister so much he decides to visit her. Only to find out about the evil in-laws. Will he save his twin? Could he convince her that they are plotting to kill her?

The film showed a lot of the gorgeous temple

Arjun is the wonderful brother you wished you had. Plus as a lover, he'll be awesome too!
Mahesh!!!!! Mahesh Babu :)

Meenakshi is the twin sister of Arjun.
I remember first seeing the pretty Kirti in her Hindi debut, Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat, with Arjun Rampal, Suniel Shetty, and Aftab Shivdasani.

Uday is the love interest of Meenakshi and very much naive and in denial that his parent are evil.
Raja looks sooo young in this film! I almost didn't recognize him. He doesn't have a big role but was good to see him after Anand.

Roopa is the gorgeous, fun girl who catches Arjun's eye.
I freaking love Shrirya Saran. She is one of my girl crushes close to knocking off Bips from the list!

Bala Nayagar, the evil father-in-law, Uday's dad
Prakash Raj! I swear he's in 99% of the South Indian movies I've watched....and that's a good thing :)

Andal, the evil mother-in-law, Uday's mom
Saritha is awesome! I love her scary, pissed off facial expressions :D

Songs - These caps does not even come close to how awesome the songs are!

Song #1 - "Okka Maata Okka Baanam"
Arjun's intro, well, semi-intro

Song #2 - "Pilli Pilli Vacche"
Arjun & Roopa in hanging out in Moscow??

Song #3 - "Madhura Madhurathara"
Twins at the temple
Pictures don't do justice to this gorgeous song

Song #4 - "Raa Raa Raa"
Arjun teasing Roopa
Really cute song to watch and I didn't do a good job capturing it cause of the awful dvd quality :(

Song #5 - "Aei Pilla Em Cheddam"
Arjun & Roopa in love?

Song #6 - "Dum Dumare"
Arjun & Roopa dancing at the temple

Kickass Intermission

Many people will debate with me on this. I think Mahesh and Shriya make the best jodi. I love their fun, playful, comical scenes together. I want them to be in another film together!

One of my favorite scenes from the film...when Arjun follows Roopa and her dad around the temple :)

Again, cannot stress how much I love the sibling love in the film! Especially from a brother to a sister!

Just random photos of Mahesh with different plaid, button up shirt!!

Okay, there's one that wasn't plaid ;P

Main reason why I love Arjun is the masala flavor.
So yes, you miss masala?
Watch Arjun.
Come on. You got Mahesh, Shriya, Kiri, Raja, Prakash. Great songs.
What else do you want?
I know! A better dvd quality film with working subtitles! :D