Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parugu - run to me, Bunny ;P

Why did I wait so long to review Parugu???

Well, I really have no good excuses.
When I found out the film finally hit dvds, I did order and watch it then. Actually the bad quality of the dvd made my screen capping very difficult. Not only that, it is so time-consuming for me to make caps because my fangirlness comes out when I make caps of Bunny. He is just too hot-to-handle ;P

But I did do a mini-review here

Parugu means "Run" in Telugu. According to Wikipedia, Parugu is inspired by the real-life incident of Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija. I don't know how true that is. However, it's worth a mention.

So what is the storyline about?

Neelakanta (Prakash Raj) trying to find his oldest daughter, Subbalakshmi.

She had an arranged marriage and at her wedding, she eloped with her boyfriend, Erra Babu, instead.

He hunts down all of Erra Babu's friends to find out where they are.

When I saw this....

I was like, this isn't a Mahesh Babu film ;P

Never have I seen Bunny in a film where he they threw me off a bit (and I'm a non-smoker myself)

Allu Arjun took the Best Actor award from the Filmfare South and Special Jury Award from the Nandi Awards for his performance in Parugu.

Acting wise, compared to his previous films - Gangotri, Aarya, Bunny, Happy, Desamuduru; Parugu was the best. However, more recently, his best acting is from  Aarya 2!

Like in most of Bunny's films, he is a cool, carefree guy just enjoying life. It's no different in Parugu.

Since Krishna was "kidnapped," he wore the same outfit for 75% of the film!

Meena is the love interest of Krishna. Ironically, she is the younger sister of the missing Subbalakshmi.

And talk about Bunny wearing the same outfit for most of the film, Sheela had the same hairstyle in 85% of the film!! The two braided pigtail, probably to show her innocence.

Sheela looks looks really cute with her hair down and is shown only in the songs.

This is my first time to see Sheela in any films. I don't really know what to think of her yet, as an actress. Her character Meena annoyed me. I was not convinced with her love for Krishna. Therefore, I didn't want to judge her until I watch more of her.

Prakash Raj plays the stern, powerful father, Neelakanta.

If you have no idea who Prakash Raj is, where have you been? He is one of the best actors! He has been in Kannada, Tulu, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu films! How diverse is that!

When the guys had a chance to escape

Krishna just couldn't move anymore

when he saw the girls of his dreams

He was determined to find out who she is!

The only clue he had was her anklet

They were imprisoned on the shack

until they were able to help find Subbalakshmi & Erra Babu

The best song to watch is "Yelegelyalaga" for Bunny's awesome dance skills. "Nammaveeno" is my favorite one to listen to. Again, the guy makes a slow song sexy, just the way he moves and grooves...woah! My fangirlism comes out.

Song #1 - "Chal Chal"
Krishna's intro

Song #2 - "Nammaveeno"
Krishna is so in love.

Song #3 - "Parugulu"
Can not run away from Krishna's love.

Song #4 - "Manakanna Podiche"
Cannot find another man like Krishna.

Song #5 - "Yelegelyalaga"
Falling for Krishna?

Song #6 - "Hrudayam"
Parting ways. Krishna is lonely.

The Tollywood moments that I love. My Superman. My He-Man :)

I couldn't help but notice spying on the Kareena picture in the "Chal Chal" song

The scenes with Prakash Raj & Bunny were really good and heart-warming. You felt for both of their characters.

More Bunny caps!
You knew it was coming :)
Didn't you?

Parugu could be a hit or a miss to some people. Direction-wise, it was a very well-made film. Some people don't like Bunny's hyper-active, stalkerish characters in his previous films. Therefore, they fell in love with Parugu. To me, it more of a film about relationships, more than a love story.

Some people may not like Parugu because of Sheela's meek character.  That, I will have to agree on. However, I looked beyond that small minor detail.
 Just watch it and make your own conclusion :)


dunkdaft said...

such a lovely girl :) Allu looks more serious in this.

vinay said...

It's a nice ,cute movie based on relationship :D

vinay said...

i recommend u to watch maska , Starring Ram ,Sheela,Hansika :D

another sheela movie to know sheela a bit better :D

Sonia said...

Sheela's cute. Nothing more than that in this movie. But her role doesn't annoy me THAT much.

ajnabi said...

My husband walked by and saw this post and said, "Is that John Abraham?" I said, "No, that's Nicki's other big crush!" LOL This looks like fun but the actress doesn't look very good from the caps.

Unknown said...

Of all Arjun's movies, i love this one the most. But you know that already, don't you Nicki ;)

MinaiMinai said...

Yay!! Parugu review!!

You are so BRILLIANT to point out his wearing the same plaid shirt for most of the film. It drove me nuts, but I never made the obvious connection that it's because he was kidnapped! You are a genious! And this means the costume team actually went for continuity on this one, haha!

I was in a terrible mood when I watched Parugu so my review is too harsh I think, lol. :)

Agree with you on Sheela!

Louella said...

My favorite Bunny flick, wonderful, even if boring in some moments. Sheela is talented and shame that her character wasn't that great.
I love your caps^^

bollywooddeewana said...

Sheela reminds me an awful lot of Sridevi, a young Sridevi

Kabob Recipes said...

Grateful for sharing tthis