Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday Bunny!

Okay, for those who are wondering who this Bunny dude is. It is no other than Mr. Perfect, himself,
For those who don't know, Bunny is just his nickname. So when you see me tweet Bunny on Twitter, you know why now :)

By me living in the USA, it's still April 8th in the afternoon. I know it's heading towards night time in India right now. Several people have sent me pictures and messages asking me what am *I* going to do for his birthday.

Honestly, I never thought about it. I mean, I knew it was his birthday and all. He is the *only* celeb that I go ga-ga for and become very paagli. I turn into a total fangirl when I see his pictures, watch his films, listen to the OST of the films he's been in, you name it.

Several months ago, I blogged about him - There's Just Something about Allu Arjun. I still stand by everything I wrote.

Walgreens was having a special of 20 free prints for just a day so I took that offer. Within those 20 photos, 15 photos are of Bunny to be printed. I sound like a total stalker right now, don't I?

Hemanth and I have been exchanging Tweets. He is a hilarious guy and suggested I get a "Bunny" cake and showed me a picture of the Bunny I should use on the cake.

Nooooooooo! My Bunny is too sexy. I like Bugs Bunny but Allu Arjun is too hot. Besides, I don't like his buck teeth, hehe.

Then Hemanth says I should use this picture.


I even found cakes in that design!!!

It was my mission to find a cute Bunny picture.

I found it!!!  Here it is.

Adorable, just like my Bunny :)

Next year, I will have a real Bunny cake.

Besides Southscope (I absolutely looooove this picture)

I-me-ApunBindaas-Nicki, the Hmong Chick who Loves Allu Arjun, wants to wish Bunny a very Happy 27th Birthday! Wishing you the best!

ETA - 17:40

Found this old Bunny pet pic I have

Cute, huh?

And I went to the store and found some Easter chocolate left and bought some Choco-Bunny :)

ETA - 19:30

Found this YouTube vid of Bunny celebrating his birthday :)

Courtesy Translation from Suresh - Thank you!

Allu Arjun is going to be varudu in real life also it seems.
This news is told by Arjun himself and Arjun also told this is the last birthday as a bachelor.

Allu Arjun -- Thanks to all andhra audience for recognizing my efforts. I had told to my father to set a film with Director Gunashekar as my bday gift and Gunashekar has given me a good film as my birthday.

Also interesting tidbit that Kiran pointed out from the clip that Bunny's birthday also happens to be his parents wedding anniversary around the :22 mark

To answer MinaiMinai's question below, Allu Arjun answers how he got his nickname, Bunny....


cmleigh said...

Awwww that is an adorable bunny just like your Bunny.

Cardamom Kisses said...

Awww... so sweet! ♥

Unknown said...

Lol! Nicki, i sincerely hope that next year the real bunny will be cutting a bunny cake baked by you.

MinaiMinai said...

Cute post! Wow, that boy does not look 27. :) LOL at the "Playboy" bunny! I hope one of the pictures you printed at Walgreens was that SouthScope one! Hot!! :D

So... I am a Bunny fan yet do not know how he got the nickname Bunny. Anyone wanna enlighten me? :)

Love the music on that gulte clip... ;)

Nicki said...

cmleigh - ;D

Magdalena - Thanks

Kiran - me too!! :)

MinaiMinai - yes, he looks younger. I discovered that Southscope pic after the special free prints, will have to wait for another special and print more :)

dunkdaft said...

Happy B'day to Bunny ...