Friday, April 23, 2010

Another photo post with Desi items found International Market

The last time I did a post like this was back in October 2009. I blogged about finding Desi food at my local International market. (Yes, I still carry my digi cam with me)

This time, I went to a different International market and found more variety in Desi food there!

I know, this is a pointless post but just wanted to fill in your RSS readers ;P

PS - still working on Parugu review


Anishok said...

You got me craving for Desi food early in the morning! Wish we had a market like that....*sigh*.

Ness said...

Oh I'd LOVE to find Thums Up at my local market...hmmm...may have to go and investigate tomorrow!

bollywooddeewana said...

So Limca is still available, it was popular way back then in Nigeria

Cardamom Kisses said...

Far from pointless, Nicki :) Thanks for sharing!

Prathna Tiwari said...

Those paratha's and idli's look sooo good!

dunkdaft said...

Besides cold drinks, most of the brands I haven't seen in India !!!
May be they are packed specially for US markets.

Mm... time to find some Lilva Kachori in nearby shop.
What they are selling in packed Lilva kachori is the dry form of that dish. you'll go mad if once you taste the straight from pan, fried Kachoris with yummy tamarind chutney :P

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a post! I'll take you to some Indian stores when you're in Minneapolis.
All the best!

vinay said...

I Like those IDLI'S :D

ajnabi said...

I'm sooo jealous! We have an Asian foods market here but they don't carry any Indian stuff besides a few spices. :-( Your store looks like fun.

Nicki said...

Ani - aawww! when we do meet up in the future, we will definitely go eat Desi food :D

Ness - go look. You never know ;P

bollywooddeewana - wow, really?? I never seen until now :D

Magdalena - You're welcome :D

Prathna - they are yummy :)

Darshit - wow, really?? And I thought this post was useless :D oh gosh, tell biwi to make me some when I visit :P

Sita-ji - oh definitely, picture time. Cannot wait!!!

vinay - yes, Idli's are yummy :)

ajnabi - come back to Atlanta and visit!! and stock up :D

dunkdaft said...

of course, you're welcome.
But this thing can be made best only in Winters. So be sure to check the calendar. :)