Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam - Sid with another fave film on my list

Sid is one of my favorite South Indian actor. Ever since I saw him in Rang De Basanti, I've been impressed with his natural acting and adorable looks. Right now, I do own all of Sid's films on dvd but have not been able to watch them all. Mainly because my mind has been on my #1 hottie instead.

There have been some questions about which Telugu film to start off as a newbie, I usually recommend Sid's films - Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana or Bommarillu. After watching Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam, I am happy to add it to the list too.

Geetha (Tammannah Bhatia) is really close to her father and loves him a lot. As she gets older, she goes to Hyderabad for college and ends up meeting Siddhu (Siddharth). Since she has seen him flirtateously always around girls and irresponsible for his action, she dislikes him. That annoyance turns into friendship when she gets to see his love for his friends. Then friendship turns into love when she learn more about him.

Even though Siddhu and Geetha want to get married, her father refuses to accept him because he's not qualified to be her husband. Siddhu may love Geetha but has no job to support her and comes from a broken family -- his parents are divorced. In order to marry Geetha, he must unite his parents back together.

What I love most about the film is the direction and Geetha. It started off introducing Geetha as a young girl into a woman. You could see the strong father-daughter relationship.

As she gets older and goes away to college, she starts to fall in love with a guy who isn't fit to be her future husband.

The character, Geetha, had personality. From showing her annoyance when she first met Siddhu to her playfulness and opening up to him. She developed and grew as a person. Her heart belonged to Siddhu but she knew her father meant a lot to her. When she told her father that she would not marry without her father's blessing and the guy has to be only be Siddhu, is one of my favorite scenes. I love how strong-minded she is.

The actress, Tammannah, is one of my favorite South Indian actress. Not only is she cute, she can act and dance. Can  you believe she was only 19 at that time? Young talent, I tell you.

Siddhu is the playful, funny guy friend. At the same time, some people don't like his carefree attitude, especially Geetha, which has been mistaken for an irresponsible person. Once she gets to know him, she sees him differently. He never wants to be displease anyone and is always smiling. Since it's been many years since he's bad sad,  he doesn't know how to cry anymore.

I mentioned in my Ranbir post that I love, unselfish,happy-go-lucky characters. It's no different in Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam. Therefore, I am in love with Siddhu! He's the silly guy that no one takes seriously. After much thought and consideration, I wondered why I am in love with these type of guys. Mainly because my hubby is the same way! I am just like Geetha in the stubbornness with arguments, walking away, haha.

The part when Siddhu refused to chase after Geetha really got to me. It was the scene afterwards when he tells his father that he says that it's the faith and belief that Geetha has for him. Even if he is not able to bring the moon for her, it's how much trust she has for him because everything will be alright, just because he says so and there's no way possible that he is able to do it. I often stress myself. It's because of my hubby's calm sincerity telling me that he will take care of everything that alwyas makes me fall in love with him again.

Geetha's father, Subramanyam (Nasser) who is a very well-known and respected guy in the village.

Geetha's silly uncle, Diwakar (Brahmanandam) who loves and lives his dream as a cricketer.

Swati (Karuna), daughter of Diwaker

Bangaram (Venu Madhav), part of the gang

Subhodh, part of the gang

Ramya, also part of the gang (couldn't get a good cap of her solo)

Businessman, Prakash (Prakash Raj), is Siddhu's father.

College Professor, Rajyalakshmi (Ramya Krishna), is Siddhu's mother.

Just like Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana and Bommarillu, the soundtrack for Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam is really good to listen and watch.

Song #1 - "O Maina Emaina"
Sid's intro. Geetha goes to Hyderabad for college.

Song #2 - "Egire Egire"
Geetha realizing that Sid isn't as bad as she first thought. Friends hanging out.

Song #3 - "Jamureyi Velallo"
Happy Birthday Sid!

Song #4 - "Anandama"
Falling in love

Song #5 - "Kanule Kallipindi"
Sid brainstorming...

Song #6 - "Konchem Istham"
Argument leads to making up

Song #7 - "Antha Siddanga"
So in love
Tamannaah's outfits and hair are to-die-for!

Song #8 - "Enduku Chenthaki"
Not able to be together

The idea of the film portraying a child that has been brought up with parents who have been separated due to lack of attention and money-hunger and *not* of a cheating a spouse was done very well.

I like how the first half focused on Geetha, then switched gears to Siddhu. Some people looked at this film as relationships between parents and children. However, I looked at it as how a child is brought up and how he/she looks at life because how they were brought up...and for them to form a love life.

The only complaint I would have about the film is Sid's flat-ironed hair. It does not suit him!

Oh yeah, does that guy ever age? Even though he and Tammannah have a 10-years age difference, they look around the same age.

Must watch! Definitely worth it.