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Ranbir Kapoor - man of the year 2009, triple dose

LOL, I started this post in February and it's now June and just posting it....
 I just had to do it because Rajneeti just released :D
Forget the Khan's. Yes, they are great in the their own ways, but none of the Khan's made an impact in 2009 like Ranbir did. Okay,  okay, Aamir had 3 Idiots but that man always gives it his all. Maybe the audience expects the best from Aamir because he's such a perfectionist. Then you have Salman who slammed everyone down for doing the famous Pokiri remake, Wanted. And boy, did he impress many! Sadly, he had two other films in 2009 that many do not want to remember - Mr Aurr Mrs Khanna & London Dreams. Lastly, you have Shahrukh aka King Khan. No matter how bad his films are, his fans are loyal and will still support him. Look at his 2009 filmography, he either had a small role - Billu Barber,  or a special appearance - Luck By Chance, or even a voice over narrator - Aao Wish Karein.

Arguably, 2009 is a great year for Shahid too, with Kaminey & Dil Bole Hadipaa! However, Shahid had a rocky start in the beginning of his career. Ranbir is still considered only a newcomer and gets better and better every time. I think his film choices have been good for him. Just because he's a Kapoor doesn't mean anything. Sometimes I do think it's harder for star kids because they have to work harder to prove to everyone that he/she can stay in the business. Daddy and Mommy can only help you so much.

Right now, Ranbir's two films -- Wake Up Sid & Rocket Singh -- are my fave of 2009. I posted before that Wake Up Sid is my fave film of 2009 already but just not in many details.

The following will have lots of screen caps but I tried by best to make links to them for better loading/viewing purposes....
Just click on the thumbnails below to get a bigger view of the caps.

Wake Up Sid

College graduate, Sid (Ranbir Kapoor), still had a lot of growing up to do. Money was given to him. His meals was cooked for him. Even the admission to college was practically a given to him because of who his father is. When he finally realized it was time to take his life and career more seriously, never did he imagine how hard it will be. With the help of Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma), an older woman settling her life in Mumbai from Kolkatta, who he met at his graduation party, he learns how to grow up.

First and foremost, Wake Up Sid is my favorite film of 2009. I still haven't seen 3 Idiots, Paa, and Kurbaan yet but I will watch Paa, and Kurbaan soon since I have the dvds now.

Some people are questioning why I love it so much. Sure, it won't win an Oscar or anything. Sometimes cute and films make it to a person's top list because it's a fun-filled film that you can watch over and over again. That's what Wake Up Sid is for me. Ranbir and Konkona have so much chemistry. Honestly, at first I did not think their jodi would work but they sure proved me wrong!

To me, Ranbir had the "it" factor. He has the good looks, charms, body, acting, and dancing skills to make it to the top. Currently, he has a lead over John Abraham. I know, shocking, right? But can you imagine a dancing John Abraham? Not! Ranbir has that goofy-hot look. Pictures don't do justice to him. You have to see him in action! He reminds me of Mahesh Babu (the Prince of Telugu films!).

So Ranbir playing Sid was a step up from his other two films -- Saawariya & Bachna Ae Hasseno. Even though the beautiful, visually-stunning film, Saawariya, may be a bore to most, you can not deny that Ranbir did a good job in his role. He keeps getting better and better. Even playing the confused-in-love Raj in Bachna Ae Haseeno proved he had a place in the filmi world.

As Sid, he was just a spoiled kid who didn't realize he had everything right in front of him. Instead, he was stubborn and wanted to prove his father and friends wrong. He felt like a laughing stock instead. So he packed up what he had and stormed out of the house. And of all things. He ends up at Aisha's place. Honestly, if I was Aisha, I wouldn't have let him stay with me. However, Sid is the first "friend" she met in Mumbai. Okay, Sid did help her with finding the apartment and fixing it up.

From all what Sid has gone through, I like how he slowly realizes that he can be this independent big-kid. From comprehending how he got placed in college to his love of photography, I love how the film portrays Sid's unspoken emotions.

Sid’s father Ram Mehra (Anupam Kher) is a rich business man and owner of the company.

