Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My celebrity lookalike?

No one has ever told me I looked like any celebrity so that's the reason why I'm so intruged and have been asking everyone this question

It all started when....Dil Bert wrote this in the Manmadan Ambu thread....

"Was it just me or does Sangeetha look a bit like Apunbindass?"

Whatcha think? Does she Sangeetha and I resemble each other?

Not only has this been a first time for a celebrity lookalike for me, but also cause I've never seen anything of Sangeetha that really made me wonder, hehehe.

A few of my Twitter buddies have told me that it's mainly in Manmadan Ambu cause Sangeetha is made to be hip and modern...and that we have the same hairstyle.

Whatever the case may be, I have to go get my hands on this movie :D

So I did some asking around to get others opinions. I felt like a telemarketer for a minute.

The funny part is that people who only know me online, meaning have never met me and only seen me in pictures, 4 out of 5 of them says, yes, Sangeetha and I resemble each other.

While my close friends and family all said no; however, Sangeetha and I both have same facial structure and cheek bones but that's about it.

I even asked those who have met me several times and they even indicated that I look like Sangeetha in some stills that were found online.

So maybe it's just some photos? But then again, I have not seen any of her films.

Especially these photos...that has come up several times....

One of my childhood girlfriends said to me that it's just the certain angles that Sangeetha and I resemble each other but overall, she would not say that we look alike.

Whatever the case may be, I am flattered to finally have a celebrity lookalike :D

And for those who haven't told me that either I resemble Sangeetha or not...what do you think? I'm sure many of you have seen my photos already but here are some that have already been posted on my other blogs... Sangeetha my celebrity lookalike?

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