Thursday, April 29, 2010

Khudgarz - another Govinda/Neelam film

I'm taking it back old school with Bollywood. You know I've been blogging a lot on Tollywood films lately.

If you're a Govinda-Neelam fan (like me), you would want to try to watch every film of theirs.
They even look so cute on the cover of the dvd!!

However, you will be slightly disappointed finding this synopsis on IMDB

Sita Sinha (Sushma Seth) has brought up her son, Bihari and his friend, Amar as her own. The three are very close to each other. When they grow up they maintain their friendship and love for each other. Amar (Jeetendra) marries wealthy Jaya (Bhanupriya), and Bihari (Shatrughan Sinha) marries a labourer (Amrita Singh). Amar's dad, Mr. Saxena (Saeed Jaffrey) does not like Bihari, and schemes to separate them. He succeeds, and Bihari is humiliated. Bihari blames Amar, and swears to bring about his downfall at all costs.

Even though the film isn't focus on Govinda-Neelam, it has a good storyline about friendship and family.

Rakesh Roshan (yes, Hrithik's dad) directed & produced the film. Even came up with the storyline.

His obsession with directing his films starting with "K" began with Khudgarz and continued to Krrish 2 (Kala Bazzar, Kishen Kanhaiya, Khel, King Uncle, Koyla, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish)

Corrected! Thanks bollywooddeewana for the correction.
I got Rakesh mixed up with Rajesh! LOL
Well, they are in the same family :D

The main stars are Jeetendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Amrita Singh, & Bhanu Priya.

So, no, Govinda-Neelam fans.
They are not in the film much and are credited in a "special appearance."

Friendly Appearance by Rishi Kapoor in the opening song.

Film starts off with a young Aamar. He is motherless and his father is always busy out of the country working on his business. He just wants to be loved.

By chance, Aamar found a family who loved and accepted him. He now has a mother, sister, brother/BFF. Lalita honored Amar on Rakhi Day.

Even the tradition continued when they got older

What I liked about the film is it focused on childhood buddies to elder buddies, even when both got married and had college-aged children.

Aamar (Jeetendra) found the love from a family he met when he was younger.

Bhiri (Shatrughan Sinha) and his mother & sister accepted Aamar as a part of his family

Lalita (Sangeeta Naik), Bhiri's sister

Sita Sinha (Sushma Sen), mother of Bhiri & Lalita, loves Aamar as her own son

Jaya (Bhanu Priya), love interest of Aamar

Amrita Singh plays the love interest of Bhiri. I do not remember her having a name. She is known as the labourer on the internet. With her intro, she is just a worker.

Deshmukh (Sudhir Dalvi), conman who cause a drift with Aamr & Bhiri

Bhushan Saxena (Saeed Jaffrey), father of Aamar who loves money more than his son

Batliwala (Kader Khan), friend of Bhiri

Kumar (Govinda), son of Aamar

Jyoti (Neelam), daughter of Bhiri

Overall, the songs were good. I miss songs with the couples dancing in the fields. Or just having friends and family together.

Song #1 - "Zindagi Ka Naam Dosti" (I)
BFFs for life

Song #2 - "Log Kehte Hain"
Amar & Jaya in love

Song #3 - "Zindagi Ka Naam Dosti" (II)
BFFs for life, part 2

Song #4 - "Yahin Kahin Jiyara Hamar"
Bihari in love

Song #5 - "Main Se Meena Se Na"
Kumar & Jyothi in love

Conclusion of film - "Friendship is rhythm of life"

For bollywooddeewana who was doing a post on Bollywood oldies with shades/glasses.

Bollywood films that are releasing now don't have many storylines on family values or friendship like back in the days anymore. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Khudgarz came out in 1987 and has been remade as Annamalai (Tamil) in 1992 & Kondapalli Raja (Telugu) in 1993.


bollywooddeewana said...

Thank you so much for this review, you know how much i love the 80's ;0) Lol at the singlass post, thanks for linking it up.

Rajesh Roshan who did the music is different from Rakesh who directed the movie. Rakesh is Hrithik's father while Rajesh is Hrithik's Uncle

vinay said...

I Dont wanna see old movies of any film industry :P , because iam the latest generation kid ;)

Sorry for this useless comment :P

MinaiMinai said...

Yay! I have this one but haven't watched it. I bought it because of Bhanupriya who I adore. She looks beautiful in it. Interesting to read your review! :)

Unknown said...

Such a big starcast! Interesting that Bhanu priya is in it eventhough the telugu one was remade some 5 years later.

Nicki said...

bollywooddeewana - yah for the 80s, for fans like us :)

Thanks for that. I made the correction :D

vinay - ;P

Minai - I do find Bhanupriya very beautiful!! Have to see more of her. Can't wait for your take on it :)

Kiran - I was thinking tbe same thing, why isn't Bhanupriya in the Telugu remake? Hmmm??

dunkdaft said...

saw this long back.
all i can remember now is awesome song 'mai se meena se' :)

Nicki said...

Darshit - I know! That's why I wanna find all the oldies :)