Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Dil Bole Hadippa review yet but

First of all, I just want to say that I haven't gotten back to all the comments yet. It sucks because I used to be able to keep up with all the blogs that I'm following but I can not access them at work. Strangely enough, I'm able to publish my posts but not able to view them.

But I will answer them! Promise! No school tonight.

On Sunday, I tweeted that I went to watch Dil Bole Hadippa. Yes, I did. I liked it. But I haven't blogged about it. I will try to do so later on. It's going to be hard without caps but I've blogged about theater experiences before :)
October 8, 2009 - review on Dil Bole Hadippa

In the meantime, I need help, actually suggestions on these Desi products.

While I was uploading photos, I totally forgot I had these pictures on my digi camera since they were taken back in late August.

I usually carry my digi camera with me in my purse. When I was out grocery shopping at the local International market near my home, I walked over to the Indian grocery aisle.

What caught my eye was the Thums Up! I knew about it because of Salman Khan and Bipasha Basu endorsing it before.

I remember reading a book (I honestly don't remember which one, I want to say it was a book by Sonia Singh - I read all her books so far), there was a character mentioning that Thums Up tasted like a bitter Coke. Personally, I don't like Coke or Pepsi, I mostly drink water, and on some occasions, orange or grapefrui juice, and sometimes Mountain Dew.

Maybe I should buy the mango juice next time?

I was excited to see a frozen food section. I bought some samosas and masala dosa, tasty but not as yummy as the fresh ones at the restaurants.

Then I started clicked pics of products I saw on that aisle. Not sure if any of you can see it but if you used any of these products, let me know how they turned out.

LUX - I've heard cause a lot of celebs endorse it, but is it any good? The hair dye, thought about it but I'm thinking of getting my hair dyed with henna in a salon though.

More LUX

More hairdye?

Hair products?

And more...

Sorry if you got bored with this post. Will try to make it exciting next time :)


Cardamom Kisses said...

I absolutely love Maaza, it's unbelievably delicious! You really should try it :)

Lux Petal Touch soap bar - the one with floral essence and jojoba - with (orchid?) petals actually feels very luxurious, and has a wonderful smell. I used it all the time when I was in India last year. It leaves the skin nice and smooth too, even if you wash your hands really frequently. Believe it or not, but a piece of fancy soap like that can bring a surprising amount of happiness to a weary backpacker on a very tight budget :)

EliteXtasy said...

All the products pictured in this post are sold in the local Indian shops where I live! In fact, they're sold in every Desi shop (or "Cash & Carry" as most of them are called) in the UK. Many of them aren't Indian, but BRITISH ASIAN!

The ones worth mentioning:

- Patak's: This company is British Asian. Patak's has a good product range. I usually prefer making dishes from scratch, but I do use that Tandoori paste in the sixth photo now and then.
I love their pickle achars (not to be confused with chutneys) - I like all of them including the hot mango achar, the mixed pickle and my favourite Medium/Hot Lime Pickle. Unlike chutneys, achars are condiments that are supposed to be eaten sparingly with a main Indian dish. I wouldn't advise eating it by the mouthful.

- Lux Soap: A British brand. A product that I've seen most of my life. It's an okay product, but quality has slipped over the last few years.

- Dabur Amla & Vatika Hair Oils: Another brand I've seen for a very long time (since I was little in fact). They're also okay products.

I also have a Shan box lying somewhere in the cupboard - I don't like ready-mixes and ready meals etc, so I doubt that I'll ever try it.

If you're ever not sure about a South Asian/British Asian product in the shops, make a post like this again - it's quite fun seeing all these products I know miles away from where I live.

Nicki said...

Magdalena - thanks for the advice!!! I think I will try it. Have fun in India, I'm still jealous :)

EliteXtasy - Wow!!!!!!!!! Thanks sooooo much for the info!

I'm glad I didn't bore with this post. I will definitely take more pics when I'm out to other International markets.

Mostly I am curious about the beauty products! I will find more and post away!! Thanks again.

bollyviewer said...

Looks like the aisle of my local Indian stores, too! It can be hard to decide what to buy - I remember being totally confused by stuff in American stores when I first came here. The best way to decide is, of course, by trying things yourself, since your tastes may be different from your readers'! I do second the Mazaa recommendation, and I use MDH spices for a lot of things. Ready-made foods though - whether frozen or not, are not my thing (neither are curry pastes). Making stuff from scratch is pretty easy and it tastes waaaay better. The Aloo masala looks like my favorite potato chips (thick, home-made and very hot). :-)

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - I think I will definitely try Mazaa, lol. I love Indian food and tried making them but came out unsuccessful :(