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Ayutha Ezhuthu (Tamil) vs Yuva (Hindi) - Mani Ratnam directs both

About time I reviewed this movie, huh? I said it on October 24th when I wrote this
post. Since then I've been blogging but no Ayutha Ezhuthu review. Honestly, it was hard for me to write this review. Mainly because I was debating how to write it. In 2004 when Yuva released, I saw it. I loved it. I was so impressed with Abhi. Later I learn that the same director Mani Ratnam also directed the original Tamil version. At that time, I didn't venture out to watch many Tamil or Telugu films yet. When I got my Sid fever, I was interested in watching all his films. Memories started to come back to me and I realized that Sid is in the original Yuva version!

If you've seen Yuva already, then you know the storyline to Ayutha Ezhuthu. It's been a while since I've seen Yuva. Tempting enough, I went looking for my Yuva dvd and skimmed through it. I have to say that Yuva is an exact frame-by-frame of Ayutha Ezhuthu. The main difference is each actor/actress ability to bring his/her screen presence.
I would do my normal review of the characters and music. Unfortunately I got a copy of Ayutha Ezhuthu through a friend. There were no menus, just the main movie, so I didn't know the song titles. I had to go searching for the song titles through YouTube and Google.

Then I debated how to write this review since I love making screen caps. Do I make screencaps from Ayutha Ezhuthu and Yuva? Do I compare both? So I finally concluded and decided to compare a few songs and the characters. Instead of making this review so long with comparison to the scenes and many screen caps. I only did a few.

So what's the storyline all about?

Three men are connected to each other somehow. You get to see their lives and in their own views with the women in their lives. Their involvement with the society can change or destroy it.
Iba & Sasha (Ayutha Ezhuthu)

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Inba (Madhavan) and Sasi (Meera Jasmine) are the troubled married couple. Inba is a criminal who loves his wife yet he abuses his wife, Sasi. In Yuva, Abhishek and Rani Mukherjee play their roles - Lallan and Sashi. I was incredibly impress with Abhishek and his break-through role when I saw Yuva. His chemistry with Rani worked very well, and many rumors of a real-life jodi of Abhi-Rani started circulating. (Thanks for AS for the correction)
Lallan & Sashia (Yuva)

Hands down - Madhavan impressed me more with his portrayal of Iba. To me, he portrayed the character of Iba so well. When I saw Iba, I saw Iba, not Madhavan. Now don't get me wrong, Abhishek was amazing as well. Yuva is one of his best films yet to date but comparing him to Madhavan is really unfair but I connected more with Iba than I did with Lallan. Meera and Rani both did equally well. No one outshine one another -- could be that the character of Iba/Lallan is more interesting. Both played the lonely, loving, traditional, beautiful wife very well.
Michael & Geetha (Ayutha Ezhuthu)

Ayutha Ezhuthu- Michael (Surya) is the activist-senior college student who wants to change the world though the corrupted political system. With his lady love Geetha (Esha Deol) by his side supporting him every step of the way. In Yuva, Ajay Devgan play Michael and Esha Deol play Radhika.
Michael & Radhika (Yuva)

Interesting enough, Esha is the only person who plays both the Tamil and Hindi version. I was impress with Esha's simplicity and switching up the languages. Although I have heard about Esha's native tongue not being Hindi -- it is Tamil, thank you "anonymous" for commenting and letting me know -- I was able to finally see her in a non-Hindi film. When I first saw Yuva, I was disappointed with Ajay playing a college student. I felt he looked too old for the part and just wasn't feeling him. Surya was amazing! I want to see more of him. He had more screen presence and oomph than Ajay. Ajay is a good actor but please don't let him play a college student!
Arjun & Meera (Ayutha Ezhuthu)

Ayutha Ezhuthu - Arjun (Siddharth) is the college guy who doesn't take his life seriously and wants to go to America. In addition, he never has taken a relationship seriously with a girl. When he meets Meera (Trisha Krishnan), he starts to develop feelings for her. But she is engaged! Nevertheless, they both spend a lot of time together and start to fall for each other. In Yuva, Vivek Oberoi and Kareena Kapoor play the parts.
Arjun & Meera (Yuva)

