Friday, April 2, 2010

Magadheera - officially my fave Telugu film

WARNING - Picture heavy!
Most have been sized down as thumbnails

Apology for the late post. After the initial 700 caps or so, I had to narrow down them all. I still have plenty. My PC and laptop were both acting up. Therefore causing the delay.

For the past few weeks, I've been re-watching Magadheera. On top of that, I've been sharing with others about this wonderful film. My two nieces (ages 13 and 4) absolutely love it! My brother's girlfriend couldn't watch the whole film but saw half and is dying to watch the rest (she doesn't live in the same state but was visiting at that time, she says when she is back in town, she texted me that she has to see it).

My 13-years-old niece told three of her friends about Magadheera. Now, they are all asking me about the film. I showed them YouTube videos of a few of the songs and each one of them have been begging me to bring the film over for them to watch.

I have been flooding my Twitter accounts with how much I love Magadheera. I ain't gonna lie. I freaking love it and hope everyone would get the chance to watch it. The storyline is nothing new but trust me, it is definitely one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen.

After watching the film several times, I regret not watching it in the theater at that time. Yes, even with*out* subs. As soon as I heard about pre-ordering Magadheera, I made sure I buy and ended up buying the two-disk dvdset.

Even though it wasn't that expensive, this caught my eye...

I bought it for a dollar more but it's okay.....

Magadheera is so good that there has been rumors about a Hindi remake. As much as I don't mind remakes. I don't want a Magadheera remake! Yes, I'm hypocritical here. You've seen my Nicki's Wish Bollywood remakes posts but I love Magadheera too much to see it ruined. On top of that, Hrithik is rumored to be the lead hero. No!!!!!! I do like Hrithik, don't get me wrong. Just because he did a Jodhaa Akbar don't mean he can be a Khaala Bhairava/Harsha. Honestly, I think he's too old to play the role, I want a younger, fresh actor. Magadheera is only Ram Charan's second film too. If I had to pick an actor in Bollywood to be in the remake, it's going to be Ranbir Kapoor. Not because I have a huge crush on him now. Whoever thought that Ram Charan could pull off a Magadheera, after the disastrous Chirutha? It's because both Ram Charan and Ranbir both have high profile families in real life, adorable-looking, and can dance!

Again, storyline is nothing new. What makes it so special?? The dancing, the music, comedic parts in the first half, the awesomeness of the historical epic-ness in the second half. Not to mention Ram Charan's amazing floppy hair. This man has the most gorgeous hair, eyelashes, eyebrows -- he's hot!

Now, let's get on to the story!!

Some slight spoilers!!

Film starts off in 1600 BC

Location - Aravali Mountains

A couple is covered in blood. All the girl wants is for her lover to tell her that he loves her.

Too late, she dies falling down the cliff, he follows her

Wishes for the couple to be together in another lifetime

Fast forward, 400 years later

The carefree motorcyclist/stunt man Harsha (Ram Charan Teja) makes his living on what he does best.

By chance, he happens to touch a girl's hand and felt so much connection with her. However, he has no idea how she looks like.

He has to find her! All he knows is that she was wearing a white outfit.

Indu (Kajal Aggawal) is that girl but tricks him in thinking it's someone else and leads him in a crazy, fun goose chase!

Then you have this creepy, pervertic guy, Raghu, who wants Indu

The first half is fun-filled with Harsha trying to find out who this girl that is giving him this electric shock feeling. He has no idea why but feels a strong connection with her. They eventually both fall for each other.

Interesting Intermission

"In 10 minutes, let's go back 400 years"

Once Harsha realizes that both were re-born again, the film turns a different pace with the past, the reason why Harsha felt a strong connection with Indu.

Harsha is the great warrior, Kala Bhairava

Indu is the queen, Mitravinda

Raghu is Senadhipathi Randhev Billa

See, storyline is nothing special BUT it's what the film has to offer

Ram Charan Teja is no Allu Arjun, in the looks and dancing department, for me. But he sure is eye candy. He's hot. I saw his debut film, Chirutha, and was not impressed at all (besides the dancing). But after Magadheera, hello! Just like Allu Arjun who is fondly known as Bunny, Ram Charan is known as Cherry.

Earlier in this post, I mentioned how much I love Cherry's hair!

Kajal is cute and funny. She was convincing enough for me.

Lookwise, she reminds me sooooo much of Hong Kong actress/singer, Vicki Zhao. I swear! It's funny because I saw her first in Aarya 2 and didn't see it yet.

