Friday, April 16, 2010

Aarya 2 - Allu Arjun's best acting

When I found out Aarya 2 was ready to pre-order at Bhavani, I made sure I hurry up and get me a copy. Honestly, I was shock that it was available on dvd quickly. I had to wait a year for a few of his earlier films.

Volga? Who? Never seen the distributor before. Next time, let's get Volga to get more Telugu films on dvd with English subs ASAP! When I go to Hyderabad (wonder when that will be), I will have to visit Volga and tell them I appreciate them :)

Aarya 2 has been the hardest Allu Arjun film for me to write about because of the complex character that Aarya has. The other films I have blogged about were fun, fun, and more fun -- Aarya, Bunny, Happy, Desamuduru

I did not know how to even start writing up because I did not want to give out too many spoilers. I tried my best to do a decent review.

Since I spelled Aarya with an extra "a" last time, I am going to be consistent with the extra "a" in this review.

In addition, Aarya 2 is in *no* way a sequel to Aarya.
The same character names are used again - Aarya, Ajay, & Geetha. There is a somewhat-semi love triangle like Aarya, which to me means keeping the theme and the passionate-fan love for Aarya.

However, the stalkerish theme of Aarya was used but masala-mixed and bumped up to another level.

The Michael Jackson tribute was adorable. He is Bunny's dance idol. If you haven't seen his MJ tribute at the South Scope Awards, do watch it!

Film starts off with a guy being rushed to the emergency room at the hospital.

Ajay narrates the story of Aarya with the strange friendship bond they share since childhood.

Aarya & Ajay have been "friendemies" since childhood.

Ajay (Navdeep) just cannot seem to get rid of Aarya! He thinks of Aarya is an annoying nuisance.

I have never seen Navdeep in any other film before. He is attractive and does a great job. I wouldn't mind watching another film of his.

Aarya loves Geetha and his BFF Ajay.

My reason for watching?
The Stylish Star, ALLU ARJUN

Geetha is the center of attention for both Aarya & Ajay.

Kajal was good as portraying the dislikeable Geetha.

Shanti is so in love with Aarya but he is Mr. Perfect

Shraddha Das is cute and has a short role. I have never seen her in any other films before either.

Brahmanandam plays Mr. Dasavathaaram (Brahmanandam), the HR manager of the firm. He provides some comedic fun, who I enjoy seeing in films.

Mukesh Rishi plays Raji, Geetha's strict father. He's no stranger in films.

I am sooooo in love with the music!!! "Ringa Ringa" is my ringtone for my cell phone :)

Song #1 - "Mr. Perfect"
Aarya has a split personality to show Ajay that he has no flaws. No one knows Aarya's true identity except for Ajay because Aarya transforms to Mr. Perfect. Hip hop Bunny is still adorable and hot :)

Song #2 - "Uppenantha Ee"
Aarya is so in love with Geetha.
Bunny makes a slow song sexy.

Song #3 - "My Love" aka "My Love is Gone"
Aarya's love is gone. Ajay and Geetha are meant to be?
OMFG, the dancing! A must-see! The caps don't do justice to the dancing!

Song #4 - "Modati Saari" aka "Baby He Loves You"
Aarya cheers up Geetha and tells her that Ajay does love her.
What a cute, adorable song!

Song #5 - "Ringa Ringa"
Aarya just have fun!
The song is off-the-chain and Bunny bust-a-move! Hot!!Yes, that's a gori as the item girl :)

Song #6 - "Karigeloga Ee"
Three's a crowd?

Just thought it'll be fun to cap the ending credits because of the bloopers and behind-the-scenes.

I don't know what it is but I find Bunny extra-sexy in this still of the song, "Uppenantha Ee." Could be that his facial expression, his passion in the song melts me! If he can make a slow song sexy, then I could just watch his drink water and melt, lol.

I love the "a" scene. Of course, A stand for Ajay because it's his company. However, A could stand for Aarya too :) This may sound corny but I like the "a" instead of " "or A" because that's how I literally write my "a" (told you it's retarded, lol)

Aarya writes his thoughts in his diary to remind him what to do

Random caps of Bunny that I just won't can't get rid of.

Beth has a scarf fetish, kidding!!!! ;P  But she is collecting caps of stars with scarves so I thought why not just cap them? And of my favorite hottie? Why not?

Warning - slight spoilers ahead!!

In the beginning, from Ajay's point of view, you dislike Aarya because of his obsession to be Ajay's BFF. Aarya is a clingy, needy man, and wants attention. He makes you feel sorry for him by constant begging.

Deep down inside, Aarya love Ajay and Geetha, in different ways. Aarya never had anyone else in his life. All he ever really asked for is for Ajay to be his geniune friend, to love Aarya and be there for him, as Aarya does for him.

With so many split personalities from both Aarya and Ajay, I was shuffling back and forth to see who I sympathize with more? Aarya or Ajay?