Sid's mother Sarita (Supriya Pathak) is a housewife who is obsessed with leaning English to "fit in" with Sid since she loves him so much.

Aisha wants to be an independent woman! She moves from Kolkatta to Mumbai to pursue her career.

Konkona is my favorite working actress, a league of her own. Although I think her non Hindi films are better than her Hindi ones,I'm glad she is making a mark in Bollywood. She has that girl-next-door natural beauty, flawless skin, beautiful eyes, and amazing hair. She may look simple but she is beyond that. Her acting is top-notch, which none of the current Bollywood actress can match up to her.

Kabir (Rahul Khanna) is Aisha's hot boss. I had to take a double-look at Rahul because I've never seen him look so fine! I've always adored Rahul from back in the days because he used to host AVS TV and that's when I fell for him.

I love how Kabir is everything Aisha wants in a man -- good looking, successful, good looking, mature, good looking, did I say good looking? But just because you have in your mind, how the "perfect" guy is, maybe you don't have anything common with him? Sometimes all you need is right in front of you and didn't realize it at all.

Another big plus, for me, is friendship bond Sid had. Friends argue. They fight. But they make up. True friends do, that is.

Rishi (Namit Das) is one of Sid's BFF. Both had a non-speaking period but overcame it.

Laxmi (Shikha Talsania) is Sid's other BFF.

Tanya (Kainaz Motivala ) is the female version of Sid. Okay, just kidding. However, she does have a few things in common with Sid. Both are from rich families and their fathers want them to work in the family business, but they wanted to pursue photography instead. Although she never pursued Sid, you could tell she had some feelings for him. A bit of an enviness when Sid pulled Aisha to stage to sing Bollywood oldies.

Now, many people may think Wake Up Sid is nothing special but it worked for me. Even though the storyline is very predictable, it was done wonderfully.

The music plays in the background throughout the film, giving it a non Bollywood feel to some. I liked it because the film itself was modern, focusing on the two leads reminding me of a South Korean romantic comedy film.

Song #1 - "Wake Up Sid"
Opening credits

Song #2 - "Kya Karoon"
Hanging out with the gang

Song #3 - "Life is Crazy"
Sid & his buddies helping Aisha move in her new place

Song #4 - "Aaj Kal Zindagi"
Sid wakes up

Song #5 - "Iktara"
In love?

And how could I forget the cutesy-cartoony tees that Sid wore throughout the film??

Oh my goodness, I really think I should stop. I had to delete most of the caps I had on my hard drive. That's how much I love this film. It's so beautiful. And Ranbir is worth looking at too (and Rahul!) I also want Konkona's hair and clothes!

Rocket Singh

Harpeet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) is a college graduate Sikh who wants to be a salesman. He is just an average John Doe academic-wise; therefore, he thinks being a salesman is right up his alley career-wise. His heart in becoming a salesman is there, but he just is a nice guy who cannot deceive others to make it to the top. When he finally realizes that he still wants to help out others but with truth and honesty, he decides to run his own side job business.

Ranbir as a sadar throughout the whole film? What? Could he really pull it off? Just because a film is not a hit, doesn't mean it is not a good film. It was so hard for me to choose between Rocket Singh and Wake Up Sid as my favorite film of 2009 (I have not seen 3 Idiots yet, I think this is the only film fromi 2009 that may knock Wake Up Sid from the top slot).

What I love most about this film is its realism. There is no glam at all. No one in Loui Vitton or Chrisian Dior designer names. No dream-like song sequences. No "exotic" locations. It was mostly shot in a small, crowded computer office.

There's not even a huge love story; however, there is a developing sweet romance between Harpreet and Sherena. Both gave each other help and support in their big launch of their careers.

Even though Sherena (Shazahn Padamsee) is the love interest of Harpreet, her role is the shortest of the supporting cast. I like the background music showing them falling for each other.

P.S. Bedi (Prem Chopra ) is Harpreet's loving grandfather. He wants the best for Harpreet, even using his life-savings money for a scooter just so Harpreet could go to work.

