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Billoo Baadshah - Govinda in another multistarrer

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Since I have been a fan of Govinda back in the days, I thought I would review films during that era. One of my FB friends, Ashwini, suggested that I watch the Govinda-Neelam film, Billoo Badshah. Since I haven't heard of it yet, I thought I'll give the film a watch. How could I refuse anyways? I freaking adore them! In addition, it was free to watch on YouTube with English subs, uploaded by UltraHindi, so it's legit! (there are no parts and just one watching). Because I'm the screencap blogger, I just have to make caps to go along with this review.

As a Govinda-Neelam fan, or plain Govinda fan, I was very disappointed that he wasn't the main character. So yes, Govinda is in another multistar film. Regardless of that fact, Billoo Badshah is worth a watch.

Billoo Badshah is Shatrughan Sinha. He is the heart of the film and a good actor.

The film starts off with Billoo losing his mother, Kamla.

Her childhood friend, Parvarti, takes Billoo in with her family, consisting of herself, husband Shankar, and three children - Ravi, Jyoti, & Pinky.

Unfortunately, Shankar gets murdered by the goon, Than-Than Tiwari. Billoo and the village witness this brutal act.

The family that took him suffered and he vowed to take revenge when he gets older.

He works so hard and takes care of his family.

There are three things he wants to do before he moves on with his life -- (1) Get his sisters - Jyoti and Pinky married. (2) Make sure his brother, Ravi, get a good education. (3) Get revenge and find Than-Than Tiwari.

Even though he and Nisha, a neighbor, are in love. He has to fulfill these three duties first.

Billoo (Shatrughan Sinha) is the child that you wish was your own fleshing blood. He loves you with all his heart and soul. On top of that, he is the most unselfish guy in the world. He thinks about everyone else but himself and makes sure to make them happy.

Sweet lady, Parvarti who took Billo in her family

Jyoti (Neelam) is the older of the two sisters.

Vijay (Govinda) and Jyoti are lovers.

Asha (Anita Raaj) is in love with Billo since childhood. She is also a neighbor and Jyoti's best friends. Patiently, she waits for Billoo at all costs.

Pinky is the youngest mischievous sibling.

Ravi (Sumeet Saigal) is the older sibling of the three.

Nisha is Ravi's love interest.

Than-Than Tiwari (Kader Khan), the person who Billoo wants to take revenge on

Munna (Gulshan Grover), Tiwari's son, a threat to Pinky & Billoo

Songs. Songs. Songs.
Mostly focus on Govinda :)

Song #1 - "Ye Jo Ghar Angan Hai "
The lovely family. Billoo to the rescue!

Song #2 - "Jawan Jawan Ishq Jawan Hai"
Vijay's intro
Govinda actually sings this song but it's actually a copy of a Pakistani song, "Hawa Hawa" (thanks Ashwini for the tidbit)

Song #3 - "Ladka Raazi Ladki Raazi"
Vijay protest against his dad until he marries Jyoti

Song #4 - "Pyar Karenge Abhi Karenge"
Vijay and Jyoti tease each other

What I really liked about the film
[1] Neelam's strong personality: she spoke her mind and didn't apologize for it. [2] Neelam in traditional outfits: Not that I mind her in modern outfits, it is more common with Neelam wearing modern outfits versus traditional. [3] Neelam playing the "poor" girl: She usually plays the rich girl in most of her films. Maybe that's why she is in traditional outfits? [4] Govinda: there's nothing more I could say about him! He's in the movie! I love his comical parts. His lively spirit. His jodi with Neelam!! [5] Family bond: Main focus of the film is about family ties. All four of the kids loved each other. However, when they were old enough to say that "Billoo isn't my blood." Not every one of them were like that. At least one of them (ahem Neelam) still valued Billoo's kinship. [6] Family bond II: I was so afraid it was going to be a film about the mother mistreating the adopted son but it's nothing like that, even the siblings don't act like that. Even though the siblings call Billoo out for not being a "blood" brother, it was because of selfish reasons when they got older, trying to be rebellious but did reform themselves.

What I did *not* really care for about the film
[1] Rape scenes:  it was not shown once, but several times, or even attempt rape scenes or "jokes" (thanks bollywooddewana for this page bout aestheticization of violence ) [2] Quick turn-around-from-selfish-evil self: why wait so long for the conniving relatives to do a 360 change in life? And  that quickly? [3] Revenge: the plot of revenge was fine but was secondary and almost forgot about it. [4] The ending: even though the film ended wonderfully, I felt the film rushed a little too much to get there. It was over 2.5 hours already.

So there is definitely more positives than negatives in the film :)


katherine said...

Great caps, as usual -- and thanks for the heads-up that this is legitimately available to watch online!

Anonymous said...

I think I just found my plans for this weekend: To catch this via UltraHindi on youtube! That Gulshan Glover snap is great, looks so BAD! Also happy to see Neelam is in it. Wow, so many other Govinda film reviews. The only one of your list I've seen is Hatya. I've got some work to do. :)
All the best!

Ashwini said...

This song, jawan jawan was 90% copy of the pakistani song hawa hawa which was a huge hit then.. and yes... jawan jawan is sung by Govinda himself..

bollywooddeewana said...

80's bollywood seemed to take glory in glamourising rape scenes, its a great example of the aestheticization of violence

Nicki said...

Kay - Thanks. Hope you get to watch it! :)

Sita-ji - Watch more Govinda. Please! :)

Ashu - Thanks for the tidbit! Will update post :)

bollywooddeewana - thanks for the info! Will update post :)