Arjun - the character. I was feeling Siddharth more. Not because I adore him! He had the youthful appearance more and the young, bubbly personality more than Vivek. For looks and innocense, Siddharth just fit the role more. Plus I'm not entirely convinced that Vivek is good at a romantic role yet -- yes, I've seen Saathiya but did you know that even that is a remake of the Tamil film, Alaipayuthey (also directed by Mani Ratnam with Madhavan in the leading role).
Meera (Ayutha Ezhuthu)
Meera (Yuva)

For the character Meera, Kareena has notch over Trisha just a tad bit. Kareena is one of the best actresses of this decade. Seeing her portrayal of the bubbly, engaged college student was right on track. Nothing wrong with Trisha either. I only have seen Trisha in Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana
. She was very traditional in NN and it was a great surprise to see her role different in Ayutha Ezhuthu. The only slight difference between Meera (Ayutha Ezhuthu) and Meera (Yuva) is Meera (Ayutha Ezhuthu) is slightly sexier and more confident.

I enjoyed both films but Ayutha Ezhuthu has an edge over Yuva. Now I want to watch all the original films. Only if I can get a hold of the Tamil versions! That is the hardest part for me to do.

Below are a few songs from both films. You tell that it's copied frame-by-frame.

My favorite song of both films. Just watch both versions below
Focused on Arjun and Meera

Ayutha Ezhuthu - "Yaakai Thiri"

Yuva - "Fanaa"

Focused on Inba/Lallan & Sasi/Sashi
Ayutha Ezhuthu - "Sandai Kozhi "

Yuva - "Kabhi Neem"

Focused on Michael & Geetha/Radhika
Ayutha Ezhuthu - "Nenjam Ellam"

Yuva - "Badal"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quick review.

Apparently, Esha knows Tamil because her mother, Hema Malini, is a Tamil. Her father of course is Dharmendra, who is Punjabi.

Nicki said...

Thank you anonymous for leaving the comment. I appreciate you telling me Esha's native tongue is Tamil.

Anonymous said...

I love your reviews and especially enjoy the eye candy photos you put up!
Your background is so interesting and it is so nice to see a non-Indian interested in Indian movies. I am amazed!
I did not see Yuva, but saw Ayutha Ezhuthu. Surya's screen presence is awesome and I just love him in all his movies. You should see Perazhagan (with Jyothika) to get his full acting range.
As for Madhavan, if you have time, check out Kannathil Muthamittal (with Simran). A must see movie which won a few National Awards.
Anyway, just wanted to send a note to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick, but Madhavan's name in the movie is Inba, and Meera Jasmine's is Sasi.

And in the song Yaakai Thiri/Fanaa, I think Siddharth/Trisha definitely do a better job than Vivek/Kareena. The former are more youthful and dance better to the song. And they look better in the song too! Just my opinion....:-)

Nicki said...

Thanks AS - It means a lot to me about your comments. I think I'm getting Kannathil Muthamittal from a friend. Can't wait.

It's no problem at all. I'll make the corrections Thanks for pointing them out.

Unknown said...

Hey!!! I came across this write-up as I was searching for images to post in my own write up on facebook on the exact same topic!!!

Trust me, its not plagiarised, I can post a link of it for you to read, and do post in your comments.

Rathi said...

Nice review Nicki. I am really happy that a non-Indian loves movies made in my mother-tongue!!
Ayutha Ezhuthu is a wonderful movie and your comparisons are spot on. I only differ in opinion on Meera. Much as I hate Kareena and Trisha equally (the former for overacting and the latter for not acting at all!!), but I felt Trisha suited the role of a student much better than Kareena. Both Siddharth and Trisha looked like students. Almost all the counterparts in Yuva looked older than the actors in Tamil!!

Nicki said...

Rathi - thanks for stopping by. Haha, you are quite right about the Hindi version, most of the stars looked much older. I just wish Tamil films were given more credit. Look at all the Southie remakes in Hindi!

Harsh said...

Hey Nicki
Great to see your review of the characters of both the films. A foreigner like you taking interest in films of varied languages of my country really excites me.
According to me you are spot on with your comparisons of all the characters. However, I beg to differ on Iba & Lallan. Iba was brilliant in the movie but still he did not own the movie as Lallan does. I will give it to Lallan amongst these two. Also, you missed out on comparing Om Puri & Bharathiraja.