Monday, March 15, 2010

Savarkhed Ek Gaon - my first Marathi film, starring Shreyas Talpade!

After watching more non-Hindi films, such as Telugu, Tamil, and Bengali films, I was on a quest to watch more languages from India. Yes, I'm that obsess with India. My friends and family think I was Indian in previous life, hehehe.

While I was making my purchase from Induna, I saw their few selections of Bhojpuri and Marathi films. Why not? So I decided to just browse and took a chance and ordered one Bhojpuri and one Marathi film.

The Marathi film I chose stars Shreyas Talpade!!! I adore him since I first saw him in Iqbal and think he's underrated in Bollywood. Maybe I should watch more Marathi films because Shreyas is in a few and started his career off in Marathi soaps.

Besides Shreyas being in the film, I was interested in the synopsis. Induna didn't list the synopsis but has the genre listed as Drama, Thriller. I definitely was interested because I love thrillers! I found the synopsis on Amazon.

Savarkhed Ek Gaon is also known as Savarkhed: Ek Gaav on IMDB.

An Intriguing Movie, It has its story set in Savarkhed wich has been awarded by the government for being the ideal village. There are two sets of people who inhabit the village. While one group believes that the village should move forward with core concentration on agriculture, the other group pegs industrialization as the most important factor for the villagers growth. Although the have opposite views, the two sections co-exist peacefully. The peace in Savakhed is, Howeever, distributed when Rahul returns after completing his studies in Israel. Rahul is the son of the sitting M.L.A and everyone, except his childhood friend Suresh, is excited about his return. Soon, bizarre and unexpected incidents begin to take place in Savakhed, which no one is able to explain.

I love how the film is about long-time friends in a small village come together when strange things, such as destruction and even death, overcome it all.

Ajay (Shreyas Talpade) and Sameeta love each other but her brother, Gorpade, disapproves.

What haven't I said about the adorable, cute Shreyas that I haven't already :)

Rahul (Ankush Chaudhary) is the son of the MLA Patil. He is back to his home town after finishing his studies in Israel. He and Priya are in love and excited to see all his friends again. However, there is one friend, Sursha, who still holds a grudge on him after all these years.

He is a decent looking guy and does a good job in acting. Although Rahul is mostly in Marathi films, he has been in one Bollywood film, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Hain, but in a supporting role.

Priya (Sonali Khare) is in love with Rahul. Ajay is her cousin and he lives with her and her parents. Her father, Sampatrao More, is involved in politics too but is her boyfriend's father's rival. She gets a little jealous vibe when Sneha comes in town.

Lookwise, she reminds me of Michelle Obama.

Sameeta (Sanyot Hardikar) is in love with Ajay but her brother, Gorpade, disapproves.

Out of the three girls, Sameeta has the least screen presence. Too bad because she is gorgeous!

Sneha (Sharvari Jamenis) is a reporter from Mumbai in town to interview people in the village. She stays with MLA Patil in his home because the village wins the Ideal Village Award.

Lookwise, she reminds me so much of Lisa Ray!

MLA Patil (Sadashiv Amrapukar) is Rahul's father. When he leaves town for business, strange things start occuring in the village.

Sampatrao More (Vikram Gokhale) is Priya's father. With a political rivalry with MLA Patil, he disagrees with the MLA in a few discussions.

Gorpade is Priya's brother and dislikes Priya-Ajay together. He assists MLA Patil in discussions and usually agrees with him.

Baban (Balkrishna Shinde) is part of the gang and childhood friends with Ajay and Rahul.

Ishwar (Makarand Anaspure) is part of the gang and childhood friends Ajay and Rahul.

Sursha (Upendra Limaye) used to be part of the gang. He still maintain friends with everyone except Rahul and holds a grudge against him.

Inspector Deshmukh is involved with trying to find out what is going on in the village.

The song "Varyavarti Gandha Pasarala" is my favorite, loooove it! The other two songs are mostly a background score although they are singing it.

Song #1 - "Varyavarti Gandha Pasarala"
Rahul's back!!

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Hoshiyaar"
Youth of the village come together and fight together at night

Song #3 - "Aai Bhawani"
Villagers come together and pray for justice

Worth a watch!

As soon as the credits start rolling, you will hear haunting music which engages you. From beginning to end, you want to know what is going to happen next. The film is less than 2 hours! I loved everything about it! However, I did want to see a better conclusion though. Overall, if you like thrillers, Savarkhed Ek Gaon is for you!


MinaiMinai said...

Cool! I have not seen a Marathi film yet. This one sounds very interesting! Does it ever get really scary?

I recognize Sadashiv Amrapukar from something but I can't remember what... it's driving me crazy!

bollyviewer said...

I adore Shreyas too. Have you seen Welcome to Sajjanpur, yet? He's great in it! I had no idea he did Marathi films. This sounds like a great watch. Are the mysterious happenings the work of umm... paranormal forces, or is it a real thriller without any supernatural resonances? If the latter, I will definitely look out for it (I'm not a fan of the spirit world!).

Nicki said...

MinaiMinai - I think you'll like :) It isn't scary in the sense of ghosts/spirits...but I was surprised and said WTF in a scary way, hehehe

You're going to make me look up Sadashiv Amrapukar now :)

bollyviewer - Gosh! I have Welcome to Sajjanpur! I started to watch it but got distracted. What is wrong with me :)

The film is a thriller without supernatural forces :) No spirits :)

dunkdaft said...

Shreyas = Dor. watch that movie.

oh and how u find such movies which besides being in India, i haven't heard about. Shame on Me... Btw, if you want some 'serious' recommendations, watch 'Shwaas', 'Dombivali Fast' and recent 'Harishchandrachi factory'. All I have heard about them is only praises.

Nicki said...

Darshit - thanks for the recs! I have heard about Shwaas & Harishchandrachi Factor but not Dombivali Fast.

I have seen Dor :)

Anonymous said...

Cool , nice to see marathi movies are also seen in other countries...:)

Sanjit Narwekar said...

Yiu just got one small fact wrong: Patil is played by Vikram Gokhale while Sampatrao More is played by Sadashiv Amrapurkar. Never mind, good job!