Nithin (Naveen Kaushik) is the cocky sales manager.

Puri (Manish Chaudhary) is the owner of the company.

Koena (Gauhar Khan) is the receptionist with brains and knows her in's-and-out's of the company. She wants to move up in the corporate ladder but isn't given the opportunity because the rest of the office sees her as a bimbo because of her beauty.

Giri (D Santosh) is a smart computer engineer but waste the company's time looking at porn.

Chhotelal Mishra (Mukesh Bhatt) is the underrated smart "chai" guy.

Song #1 - "Gadbadi Hadbadi"
Rocket Singh in full gear

Song #2 - "Pankhon Ko"
Rocket Singh?

Rocket Singh is a must-watch and hits the heart! It is worth it, especially the message of the film.

Ajab Prem Ki Kahani Ghazab

Prem (Ranbir Kapoor) just wants everyone to be happy and even started the Happy Club in his town. If for some reason, lovers cannot be together, Prem makes sure they end up together. Unforunately, he mistaken Jenny (Katrina Kaif) for one of the girls and causes her to hate him at first. Since Prem is always the happy-go-lucky guy, Jenny sees the sweet side of him. He starts to fall in love with Jenny but she is already in love with Rahul (Upen Patel).

It seems like such a simple film, doesn't it? The storyline is nothing new. It's just the way the story is told that I loved! From the cheesy, cartoonish, over-the-top scenes. With all the "unrealistic-ism," I would compare it to Andaaz Apna Apna.

Ajab Prem Ki Kahani Ghazab just had so many cute moments and couldn't help but to screen cap them!

Prem is President of the Happy Club and wants everyone to be happy. Even though he loves Jenny, he is willing to make her happy by making sure she is united with her love, Rahul.

My, my, my....does Ranbir look too freaking adorable! From his silly, goofy to cute, he melts my heart in this film. Even though I think Wake Up Sid and Rocket Singh were better films, in general. I loved APKGK for the crazy, beautiful songs and funny moments. The songs are definitely a re-watch. Ranbir is such an amazing dancer that he actually has a song to show it off.

Although APKGK is a hit, a few bloggers did not like the film. Honestly, I loved it for the character Prem. After I thought about it, it's because the character is carefree, playful, and fun...just how I like them. For example, Raj (Shahrukh Khan) in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Sameer (Salman Khan) in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Suraj (Salman Khan) in Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, Bunny (Allu Arjun) in Happy, etc.

Jenny is an orphan who is in love with Rahul . Prem befriends her and is the only person she could turn to for help.

I think Katrina is a gorgeous girl and am not a huge fan of her acting. However, I thought she was amazing in the film. Maybe she's better in roles like this, just like Namestay London.

As Jenny, Katrina was so natural. She looks really good and fit the role. I am in love with her look in the film. The stylist gets kudo points from me. From her hair, clothes, down to her shoes, Katrina rocked it!

Rahul and Jenny are in love with each other and known each other for some time. However, it is hard for them to be together. He is from a Hindu family while she is from a Christian family.

Even though Katrina was not paired opposite Upen in Namastey London, both are together again in APKGK. I did a full 360 on Upen because before, I used to think he was at least decent (in acting) and hot (in looks) but not anymore. The first time I've ever seen him was in the music video, "Bindiya Chamkegi" Remix by Bally Sagoo. Hopefully, it was just APKGK that I felt like that about him since I did like him in his other brief appearances in 36 Chinatown, Namastey London & Shakalaka Boom Boom.

One of the scenes that stood out to me the most was the Sallu scene!

The poster of Sallu with Prem's face had me on the floor laughing! That is one of my fave pics of him! (the original poster of Sallu)

Not only was that funny but also Prem telling Jenny that he has trained and body built with Sallu!
Only to see the real Sallu :) 

What I also found funny about APKGK is that Ranbir's character's name is Prem. He could never tell Jenny that he loved her. Sallu is famous for playing characters name Prem.

I absolutely am in love with the Happy Club. Prem's friends were there for him through thick and thin.

They even stood by his side throughout the whole film!!!