Whatcha think?

Dev Gill played his part well as Raghu (present)/Senadhipathi Randhev Billa (past) cause he was creepy as heck. One complaint I had was his anguist voice. Why he gotta sound like that? In some scenes, he reminded me of Abhishek Bachchan, lookwise (don't kill me fangirls)

Great to see Shrihari, who I remembered from Nuvvostanante Nenoddantanta. He played Soloman (present)/Sher Khan (past).

I'm not going to list more of the cast but I could not just not list the next few.

Sunil (*not* Bollywood's Shetty) - funny guy! He had a short part but played Harsha's friend.

Brahmanandam - another funny guy who had an even smaller part than Sunil.

Chiranjeevi in a special guest appearance!!! He is known as "master" :) and is in part of the song, "Bangaru Kodipetta" Just in case for those who didn't know, Cherry is his son :)

Mumaith Khan - famous item girl! The girl is gorgeous and can dance. She had a little bit of a really short role who actually had a name! She played Reshma and is in the song, "Bangaru Kodipetta"

Kim Sharma - in the song, "Jorsey" aka "Cheppane Cheppaddhu" and actually had the name, Hamsa. Guess her Bollywood career didn't go well so she's dancing in a Telugu song ;P

I loooooooove the songs. Before Magadheera, I was listening nonstop to the soundtrack of Pokiri.

I created thumbnails for *all* the songs and the 2nd part of pictures on this post. So just click on the image to view it larger in another screen.

Song #1 - "Bangaru Kodi Petta"
Reshma won't give Harsha his money. Harsha and the "master" have a dance-off

Dancing is top-notch. Song is a remake of Chiranjeevi's "Bangaru Kodi Petta"
Watch Below

Song #2 - "Naakosam Nuvvu"
Indu tricks Harsha. He is off to find "Indu," with his magic touch...but to a bunch of goris??

Song #3 - "Panchadara Bomma" aka "Baagundha"
Harsha and Indu in love

Song #4 - "Dheera Dheera"
Mitravinda images being with Bhairava, her love

A must see!!! Especially for the visuals. Most stunning song to watch.
Watch Below

Song #5 - "Jorsey" aka "Cheppane Cheppaddhu"
Harsha is drunk and pictures Hamsa as his love, Indu

The film was just too beautiful and breath-taking! I could not help but make lots of caps.

Love the bike stunt!!

One of my favorite parts of of the film :)

I just couldn't stop...random caps I just couldn't didn't want to delete

Ending credits.

Since I bought the 2-disk dvd, I thought I'll just take random caps of the Making of Magadheera.

Click on the thumbnails to view larger

Go watch!!!! Highly recommended.


Unknown said...

Yaay! Finally the review is here :D
Magadheera is beautiful visual & musical treat, isn't it?
I didn't notice that Mumaith had a name, lol. You surely did pay attention.
I'm with you, Nicki - I don't want this to be remade in Hindi. They will definitely screw it up. Hrithik is too old & i disagree with you about Ranbir. He is too lanky to pull off Kala Bhairava. Charan is just beyond awesome in those horse riding scenes.
Looking at your screencaps it feels like i'm watching the movie all over again. Thanks for the awesome pics.

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Sold! Sounds like a trip! And I agree, that guy looks very much like Abhishek - I actually did a double-take at the first picture.

ajnabi said...

Gah! I MUST see this--it looks amazing and wonderful! Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

You've put in so much work Nicki. Thanks for sharing all those pics.

It's an awesome film. I loved it and keep rewatching also. Kids in my family love it too.

Hrithik could do it. He is a liitle old for the part but he could pull it off. Ranbir Kapoor..No.

Actually I would love maybe Kunal Kapoor or Kunal Khemu. What do you think?

Filmi Girl said...

I just bought this and can't wait to watch! :)

Nicki said...

Kiran - I absolutely still love Magadheera! Haha, bout Ranbir. His name popped up first. Honestly, none of the Bolly stars could pull it off. However, with the right direction, who knows. Thanks again!

Beth - whew, glad I wasn't the only one who thought Abhi had a twin :D Can't wait for you to watch

ajnabi - You're very welcome. You will be in for a treat!

filmizest - Thanks so much and you're very welcome. Hrithik probably could but I'm tired of Bollywood using the "older" stars. Who knows, maybe Ranbir could, hahaha

Kunal Kapoor? He just have the hair, not a huge fan of his. Kunal, that's something!

