Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jawaani - Neelam's debut & what happened to Karan Shah?

Finally, Jawaani hits dvd and has English subs! I nearly did double flips when lapetitediva posted about it. Almost a year ago, I posted about Bollywood films I was looking for cause I grew up watching them and wanted to own them on dvd with English subs, if possible.

Honestly, I don't remember at all what the synopsis was about. All I remember is Jawaani is Neelam's debut film, and she was only 14-years-old at the time. The only other bit I remember is there were a few scenes that were in a college atmosphere, Neelam getting mad at Karan for trying to kiss her, thinking that she could get pregnant that way, lol!! I watched this about 20 years ago!

Jawaani, literally meaning youth, is about the young, innocent, naive Sanam. She is the apple of her parents' eyes and even her brother, Jatin, is very protective of her. Through struggles, her family is able to live lavishly. Being much more well-off has made them snub off their riches when Karan, one of Jatin's friends, starts to fall for Sanam. However, Karan and Sanam's love is too strong for her family to break them up. Will their love be enough to conquer all?

Actually, the film is more complicated than that! I wasn't sure how much information to add in the quick synopsis.

Karan wants to one day be wealthy and not worrying about money, which his the biggest obstacle of why Sonam's family disapprove his relationship with Sonam.

Jawaani is Karan Shah's debut film. Since then, where has he been? He has a short filmography and just looking through them, most of them were supporting roles. I don't know what happened but he has the looks, acting is passable, but Neelam faired better than him post Jawaani.

Sonam. She is carefree, naive, beautiful, and falls in love. No one in her family seems to support her. Young people can fall in love. Why can't they just see that?

Just like Karan Shah, Jawaani is Neelam's debut film. Even though the cutie-pie has starred in many films since Jawaani, she was never given enough recognition for any of her films. Neelam is the first actress who I found so adorable and rocked the modern outfits and cute dancing. Many of the actresses prior to her and in her era were excellent dancers, but they all were well-known traditional and/or classic dancers.

Sonam's father, Surendra, doesn't want Sonam to be involve with Karan, a guy who doesn't have the same status as his family. He also is not in favor of Karan's father's lifestyle either. Anupam Kher looks so young! Playing the overprotected father with a few negative shades is nothing new for him.

Sonam's beautiful mother, Sushma, wants to support her husband's decision in not allowing Sonam and Karan be together. However, she loves Sonam so much and wants the best for her. How great is it to see the lovely Sharmila Tagore?? I saw so much of Soha in her.

Sonam's brother, Jatin (Jatin Malhotra), doesn't want Karan to date Sonam and makes Karan's life miserable.

Karan's widowed father, Amar (Navin Nischol), is in love and having an affair with a married woman, which doesn't help Karan's chances of being with Sonam.

Prema (Moushumi Chatterjee) is the woman who Amar, Karan's father is having an affair with. She ends up being there for Karan when he needs someone the most.

Uncle Joe (Sadashiv Amrapurdar) seems to be the only one who understands Karan and Sonam's love and "helps" them out.

Okay, who is this dog? I don't know but I thought it was funny and cute to scree cap it, so no spoilers :)

Old school Bollywood music, oh I miss you! No English lyrics or rapping. Just fun masala.

Song #1 - "Halle Gulla Mazaa Hai"
Carefree Karan

Song #2 - "Maana Abhi Ho"
Karan and Sanam hanging out

WTH part from the song...weird!!!

Song #3 - "Beega Bheega"
Karan & Sanam in love

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Saajna Main Sada"
Sanam loves Karan and proves to her family and friends

Song #5 - "Gali Gali Dhoonda"
Why can't anyone understand their love? They are young but in love. They run away.

Song #6 - Tu Rootha To"
Karan and Sonam in their new life together?

Watch Below

Karan sees Sonam for the first time at her birthday party and falls for her

No one still has answered my question. Did I ask before? Where is this location? I remember seeing it in older Bollywood films? One is Love 86, I know there are more!

The "kiss"

Jatin is an overprotective brother but I found him a bit creepy. He came off more of a jealous boyfriend instead.

Neelam's WTF outfits, kinda bold for a debut film?

Love hurts

I ain't gonna lie. This film isn't the best. However, it has all those WTF cheesy moments that have been lacking in recent Bollywood films.