Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nicki's *two* Valentine's Day playlists

Well, yesterday was definitely Valentine's Day, I really didn't know what to re-watch or watch for this "special" occasion. Sorry for the negativity but I do not care about Valentine's Day. For those who are hopeless romantics and celebrate it, kudos to you. But for me, I do not need a holiday reminding me about my love one......

My next review will be done later on tonight or possibly early tomorrow morning. I watched the Telugu movie, Madhumasam. Ironically, it has a Valentine's Day party in the movie. Screen cap from the movie below.

Despite my negativity, I was inspired by Ajnabi and Darshit to make this playlist. I have two playlist below. Old school music that I grew up with and more modern music. Enjoy

Old school playlist

"Pehli Nasha" - Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar
One of my favorite songs of all times. Just look at how cute Aamir is in love. Or Ayesha's sweet face. Just listening to the music right now, makes me want to re-watch the film!
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"Tu Hai Vahi Dil Ne Jise" - Yeh Vaada Raha
Okay, I've talked about how Hmong people love this movie. The music is amazing as well. The remix to this wonderful song is awful. Adore Rishi's old movies.
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"Aur Intezaar Rab Mushkil Hai" - Romance
Why not have a song from the movie titled Romance? Kumar and Poonam are too cute.
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"Yeh Dil Tere Liye Hai" - Star

I have to admit I love this film! Hey, I adore Kumar Gaurav and grew up with his music. Star's music is awesome. The songs are sung by the late talented, never forgotten Nazia Hassan and her talented brother Zoheb. My favorite song from the film. No Kumar but has Rati Agnihotri.
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"O Saathiya" - Farz Ki Jung
One of my favorite romantic songs from any Govinda-Neelam movies.
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"Bahut Pyar" - Saajan
One of my favorite movies of Salman. Sanjay + Salman + Madhuri = HIT! The whole soundtrack rocks but below is my favorite song from the film.
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"Tu Meri Zindagi" - Aashiqui
Love the Bhatt's music. Rahul Roy is just too adorable. My fave song from the film. Love conquers all.
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"Dil Hai Ke Mante Nahin" - Dil Hai Ke Mante Nahin

Title song from one of my favorite Aamir movies. I know the film is a remake but I still love it. The Bhatt's again. Love them. I think most of the playlist will be the Bhatt's.
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"Ah Ra Ha" - Sapna Saajan Ke
Rain. Rahul Roy. Young Karisma Kapoor. Great Bhatt music.
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"Mere Dil Ka Pata" - Janam

Unable to find the actual video from the movie but found the song. Loooove this soundtrack. Movie with Rahul Roy and Pooja Bhatt.
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Since I like the Bhatt's music a lot and feel they are under-appreciated, I am just going to do a modern playlist of their music.

"Aapke Pyar Main Hum" - Raaz
Even though Bipasha isn't featured in this song, definitely my favorite song from the movie.
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"Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale" - Jism
Although "Jadu Hai Nasha" gets more playtime, I prefer this song from the movie. Shreya
Ghoshal's voice is so soothing.
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"Jab Dil Churaye Koi" - Gunaah
It was hard for me to choose my favorite song from the movie since all the songs rocked! Those of you who are in love with Irrfan Khan now, I first saw him in this film. He played the crooked cop up against Bips. I need to re-watch this film and review it.
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"Intezaar" - Paap
Doesn't feature my hottie John but this is my favorite song from the film.
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"Kitna Pyaara Pyaara Hai Sama" - Footpath

Emraan's debut film, he was awesome! Irrfan Khan is also in the film. Mainly watched it for Bips but was impressed with Emraan.
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"Kaho Naa Kaho" - Murder
Love the Bollywood version of Unfaithful (hated the Hollywood version). The music is aaaawwwesome!
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"Agar Tum Mil Jao" - Zeher
Soundtrack is really good. My favorite song isn't a V-day type of song but this song is just as beautiful

"Mohabbat Ho Na Jaye" - Kasoor
Beautiful song. This is Lisa Ray's only Bollywood film.
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"Meri Chahahton Ka" - Jurm
Cute song with Bobby and Lara. I actually like this movie.
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"Kab Tujhay Zindagi" - Dhokha
Very underrated movie that people need to watch! On my top 10 of 2007. If anything, watch for the hottie Muzamil Ibrahim.
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ajnabi said...

Aw, I love V-day, primarily because it inspires posts like this. ;-) Really, Dhoka is on your top ten for 2007? I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

Dhoka indeed is a very good movie - sadly under appreciated. Nicki is right - Muzzamil did a good job

Anonymous said...

Great List,bahut bahut Shukriya

Anonymous said...

Hummm..seems like I have to see all vids, then I will comment again [i am at work right now

@ajnabi : Yes, Dhokha is really good movie. I know Bhatts are underrated, but Music of that was awesome. 'Tanhai' was damn good in that soundtrack.

Nicki said...

ajnabi - see, I'm not the only one who agrees that Dhokha is a good movie. :) Do watch it. I had my list of my top 10 of 2007 before. Lemme see if I could do it on top of my head. Nope, too much thinking. Maybe I'll post that later.

anon #1 - Thanks for stopping by.

anon #2 - You're very welcome.

Darshit - You probably have seen all the videos. :)

Bhargav Saikia said...

Pehla Nasha is the ultimate V-Day song! :)

Other than that my fav is Nahin Saamne from Taal.

You made a nice compilation!

Nicki said...

Bhargav - yes, I know, I loooove "Pehla Nasha"!! Thanks so much! I could make more playlists but I had to stick with a theme. Would love to see your playlist.

dunkdaft said...

Finally I saw all. I have never heard of songs from Farz ki Jung, Star or Romance...(shame on me) Those songs are good too.

And may I declare you, official Biggest Bhatt Fan?? :-D

But Awarapan is missing from list :-(. I love 'Maula Maula'

Nicki said...

Thanks Darshit - I freaking love the Bhatt's. I wish that they would get more recognition. Instead, they are snubbed by making "sleazy" movies. Whatever. Their music rocks. Movies are underrated. Love them. :) I will gladly take the crown for the Biggest Bhatt Fan. Or Bipasha Basu. Or John Abraham. Or Allu Arjun.

You know, honestly I did totally forget about Awarapan. I thought about that last night...but I realized that I only had 10 songs on each playlist. Maybe I'll be inspired to do more playlist in the future. :)

Nicki said...

Darshit - I forgot to can you not hear the songs to Star? Oh no!!! The famous Nazia Hassan! Love her. She's one of my faves! I have the Star dvd and I always wanted to re-watch that movie. If you like the Disco Dancer type of movies, you may like Star but the music rooooocks!

dunkdaft said...

On 'Star' my thought is I am very bad at watching year 1979 - 1988 movies. This was somewhat bad era of bollywood. Especially after 1985. So I keep distance to that. But now I have to change my thought. And borrow something from my cousin who loves that era :-D

dunkdaft said...

PS: I loved whatever I heard of Nazia Hasan though. My that cousin has LP of hers. 'Disco Deewane'. I love all songs of that album. And Janbaaz was by her too? Am I right?

Nicki said...

Darshit - You know, some people have said that to me about Bollywood's bad 80s era but for me, I love it because I grew up during this time falling in love with Bollywood. I have recommended to others some good movies during this time. I may have to re-watch older movies and post them here and share with others.

Oh gosh, I'm almost inspired to do a post on Nazia because I loooove her. I don't think Janbaaz is by her.