Songs are amazing. Everything from the lyrics, to the sound, to the colors, to the wardrobe, to the cinematography.

Song #1 - "Aa Jao Meri Tamanna" find out you both have similar traits
I capped a bit before and after the song

Song #2 - "Prem Ki Naiyya"
Prem is in love with Jenny

Song #3 - "Follow Me"
Prem shows Jenny that he can dance

Song #4 - "Tere Hone Hoon"
Prem has fallen in love with Jenny and dreams being with her

Song #5 - "Tu Jaane Na"
Jenny tells Prem he won't understand her because he's never been in love....
One of the most beautiful songs to watch ever!

Song #6 - "Main Tera Dhadkhan Teri"
Prem and Jenny bust-a-move
Do you know how happy I was to see Ranbir dance??? After Wake Up Sid & Rocket Singh, I was literally smirkly so much and jumping for joy. This guy can dance!!

Do you see my cap-happiness? :)
The fight scene reminded me so much of The Three Stooges. Straight out funny!

And I just could not help but cap these because they were too funny....
Or adorable....

Funny that I say that Ranbir's two films, Wake Up Sid & Rocket Singh, are my faves but I made more caps of Ajab Prem Ki Kahani Ghazab ;P

Yeah, you can say that Ranbir Kapoor is the next big thing in Bollywood (and for me).


cmleigh said...

Nicki, I think Ranbir is absolutely adorable. I love watching him. Of these 3 I've only seen Wake Up Sid and I think it is better than 3 Idiots. Don't get me wrong I really like 3 Idiots but as far as re-watching a movie many times I would not choose 3 Idiots.

I guess I will watch Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani before Rocket Singh only because of Sallu. :D I didn't know he made a special appearance.

You said the photos don't do him justice but I think he looks pretty damn hot in them.

red42 said...

Ha! OK, you've almost convinced me to see Wake-up Sid. Love Konkona, so that would be the other motivation. Don't mind Ranbir but I'm not a big enough fan to watch his movies unless the storyline appeals - and I guess these just didn't until I read your post :)
Will still avoid ABKKG. Watching Katrina Kaif is like listening to fingernails on a blackboard for me!

Liz C said...

Fantastic post! I was really impressed with Ranbir in all of these movies (especially Rocket Singh)--I think he's making some really interesting choices about roles and types of movies.

The screencaps were awesome! I loved the series of Sid's t-shirts, and the pictures of the Happy Club all together. Thanks for doing that!

Rae said...

Yay! You finished it! Nice post! The screencaps were definitely worth it.
I haven't seen Ranbir's earlier movies (anything before Wake Up Sid. Well, I saw 15 minutes of Saawariya and that was enough of that.) So, I definitely am looking forward to them even more now after reading this.

Sujoy said...

Excellent post. No wonder you took so long. Such a labour of love :) I really praise you having done this so painstakingly and it shows Nikki. Good girl :P

bollywooddeewana said...

Excellent post Nicki, i second every other person's comment on here, of all you've posted i've only seen Ajab prem and though the songs are fab the last final minutes were way too OTT for me and i think you are easily the Screen capping Queen on the Bolly Blogosphere :0)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I haven't watched Rocket Singh yet but I love the 2 other movies. I didn't like Ranbir that much when he first started. But I like him more and more. Really hope to see him doing different types of role. It'd be such a waste if he just plays the usual lover boy kind of roles.

Anonymous said...

Great post Nicki, you’re right about Ranbir being the next big thing in Bollywood, and I think is performance in Raajneeti proved this. Thanks for pointing out Sid's mother Sarita (Supriya Pathak), I loved her performance in Wake Up Sid! And you wrote, “I had to take a double-look at Rahul because I've never seen him look so fine!” And I say what about in Love Aaj Kal? I thought he looked great (in a hot way) there too. LOL on all the t-shirt thumbnails! The wide array of T-shirts seems to be of more of a south Indian film obsession, don’t you think? This reminds me, I still have to see Wanted, only have seen Pokiri. And I also need to get to Rocket Singh! Nice Filmfare cover too. Thanks for all the information and work you did on this post. You’ve outdone yourself on the screen caps. I need to learn how you group them into grids like that. Maybe it’s a blogger feature vs. wordpress?
All the best!

