Monday, July 12, 2010

International Bridal Affair

Yesterday, July 11th, I attended the International Bridal Affair at the Westin courtesy of the wonderful, Jenily. She and I have been sending each other messages on Twitter and Facebook and finally met!

Almost a year ago, her photos were being passed around on Twitter and Bollywhat so I thought I would blog about this event.

This is the famous photo that she took that made waves on the Internet.

Since I will have a future sister-in-law, I asked her to tag along with me to this wonderful event.
This is the dress she wants :D

Believe me, the photos do *not* do any justice because out of courtesy, I didn't put the flash just to not be rude.

See, already beautiful scenery despite my awful photography skills!!
Many of the vendors were inspired by culture and color.

Now, Jenily is apart of Bride's Tea. You have to check out the stunning photography on the website! Follow them on Twitter and add them on Facebook!

I just wanted to add that these photos on the website were at the Hindu Temple (BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha - Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Atlanta), the same one that I posted on Facebook :)

The atmosphere was fun and relaxing. My favorite Indian restaurant, The Palace, was catering appetizers - samosas & kati roll. Another Indian restaurant, Moksha, was catering biryani, samosas, & a chicken dish that I forgot to ask the name for (it was really yummy, spicy, everything I love). I never eaten at Moksha but after this experience, I really want to. It has been featured on the Atlanta's morning show, Good Day Atlanta.

There were even a few performances (probably more since I didn't stay until the end). Sorry for the really bad photos! Too much movement! :D

My future sister-in-law received a lot of wonderful freebies. Thanks Jenily again for inviting me! Cannot wait for the next show in October!!


Gauri Radha said...

Did they have any vegan food Nicki? (That's the first thing I always try and find out, to see if there's anything I can eat when I go somewhere!! Haha.)

Lovely photos, some of the color themes look very nice.

jenily Silva said...

WOW!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to blog about us and the show. You made my day. It was a pleasure to finally meet you yesterday ') Love <3

Amaluu said...

I totally drooled over this entire post. I LOVE weddings. Never mind that mine was 5 years ago. Gorgeous gorgeous images.

Anonymous said...

How fun Nicki! You're on a tweetup roll! Glad you guys met and had so much fun. Great pix.
All the best!

Nicki said...

Gauri - you are hilarious but you do make a great point :D

jenily - I am glad to finally meet you!! :D

Amaluu - would love to see your wedding photos :D

Sita-ji - Yes, it was fun!! It was also fun in MN with you and Jill too :D