Saturday, March 27, 2010

South Scope commercial from Magadheera

I'm just hear to show some South Scope love.
Since I am in the USA, I don't have access to buy the first South Indian magazine :(

I was very excited when I saw a commercial for South Scope in the Magadheera dvd. The film is produced by Geetha Arts.

Here are the magazine covers I was able to capture.

South Scope, I wish I could get a year's subscription. Until then, I will just see what I am able to get off the Internet.

So yes, my review on Magadheera will be up soon.


Louella said...

Mostof the issues were avalible free in emags but now there are deleted :( I used to make prinscreen and post them on and my blog, you can check it -
It's more like a photo mag, the content isn't that amazing.

Unknown said...

Lovely caps, Nicki. My favorites have to be Allu Arjun-Tamanna (quite obvious na, hehe)& Ileana covers. Sizzling!

Nicki said...

Louella - thanks!!!!

Kiran - That's my fave too. Although I do want to see a solo one of Bunny :)

Strawsherry said...

I just wanted to ask you where we can buy Southscope magazine?
Because I live in France and I don't think they sell it here =(