Anishok said...

Great post, Nicki!
Imran used to be my favorite newcomer, but after I've watched Ranbir in APKGK and WUS, he's a clear favorite! The boy can act and move :D Great screencaps!

Dolce and Namak said...

Ah, Ranbir :) He took a while, but he's really grown on me. And if you thought he was good looking before, how insanely hot was he in Raajneeti??? Whew! He had won my heart with his acting long before Raajneeti, but I never had him on my HOT list. I do now :)

And with you on the love for all three movies! Each awesome in their own way, I can't really pick a favourite out of these 3. Maybe Wake Up Sid? But then APKGK has Tu Jaane Na which is a blue piece of heaven, and you're right, he dances! Yay! And then Rocket Singh is so quirky and real... Gah, I understand why you did all three at the same time, I wouldn't have been able to pick just one either :)

Delightful screencaps! Especially the avatar sized one. If I didn't love my avatar so much, I would steal a few to use. :)

Cindy said...

Great post. I just watched my first Ranbir film (Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani) about two weeks ago, and I was blown away. Like you said, I had to see him in action to get the appeal, but now I'm searching out all of his films.

dunkdaft said...

this is just impossible post nicki, great effort you've put here.

read this on mobile phone earlier. Now seeing on pc, amazing screencaps, each. Wah!

Nicki said...

Cmleigh - Yes, Ranbir is so adorable. Oh gosh. You have not seen APKGK???? What? Go watch. Now!

red42 - I think you will like WUS. Katrina isn't that bad. She can't help it if the media thinks she's hot (I think so).

Liz - Thank you very much. Yes, I am very impress with Ranbir. I haven't seen Rajneeti and looking forward to it. Was planning to watch it but went to watch my #1 hottie instead in the theater :)

you're very welcome!! I enjoyed making all the caps...even though it took me forever to post this :D

Christy - Yes, finally, huh? LOL. Well, I think Ranbir gets better in every film so you may be slightly disappointed if you go reverse in his filmography :D

Sujoy - yes, I took too long. :) Thanks for looking

bollywooddeewana - Thanks for giving me Screen capping Queen crown :) Oh gosh, you have to watch WUS. Please do :)

Sonia - I think Ranbir has been different in all his films. You will like Rocket Singh. Go watch :)

Sita-ji - Ranbir is the next big thing. Looking forward to all his films! I cannot wait to watch Rajneeti. You're very welcome!

About Rahul, it was WUS that I was like...damn, that man is fione! He looked good in LAK but it was WUS that made me wipe my drool :D

You're right. I do see the t-shirts more of a SI film thing.

Go watch Wanted!! And Rocket Singh...and?? :)

Anishok - Imran? I think he only had one good film...but I was crushing on Prateik Babbar instead :D You haven't seen ROcket Singh?

Dolce - Oh gosh, I can't wait to see Ranbir's hotness in Rajneeti. You're making me happy :D

For me, WUS is an instant re-watch. APKGK has Ranbir dancing and his goofy looks. Rocket Singh, the storyline is too good. Don't make me pick :D

Go ahead and steal. I have stolen some of yours :D

Cindy - I am so happy you like Ranbir. I think you will love him more in WUS and appreciate him more of an actor in Rocket Singh :)

dunkdaft - Hahaha, I think I was obsess :D

Anonymous said...

To me, Ranbir had the "it" factor. He has the good looks, charms, body, acting, and dancing skills to make it to the top.

Another big plus, for me, is friendship bond Sid had. Friends argue. They fight. But they make up. True friends do, that is

oh my gosh we really are too alike - made practically the same screencaps haha

I really need to get around to Rocket Singh.

And I absolutely loved APKGK also!
No surprise since AAA is a favourite.

What I also found funny about APKGK is that Ranbir's character's name is Prem. He could never tell Jenny that he loved her. Sallu is famous for playing characters name Prem.
Such a good point! Totally did not really this till now lol