Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oy - my fave Sid film

It's official. I have seen all of Sid's films, from Boys to Rang De Basanti to Ayutha Ezhuthu to the short film, Blood Brothers, to Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam. He is the first reason why I was curious to find out about South Indian cinema.

So what if Sid is playing the cutesy boy-in-love again?
I think he's great in this type of role. His romantic comedy style has gotten a lot of my Hmong friends converted into Telugu films. Sure, Magadheera is also another choice, but I cannot go wrong with Sid either.

Movie starts off with Uday (Siddharth) sitting by the bench with his sad, puppy eyes. He narrates why he isn't celebrating his birthday, which is on New Year's Day.

Some people compared Oy with the Hollywood movies, A Walk to Remember or even Love Story. I have never seen Love Story, so I cannot compare. However, I did read the synopsis online and don't see so much similarities. It has been a while since I've seen A Walk to Remember; however, I don't think Oy has taken inspiration from it or anything.

People like to compare. Yes, there are many things in life that are similar and reminds you of something. But that doesn't mean that it is a copy or inspired by. It could just be coincidental.

Honestly, the feel of the film took me back to Korea instead. What made me think about this is the looks and character of the leading heroine. In many Korean films, the leading heroines usually are sassy, independent, with a brain. Many of them are non glamorous and the guys in the film fall in love with them for who they are. Most of the Bollywood films I've seen, when the girls are a "plain Jane," the guys usually aren't attracted to them. Once the girl gets a makeover and looks "hot," that's when the guy take notice (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Main Hoon Na, Ishq Vishq).

Another reason for the Korean feel is portraying the girl with a terminal illness. Only difference is she doesn't know it, but the guy does.

What Oy brought to me is how Uday fell in love with Sandhya, pursued her, made her open her eyes to her surroundings. He loved her so much, he hid his identity and he fulfills her wishes, sorta like a bucket list of things she wanted to do.

I love Uday. He's cute & wealthy; and also have a great sense of humor, love that in man. I love that he fell in love with Sandhya because she was "different," exactly opposite of what most people would think. This rich guy could have any girl he wanted. Instead he chose the girl who refuses to party and not to talk to him. She was "ordinary" (non glamorous, never did she even show any skin) , no makeup (not even eyeliner!) and even wear glasses! (even Preity Zinta's character in Kal Ho Naa Ho wore glasses but she was portrayed glamorous) His persistence of pursuing her won me over.

Sid is my favorite South Indian actor. Period!

Many people try to avoid Sandhya. Not because she's a scary person or anthing, just because she mainly keeps to herself. She doesn't communite with the neighbors or celebrate/participate in any events/festivals. She'll hang out with her bff at a party but will just be there in her own world.

Shamili is a child star and made her debut in Oy. I am curious to see more of her!

Fatso (Krishnudu) is Uday's bff.

Satya (Surekhavani) is Sandhya's bff. She gave me the Tabu vibe!

Abhishek (Sunil) is an insurance salesman.

At first I was wondering why Sunil was in the film. He mainly was there for comedic purposes. But he does have a slight signifacant role.

I loooove the soundtrack! I've been playing it nonstop for the past few days!

Song #1 - "Seheri"
Some people cringe at the the rapping and the non Desi people in the background but I don't care. I still loved it and the dancing is awesome!!!

Song #2 - "Oy Oy"
Uday's inspiration
The title song is awesome and featured in an 80s style club, hence the odd outfits. What I do wish for is at least show flashes of Sandhya since he was the inspiration for the song. Oh yeah, sidenote - Sid actually provides the vocals for this song, he's so talented :)

Song #3 - "I'm Waiting For You"
Uday waits for Sandhya
Picturization is beautiful, so serene.

Song #4 - "Anukoledenadu"
Uday & Sandhya spend time together
What I love about this song is Sandhya dancing while Uday mostly watches her enjoying her time.

Song #5 - "Tholisaari"
Uday & Sandhya visit temples
The different looks of the temples...

Song #6 - "Saradaga"
In love
Beautiful to look at. The only problem I had was Uday's scarves :D

Song # 7 - "Povoddhe Prema"
Uday is sad

A funny scene is when Uday & Sandhya travel the cities of India. Uday spots an Annavaram poster in Mumbai? He was surprised and then sees two fans with a tee shirt of Pawan Kalyan.

Overall, I am just in love with Oy, from the storyline to the characters to the music. Why wasn't Oy nominated at the Filmfare Awards? OST is awesome.

To some people, Oy was just another "cute" film of Sid's. To others, Oy was nothing special.
To me, I have seen all of Sid's films and Oy is my fave one.