Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Filmfare June 2010 - South Indian stars shine?

On my previous post, I got to meet some buddies and talked about how I tweeted about how different Filmfare is now. Copying and pasting from previoius post...

Granted the last magazine I bought was in December 2008 because John-Bips were on the cover too, but still! What I was most impressed with is the Surya article and then right after that, a section with South Indian stars from Ram Charan to Allu Arjun to Rana to Trisha to Ileana to Priyamani!

I made sure the articles were visible to read but I also tagged them. Sorry about that!
Just click on the image, to view a larger pic in another screen :)

Surya scans for magadelana

Southern Spice

I'm sad that Nitin Reddy wasn't mentioned.
Marbs mentioned why no Sneha? Then I was thinking...or even Sada or Kamalinee Mukherjee. Oh goes.

South Haul

At least my hottie was mentioned....Filmfare saved the best for last... :D


jjake said...

LOLS I am glad they included Mahesh but isn't there a mistake there? It says he starred in Pokirri ehich was remade as Wanted. Pokirri was the Tamil remake of his hit Pokiri. Maybe its a typo, maybe the Filmfare writers didn't do their research. And WTH? no mention of Prabhas or Jr. NTR??

Thanks for posting these Nicki!

Louella said...

It's just too selective. If they have to write about SI industries like this, maybe they would better just skip it.
Thanks anyway, Nicki :)

Dolce and Namak said...

Thank you for the article, Nicki! Interesting read, though this is definitely the first time I am seeing Siddharth described as a "blue eyed boy" and Arjun as the quintessential bad boy (but it does have a nice ring to it :P). And who knew Vikram was tall, on top of being dark and handsome?!?! :)

So are they looking at who has potential to cross over? Or at who has been approached/wants to? Because I definitely remember Arjun saying until he was blue in the face that he wouldn't do Bollywood. :-/

Still, it's very nice that the Southies are getting some positive attention from the snotty Bollyood even if they get their facts wrong a couple of times :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Nicki. The interview with Surya is very good. He is looking great too. All this attention is because Vikram/Raavan and Surya with RGV's film. All pics chosen look good and not the first pic in google images haha...Tarak should be there but it's all good. Little mistakes only, Loved seeing it in filmfare.

Amaluu said...

Really interesting but yeah, so many missing faces! I can only speak for Tamil, but what about Simbu, Bharath, Jeevan, Jeyam Ravi? And Sada, Bhavana, Pooja? At least they have Trisha - I heart her.

Nicki said...

JJake - LOL, you know your Mahesh Babu! I think they just stuck with the original film, which was Pokiri and didn't want to elaborate more. Obviously, Filmfare missed a lot of people, huh? You're very welcome!

Louella - LOL, I'm just glad they were at least mentioned :D

Dolce - You're welcome!! Good point. Siddharth as the "blue eyed boy." I don't know why people look at Bunny as the "bad boy." Just cause he goes to clubs? Hello, he's there to shake the dance floor!! Heck yeah! I have friends who go to clubs, doesn't mean they are "bad."

I took the article as potential to cross over. I think they were looking South since Vikram, Surya, Asin, Genelia, and others are doing Bollywood films now. And since Trisha is debuting in her first Bollywood film soon. A lot of South Indian actresses debut in Hindi films but somehow don't do well and stay South. Take Kajal, Tamannah, Kamalinee Mukherjee, and even Jyothika.

I'm just happy that there were articles on the Southies too :D

filmizest - You're welcome! I love the Surya article too. He is definitely hot and can act.

Amaluu - wow, you know Kollywood!! Thanks for mentioning those names!