Filmi Girl - great!!! think you will like

dunkdaft said...

Wow !
only thing i heard abt movie was 'a telugu movie, which is going to be remade. a history+present story'

But now I know how interesting the story is. must be huge scale it had been picturised.

bollywooddeewana said...

Awesome Post Nicki this is major Eye candy,wow it must have taken a lot of effort to do this i can't wait to watch this i think this might just be my first Telugu film please where did you order this from

MinaiMinai said...

Thanks for all this effort!! I noticed the retail price thingy too- we got ripped off man!

I would be on the fence about Hrithik doing the remake. Sure he's got that period-look, but could he really pull off the fierce dialogue-delivery that RamCharan seemed tailor-made for? Bollywood stars just don't have the proper training in shouting and fighting South Indian style. :) I'm intrigued by filmizests' suggestion of Kunal Kapoor. Would die to see him in some warrior outfits! :D

I love Ram Charan's hair too! He got blessed with the silky genes in that department, whereas our beloved Allu Arjun got jipped. :)

Lol @ "pervertic" and all the goris in Naakosam Nuvvu! Couldn't they have found less sloppy looking goris? :D

OK I'm done.

Louella said...

Oh, the movie is soo hyped!
More of Srihari would change my mind :)

Mind using your caps in some graphics? :)

Nicki said...

Darshit - we have similar taste so you have to watch!!! :)

bollywooddeewana - Thanks! I ordered from Bhavani but it's based in the USA though. I think you will like

MinaiMinai - Thanks! Gosh, we got ripped for a dollar, hehehe.

Well, guess I'm being a bit harsh on Hrithik, I do like the guy but there's not a lot of young, good actors in Bollywood, that's the problem.

I loooooved Allu Arjun's hair in Arya 2 though, hehehe.

I hated the goris in Naakosam Nuvvu...why? I may as well be in the background too to add "flavor" hahaha

Louella - Sure, use the caps! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL on “WARNING - Picture heavy!”I loved how many family and friends of yours liked the film. I agree, I would not want to see a remake of this, since it’s already perfect in my eyes, and I would not want to be forced to compare it to a Hindi or Tamil version. Dekh!
Though it seems so difficult, it is not easy to boil down precisely WHY this film is so fantastic and you did it well here: “Again, storyline is nothing new. What makes it so special?? The dancing, the music, comedic parts in the first half, the awesomeness of the historical epic-ness in the second half. Not to mention Ram Charan's amazing floppy hair. This man has the most gorgeous hair, eyelashes, eyebrows -- he's hot!” LOL about the hair and the screen caps, so true! Like you I too recognized Shrihari, from Nuvvostanante Nenoddantanta, where I loved his performance. My favorite supporting character was the villain, Raghu (Dev Gill), wasn’t he great at being so treacherous? He does resemble Jr. Bachchan at times. How do your group the thumbnail sets? They are great! You’ve put a lot of work into this Nicki and I appreciate having a source for all the great stills from the film. Well done! I see from wikipedia that some of the film was made at Ramoji studios, which I’ve always wanted to see since learning about it, and now I want to see it even more knowing parts of Magadheera were filmed there. Now since I have only seen Magadheera in theater w/out subtitles, I'm looking forward to seeing it with subtitles soon.

All the best!

dunkdaft said...

Fantastic. Masala at its best. Loved Loved the visuals in second half. Great shots in White Desert.

Ashwini said...

Too late in seeing this I know :) But a movie I loved very much.. guess as you said for the visuals.. i have seen a horrible print of this, but I still loved it.. waiting to see with a better print :D

Krishna Mohan Kola said...

hey,first thing i have got to say is u r an excellent blogger.the way u decorated the thread with thumbnails n screen shots it's fantastic.i wish i could do like that.i understand that a huge effort might have been put into this post,which is truly worth appreciating.comin to d movie i'm a fan of chiranjeevi,ram charan's father,but sorry to say i didnt experience the feeling u experienced except for dancing n dialouges of ram charan n the overwhelming visual effects.but,i'm not sayin' i dont like it,i'm sayin' it's good but not d best.for some info about maghadeera,this is d highest grosser in south india till now.this film has won 5+ filfare awards,2 national awards n many more awards.n another small info that cherry n bunny r in-laws.waiting for ORANGE ramcharan n genilia combo.