Monday, June 1, 2009

Woah, has it really been one year? Journey of this blog...

Although I haven't been blogging like I used to, I can not believe it's been a year since I started this blog. Time sure flies!

You know what's funny? When I tried signing up with Blogger, I didn't realize that I already had an account. Strangely enough, I had the idle account for seven months and didn't know about it!

Besides the 411 information on the right hand side of my blog, another reason why I wanted to blog was to keep a track of the films I've seen. Sometimes when I go back to an older post, it's great to look at the screen caps again. You know the feeling of nostalgia when you haven't seen a film in a long time.

On June 1, 2008, was my
first post. Since John Abraham is one of my guilty pleasures, a friend asked me to make some avatars from John Abraham's film, Water. So, of course, I was happy to oblige :)

Since my first post was nothing but pictures and no movie reviewing, I didn't know how to start off. During that time, I didn't watch many 2008 films yet (I am still behind on sooooo many films too!!!) Finally, I decided to blog about the
five films of 2007 that were very underrated, to me -- 1971 Prisoners of War, Life Mein Kabhie Kabhiee, Aawarapan, Dhokha, & Johnny Gaddar.

Race was my first "real" review. At that time, I was unsure what format I wanted to do. Still was learning about blogging. But I did know for a fact that I didn't want to blog about any spoilers. And if I did, I would caution others before reading.

Adding screen caps to blogging would help readers visualize what the movie is going to be about. Plus to me, it would add some oomph to my boring blog. Or even make others interested in watching the film. Or help newbies put a face to a name. Or others could see the actor and/or actress in a different avatar, if that is the case. Or it could just simply be, for me, just eye candy ;P

For my earlier postings, I want to re-watch those films and have lots of screen capping, listing out the characters and songs, which is my format for the blog now. Even for the films I've seen in theater.

Actually this blog would be nothing without the warm wishes and love from everyone. Especially those who have greeted me. I have made some friends and hope to make more in the future.

When I started blogging, I just blogged, not visiting many sites yet. The following bloggers greeted and welcomed me in the blogging world.

Ajnabi was the first to greet and welcome me to the blogging world, even though she was a newbie herself. However, that didn't matter. Just grateful to have others read my blog. Crediting and totally giving thanks to her, I have met so great bloggers online. I was fortunate to have met her this year in March when she came to Atlanta to visit. It was a short, brief visit but well worth it. Her blog is definitely Paisa Vasool, including her reviews, fantasy film version, picture-filled posts, non-filmi fun posts. Hey, she understands and shares the cougarness for a hot, young stud even though she's a happy wife and mother -- I understand that cause I am in the same boat.

As much as I love Bollywood, I am such a noob when it comes to the classics. Thank goodness there is Bollyviewer. Her wonderful, descriptive posts helps educate me with the Bollywood stars of yesterday. When adding screen caps, she adds humor captions. Just reading her blog, makes me miss oldies. Old is Gold.

The Abhay-loving fan, Shweta not only blogs aout Bollywood, you will read about about other film cinema as well. What I love about her blog is she identifies the pros and cons of the films she is reviewing -- many films I have never seen or heard of, making it very interesting. Besides, she watches horror films, a genre I enjoy, but her willingness to watch many more Bollywood horror films amazes me! Just like me, she has another blog (okay, I have many more - I have four! but her other blog is interesting too!)

Even though Sita-ji didn't have Blogger and have Wordpress instead, she came to my blog and greeted me. Living in MN, where there is a huge Hmong population, she was very familar with my ethnicity. Although Bollywood films is loved by many Hmong people, not many will blog about it. Her blog has many useful information in the MN area guiding Bollywood fans what to look for next. Although her blog makes you think it's a food blog, it's not. There are reviews with screen caps, even some posts with some news and gossip. Besides I'm jealous cause she had the opportunity to visit India and shared with us pictures :)

Aamir Khan is King. Not Shah Rukh Khan! Let the debate start! I do love SRK, but I love Aamir even more! Sorry! If I wanted to talk about how great Aamir is and not have someone tell me that SRK is better, then I will talk to theBollywoodFan aka tBf. Never, have I ever known anyone so passionate about Aamir. Not only will you find the reviews of Aamir's films and many other great films, you will find English translations to film soundtracks, which is very helpful and useful for a non Desi person like me. Or even anyone else who doesn't speak Hindi. Very informative since a lot of older films did not have songs translated (dumb, right? the movie is subbed except for the songs) Although many films now have English subtitles, some do not have good translations. This blog is so famous now that it has been featured in Filmfare - March 2009 edition.

