Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yamadonga - S.S. Rajamouli is the man!

Before I start off, this is another writer's block review from me. I had these caps for several weeks but just am braindead! So please excuse the awful review

Yamadonga is a perfect example of don't judge a book by its cover. I never thought that I would love it as much!

I listed Yamadonga as my second favorite Telugu film and did not even have a review. Therefore, I decided to finally do a review on it and why I love it.

Tarak aka NTR Jr is an amazing dancer. Just don't compare him to my fave hottie, Allu Arjun, cause it will be an endless debate :D

Two things really struck at me about NTR Jr.
1) His voice! I looove it! It is soothing and sexy!
2) His facial expressions when speaking. I love it!
Now, everyone knows what a shallow person I am.
I honestly do not find him "hot". Nor is he my type of guy.
However, with the two characteristics I listed is what I liked most about him.

I do like the rest of theYamadonga cast too!

Tarak plays the fun, slick, mischievious, boastful orphan, Raja. He wants to be rich fast! All he think about is money, money, and more money!

On top of his arrogantness, he even challenges Yamadharamaraju, the God of Death!

Mohan Babu is full of awesomeness!

I love his moustache and eyebrow movements when he speaks!

Priyamani plays Mahi.
She is Raja's love interest.

I adore Priyamani.
Even though she didn't get to really shine as much in her other films, she is still as great.

Every time I watch the scene where she gets scolded by her relatives and Raja secretly watches her, my eyes get teary.

Last but not least, the beautiful, Dhanalakshmi

Mamta Mohandas is hot! She was mainly in the film to add her sexiness and oomph and did it well.

Soundtrack is better after watching the songs.

Song #1 - "Nuvmuttukunte"
Raja has the hots for Dhanalakshmi?

Song #2 - "Nanchorae"
Rambha in an item number
The stills don't do justice to the song. Wonderful dance skills from Tarak.

Song #3 - "Nunugu Meesalodu"

Song #4 - "Raave na Rambu"
Mahi falls for Raja

Song #5 - "Rabbaru Gaajulu"
Raja and Mahi in love

Song #6 - "Olammi Thikka"
Raja and Dhanalakshmi?

I loooove the Hong Kong inspired fight scene with the stunts!

A few of my other favorite parts of the film....

S.S. Rajamouli is the man!

If you haven't seen Yamadonga and liked Magadheera, give Yamadonga a try!


jjake said...

yay My favorite movie! I haven't reviewed it yet either, wouldn't know where to start! I <3 Tarak's voice too.

Sonia said...

I don't love Magadheera that much but Rajamouli's films have a good reputation. Worth trying~~~

Nicki said...

Jill - do review Yamadonga :)

Sonia - you don't have to love it but do give it a try :D