In conclusion, once Aarya goes out of his way to make sure that Ajay and Geeta are together. I felt for him, especially in the "Karigeloga Ee" song. It broke my heart when Aarya cried and was willing to sacrafice his life for Ajay and Kajal.

To me, Geetha is just a very annoying, dislikeable character. She is a spoiled brat. Once she realizes who she really loves and get to know Aarya better is when I finally had a little once of like for her.

Aarya isn't so bad. If he could turn this

into this

which makes this scene one of my favorites in the film!!! Raja Reddy (Ajay) and Aarya's BFF moment. In the background, "Yeh Dosti" from Sholay is playing.

Aarya really isn't so bad himself. He just needs a hug. Come here Aarya, I'll give you a hug.

I really enjoyed the significant of the goldfish. To me, the goldfish is Aarya's only "true" friend who he did save, which is equivalent to the friendship he yearns for with Ajay.

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot!!!
Must see for Allu Arjun fans because he put his heart into it. This film is his best acting yet! Honestly, I didn't like the film, Aarya, as much as everyone else seem to like since it's a huge hit. Come on, this version takes on the name of the very famous first part. Some may be disappointed because watching Aarya 2 has deeper meaning and is more in-depth with the characters. You don't know who to feel sorry for. In a way, Aarya 2 is equivalent to Aarya on crack, to some people. But remember some do like being "high" ;P


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Scarfy goodness! :) And I'm going to go watch Ringa Ringa - you make it sound irresistible!

MinaiMinai said...

Yay! Was waiting for your review. :) Wasn't Shradda Das great? This film made me so curious about her.

I've read quite a few reviews that said that gori item girl wasn't sexy enough, which I found amusing. She is more on the "cute," side, I suppose.

Smiling at your "a" comment- me and a friend used to argue about the correct way to write that letter!

And love the scarf caps! He sure wore a ton of scarves in the film, and I loved it when he throws his scarf over his shoulder in in the "Baby He Loves You song." :)

Last- I love that screencap right before your "in conclusion" paragraph. Arjun's acting there was HILARIOUS!

Nicki said...

Beth - scarves just for you :)

MinaiMinai - I know, about time, huh? I do think Shradda Das was adorable!

Really? I haven't read any reviews (maybe haven't read many) about the gori girl not being sexy enough. Wow, I thought she was subtle sexy.

Hahaha! I thought I was retarded for thinking too hard about the "a" LOL Thanks for enlightening me with that!

Beth wants the scarf caps so I obliged :D

Yes, Bunny is so funny and adorable in the film. Yet could be crazy and psychotic too! Gosh, love that guy!

vinay said...

Perfect Review :D , I Love the movie :)

bollywooddeewana said...

Wow this Aarya guy's got swagger look at him pulling off the Hip hop look with ease, he'll definitely pass as Hip Hop Superstar

Mrs Arjun Cullen said...

Hi Nicki!

Navdeep has acted in several Telugu and Tamil films. You should watch the Telugu film "Chandamama" or its Tamil remake "A Aa E Ee"'s a very different Navdeep you will see:)

Also, the guy who makes friend with Arya later is Subbi Reddy, not Raji Reddy ;) I really enjoyed their scenes too! Ajay was really good even though he came a short while..
Just watched Arya 2 recently (long live Volga!);)
Will post my thoughts soon:)
Have a great day ahead

ajnabi said...

I don't know why, but Bunny in glasses makes me grin. :-D This looks so fun, especially the picturizations. I love your screencaps!

Anonymous said...

I loved your review. I want to see the movie again right now. ;-)

And our Bunny is just so adorable in this film. Not only his dancing but most of all his acting was amazing.

And you are so right. He made the second song soooo sexy. I love it.

Nicki said...

vinay - :P

bollywooddeewana - yeah, that's my Telugu swagger man :)

Shona - hey Shona!! Thanks for the Navdeep recommendations :) Can't wait to read your review. What/???? I read it was Subbi Reddy, will do more research :D

ajnabi - Bunny's hot all the time, hehehe. Thanks!! :)

anon - yah!! Thanks so much! I am loving Bunny more and more each time. He is just too darn sexy :D

Cardamom Kisses said...

Fantastic! Both the film & this post ♥

Anonymous said...

good review.i am a telugu guy.though allu arjun is not my fav,i like his dance n his comic sense.i feel that aarya-2 is much much better than aarya in d sense that it's different.i have this type of charcterization in any movie till now.though the movie is good grosser it's not a big hit like aarya.the reason seems to be that people r too confused whether aarya is a sadist kinda guy r a really different guy.btw bunny's next movie is badrinaath,being made on one of d highest budgets in telugu with d director of bunny movie.btw have u seen vedam,bunny's new flick?

Unknown said...

Hey i have seen this movie in hindi version. I realy love the acting of arjun.............
Amazing thing is this that, i usualy use to see some of the telagu movies coz of language problem & i have seen this guy first time & he made it best for me................................................................
realy like his performance.......
Gud movie:) aswell as post,,,,,,,,