There are many more great bloggers that I have met. Bahut Shikriya Blogger! Even though I haven't post as much as I used to, I hope to run across many more wonderful bloggers. And even meet them in person!

Until then, I hope to continue to make it to another year here on Blogger.


bollywooddeewana said...

Well done Nicki i kept smiling as i was reading your post, yours was among the first bolly blogs i came across and i remember posting a few comments as anonymous before creating a google account and then even setting up my own blog, keep writing with passion and keep up the great work, its always such a delight reading your reviews or reading your top 10/20 posts Many more happy blogging years to come Hip! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!

Lots of Love

Bollyviewer said...

Happy Birthday to the studliest blog in blogland! :-) Keep up the good work and bring on the eye candy (as well as the 80s).

Totally agree with lots of screencaps in posts. It gives us all an idea of what to expect visually from the film as well as adding color to a review.

Here's to more blogging fun in the coming years.

dunkdaft said...

Loved your idea of looking back at older post to feel nostalgic by looking at screencaps. I must do this now on !
and yes, Happy Birthday to the Eyecandy blog. Again, once again I would like to admit this that you are doing toughest job by putting such beautiful screencaps. Right now I m stuck while reviewing two movies, just because feeling so Lazy taking screencaps.!!

Keep capturing !! Keep Blogging !!

ajnabi said...

Awww, thanks for the love! :-* I'm so glad we got to meet in person. Next year it'll have to be longer!

Daddy's Girl said...

Happy Birthday Nicki! I love your blog, here's to much more of it...

Nicki said...

bollywooddeewana - Thanks so much! Wow! I am glad you started blogging because I enjoy your reviews, caps, and thoughts. It's great to share with others my love for Bollywood, especially the 80s since that's the era I grew up with.

Bollyviewer - Thanks :) You are too sweet. Definitely expect more caps, eye candy, and 80s (especially since I just ordered a bunch more movies from the 80s, still waiting for package, hehehe)

Darshit - Haha, yes, I'm known as eye candy and love it, hehehe. I can not write a post anymore with screen caps. You know how hard it was to write this particular post? I haven't watched much lately but yes, the caps help bring back memories, which helps me out, especially when I watch waaaaayyyy too many movies!

ajnabi - :) Next time you're in town again, we have to hang out longer!

Daddy's Girl - Thanks! Love yours too :)

Bollywood said...
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Mz Lily said...

Great blog entry girl...didn't realize how long you have been writing on this particular blog. Hopefully I won't stop blogging...been so lazy. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out girl! Love right back at cha!
All the best!

Sujoy said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary, and keep the posts flowing, and the share the screen magic.

One of the greatest things that I believe we share is that we love Bollywood movies so much, but also at the same time, we both are enchanted by the beauty of KMovies and Asian cinema.

Cheers to lots of more years of blogging and sharing!!!

Nicki said...

tbf - you're awesome! I am so glad to befriend you.

Lily - thanks girl! You know my love for Indian movies

Sita-ji - you're so sweet!!

Sujoy - Thanks! I do agree we have a lot of things in common. I am looking forward to sharing more interests.

Anonymous said...

A rather belated blog anniversary greeting, Nicki. Just because I rarely comment doesn't mean I don't read t' blog. So all the best and I hope your studies aren't driving you mad.

Whether its hot guys or gals, keep flying the flag of shallowness...


Nicki said...

Thanks piyaara!! I wish I could comment in your wonderful blog. Every time I try to log on, I have a problem. I'll have to use another username