Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kalabaaz - just kicking it 70s week with Beth

I have writer's block, I cannot seem to write well and mostly just had visuals on this post.

Honestly, I did not plan to work on a 70s post because I have not even finish my Ranbir post yet, lol. Actually, thanks to Sita-ji, I decided I would participate with Beth's 70s week she had going on. Great idea!

So forget Dharmendra, Rishi Kapoor, Vinod Khanna, Rajesh Khanna, Feroz Khan. I'm starting my 70s post with Dev Anand!

Yes, I know. A few many posts ago, I said I didn't watch many of Dev Anand's films (okay, only Jewel Thief) but I gotta admit the guy is talented. How could I meet him and not watch many of his films??

So I decide to start off my 70s post with Kalabaaz with some slight spoilers

Can't go wrong with Zeenat Aman either! So what is Kalabaaz all about?

Vijay (Dev Anand) and Radha (Zeenat Aman) are circus trapeze artists. Vijay is an atheist but Radha is not, giving her heart and soul to God. Radha gets into an accident and runs away from Vijay, not wanting him to pity her. In the meantime, the two statues -- Bhagwan Shri Kishan & Devi Maa Radha -- have been stolen. Vijay promises to bring back the statues.

What an interesting, twisty plot! Circus acts. Stolen statues. But is the movie worth watching?

Right when the film starts and credits start rolling, you already see all the circus acts. What I find interesting is that you don't see that much in modern films.

The man of the film -- Dev Anand

Even though I haven't watched many Dev Anand films doesn't mean I don't know who he is. He is a legend. He has his own sense of humor and is good at it. As the silly & witty Vijay, he just has that screen presence. I know he's a great actor but I wouldn't watch a film just for him.

Honestly, I picked this film up more for Zeenat. I absolutely adore her!!

Zeenat is one of the well-known actresses of the 70s. She is gorgeous and can act.

Film starts off in Hong Kong.

The beautiful Radha is a true believer and have faith in her Gods.

Although she supposely is in Hong Kong, the outfit is Japanese, a kimino!!


Love the interior decorating, the Pan-Asian style

Radha's father, G.D. Sapru (Pradeep Kumar), is head of the circus.

Vijay and Radha are the superstars of the circus.

Radha is a true believer in fate and Vijay joins her to visit the temple

Over there, Vijay meets the priest

Radha and Vijay starts to fall in love

Poor Radha is in love with Vijay but doesn't want to burden him with her pain after the accident.

Radha leaves Vijay without him knowing....

In the meantime, the two statues get stolen and the priest is missing too!
Vijay is appointed to find them.
With the help of his circus buddies, they go search for the priest and statues.

Vijay finds the badly, beaten-up priest. He confides with Vijay where he has hidden the statute.

The cool, Wolverine-like villian who wants the statue!

See, ain't he cool?

The rest of the film is Vijay's journey to get the statues with the villains chasing him and his friends. He does meet Radha again.

Not many songs but they are fun to watch.

 Song #1 - "Are Ruthe Hai"
Vijay and his elephant friend teases Radha

 Song #2 - "Hum Se"
Item girl time. She's hot, anyone know who she is? Vijay looking for the priest, trying to get clues at the bar.

 Song #3 - "Pyaara Pyaara" (I)
Radha aka Tina teases Vijay. She pretends to be Radha's cousin who looks just like Radha just to test Vijay

 Song #4 - "Pyaara Pyaara" (II)
Vijay knows now that Radha is Tina and pretends to fall for Tina, which makes Radha upset.

Forget Dev and Zeenat, the real star of the movie is the elephant!

See, ain't he sooo cool?

The outfits Dev has on are so loud and bright or just worth making caps of!

Not to mention his Kill Bill outfit, actually it's the famous Bruce Lee outfit from Game of Death.

Yeah, that's right, this is a 70s post so Game of Death it is.

Kalabaaz started off slow because of the circus silliness. However, it picked up as soon as Zeenat ited for a bit. Sad to say cause I adored her. It made me wonder why it was even included but trust me, you'll see why.  I kept in the back of my mind of the WTFness because it was a 70s film. If you like movies like Shaan, then you will enjoy Kalabaaz.


Anonymous said...

Whenever I think 'Dev Anand,' I always recall his funky clothes and, silly hats.

Zeenat = <3

Have you seen her recent pix with Helen for "Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun?" Apparently, she's going to perform to "Aap Jaisa Koi' again in it:…-na-jaane-kyun/

She looks good.

ajnabi said...

Wow, Zeenat is sooo beautiful! I wonder why they made Dev Anand green, though? ;-) Hope you get over your writer's block soon, but I loved this post!

Nicki said...

Thanks so much piyaara! Zeenat is looking gorgeous! Dev does have funky clothes but he makes it worth taking caps, hehehe.

ajnabi - I'm going for another Dev Anand post soon cause I sucked at this one, at least there were visuals, right?

bollywooddeewana said...

You can't be serious Nicki can you, what writer's block i enjoyed this review and your screen caps are eye candy as always. It had long been on my to watch list but there's something about the Dev/Zeenat pairing that just feels a bit wrong even though usually i don't mind old man /young woman pairings

By the way you told me a while ago that you had the 1982 movie ashanti, i'd like you to review it sometime as i'm considereing buying but i'm unsure of what it'd be like, your review will help make up my mind

Anonymous said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

Daddy's Girl said...

Love all the pictures (especially the screencaps of lovely Zeenat), and very much enjoyed reading your thoughts. Zeenat was so gorgeous in the 70s - one of my 70s Week posts was about my favourite Bollywood actresses from that decade, and naturally she was on the list.

Nicki said...

bollywooddeewana - Yes, I do! Thank goodness for screencaps otherwise this would've been a boring post,huh? I agree with Dev and Zeenat.

I was trying to find Ashanti but I can't find it :*( Probably somewhere with the pile of dvds that I haven't watched. But when I do find it, I will review :)

119 - Thanks! :)

Daddy's Girl - Thanks! I gotta go back in blogworld and read up on everyone's post