Monday, April 18, 2011

Ali Zafar - talented singer and actor

In 2006, I discovered a lot of things.
The beginning of 2006, I got laid off from my job and got re-hired back (and still working there). I had six months of finding a job again. During that research, I found my love for Telugu films, actually, it's really Allu Arjun because he's the reason for my love for the Telugu film industry :D

In the same process, I got into Korean movies, dramas, and music.

On top of that, I discovered Ali Zafar.
This is how...

Since I had a lot of spare time, I used to rip and upload videos on YouTube. One of the songs was "" from Fight Club, which featured Dino Morea and Amrita Arora. During that time, I took clips, mostly songs from dvds with English subs and uploaded on YouTube. My dinomoreaonline YouTube account is still active, along with arjunrampalonline and bipsonline [my first Bips account was suspended, along with John Abraham's and many others :*(]

"Chhore Ki Baatein (Ke Ne Bhole)" - Fight Club

A bunch of people commented about how it was copied from Ali Zafar's music. Because of that reason, I decided to look it up.

"Channo" - Ali Zafar

and he's a cutie!!
Since then, I got his albums and been following him since then.

So I was totally psyched to find out that he was going to make a Bollywood debut -- Tere Bin Laden :D

However, I was late in watching it :(
But when I did, I looooved it....and made my top 5 Bollywood films of 2010

taken from my mini-review

Full of laughters! I haven't LMAO this much in a long time! I looooooove it! From beginning to end, everything about it was hilarious.

Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar.
What a debut film! He was so natural. I was already in love with his music and him (see him on my list of drool-worthy guys I wrote in 2008) and now love him even more after this film. I hope he makes it big as an actor.

As an American by nationality (Hmong by ethnicity), any topic with Osama Bin Laden is really touchy. A lot of Americans still grief at even the thought of the 9/11 incident.
But not with Tere Bin Laden! It was a great tongue-in-cheek film.

The satire take of this tragic incident in Tere Bin Laden was done so brilliantly and cleverly!! Hubby and daughter have watched it with me and laughed so much. I am getting my American friends to watch the film and laugh along with me.

I am eagerly waiting for his next film, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. It is produced by Aditya Chopra. It also stars Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif. The only sad part is Ali is just a supporting cast. I am happy for him but at the same time, sad because if he's in a supporting cast in a bigger budget film, it means that he may be cast as that for most of his other roles :( I hope not!


The Bolly 'Hood said...

Ali Zafar is SUCH a cutie!!! And I have all his albums--some are definitely better than others.

I haven't checked out Tere Bin Laden yet, but I definitely plan to.

Dolce and Namak said...

Sigh... Mere Brother Ki Dulhan sounds like such a fail, judging by the title, but what will I not watch for Imran AND Ali? :D

What did you think of Jhoom? Did you like it? It's a lot more soulful than his other ones.

Mette said...

I only got to know Ali through watching TBL, because everyone was recommending it, and I've been in love with him ever since.
But like Dolce and Namak said, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan does not seem to be great, especially not that title.

Anonymous said...

So for the Ali Zafar lovers, i present to you, some Ali Zafar eyecandy (Show reel)

The Bolly Hood said...

Yeh he was brilliant in Tere Bin Laden (they should make a sequel now that he is dead...) - a natural. Hmong chick thanks for following my blog, but have you ever read any of my posts? You've not left any comments

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