Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kadhalil Vizhunthen - Nakul, all grown up

It's been a while since I've done a Tamil review, especially a non Surya, Maddy, or even Sneha film. I wish Tamil films were more accessible for me to watch (and the prices aren't as high, compared to Hindi and Telugu films, Tamil films are pricey).

Annie told me about Kadhalil Vizhunthen a while ago because of Nakul. This is the same Nakul from Boys! Seriously....look....

All I could say is Wow!! Nakul sure has grown up into a handsome man!

Then I saw the the song, "Naaka Mukka." I was blown away! On top of that song, Nakul even sings it. The dance moves are amazing! So many steps! I watched it at least 50 times before searching for the dvd!

And to make matters even more challenging...after getting my dvd, it's another case of dvd rot. Why, why, why?? (no wonder some people are thinking of getting rid of the dvds and do online streaming instead!)  Half-way through the film, the dvd stops playing. I was sooo upset, still am. I manage to finally find the movie online but no subs :(

Film starts off with Saba (Nakul) running away, pushing Meera (Sunaina) in a wheelchair. He carries her off on a train. He explains to the conductor about his situation and tells him about how both of them fell in love.

The beginning half is full of flashbacks about Saba's lifestyle, living in the slums with his drunk father and loves to play soccer. Later, he meets Meera in an accident. The love he has for her was so sweet. The reasons for loving her are priceless. It wasn't those love-at-first-sight or telling her "I love you" right away because she's gorgeous or anything. He was afraid to express his love for her. It was definitely a slow development of their love when she accepts.

The second half takes a completely different turn. The reasons for them running away totally blew me away and shocked me! It was very different from what I usually saw. It turned from a sweet, romantic beginning to a thrilling second half with the psycotic depressed Saba and a lifeless Meera.

I want to see more of Nakul! I like his charming characteristics with his impressive, flexible dance abilities. Then to learn he's also a playback singer for the famous song, "Naaka Mukka." I read that he also sang the following: "Kadhal Yanai" - Anniyan, "X-Machi" - Ghajini, "Karka Karka" & "Manjal Veyil" - Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu, "Hooray Hooray Hip" - Vallavan, "Eppadi Ennul Kadhal" - Kandhakottai.

Sunaina is very naturally beautiful. Her mother tongue is Telugu! She has a few Telugu films but seems like her Tamil films are doing much better and she's sticking to it (I don't blame her).

The songs are magical! Besides the awesomeness of the kothu song, "Naaka Mukka." There is even a female version. My favorite song has to be "Unn Thalai Mudi."

Song #1 - "Dolley"
Opening credits

Song #2 - "Naaka Mukka" (Male version)

Gosh, I love this song so much, you have to watch it in action!!
Watch below.

Song #3 - "Solladi"
Saba follows Meera and watches her from afar

Song #4 - "Thozhiya"
Saba is in love with Meera

Song #5 - "Unn Thalai Mudi"
Saba & Meera in love
My fave song of the film

Song #6 - "Naaka Mukka" (Female version)

Song #7 - "Unakkena Naan"
Off to another adventure again

Song #8 - "Kadavul Padaitha"
Together forever

My fave part of the film. Since both Saba and Meera are motherless, Meera tells Saba that she knows her mother is watching over her all the time. She prays to her mother and will send a note to her mother in the balloon. Saba listens and does what she says.

For me, Kadhalil Vizhunthen was worth it. Because of the second half taking a different turn, it may not be for everyone. However, you never know unless you give it a try. The film is definitely worth it for "Naaka Mukka" alone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nicki,

Yeah, that twist was unexpected and, a bit weird but, Nakul and Sunaina were good.

They were together again the following year for 'Maasilamani' but, I haven't seen it.

I could recommend Kandhakottai (also Kantha Kottai). It has an amusing first half but, more action in the second.

Nakul sings in that too!

(It's piyaara, by the way. I've had problems logging in with all my other 'aliases')

Banannie said...

I remember being shocked by the second half of the movie. I kept thinking that he's just crazy and imagines Sunaina all the while. Then I thought he killed her and went crazy. I liked the first half but the second half was a little too crazy for me.

Regardless I really like Nakul in it and he did an awesome job. Did you watch Masilamani? Nakul and Sunaina are good in that one as well!

bollywooddeewana said...

I'm Loving your new layout and design Nicki :0)

jjake said...

WOW Nakul has really grown into a fine young man. ahem. Great post as usua, I'm going to have to check this one out.

Nicki said...

Hey piyaara - I totally agree about the weird, unexpected twist, but that's what made me love the movie even more too. Strange as it may seem.

I have to find another way for me to get access to English subs of Tamil films!!!

Nakul is all awesomeness. He is so adorable and talented.

Annie - Thanks for tweeting about Nakul. I would never know! I have to find Masilamani!

Thanks bollywooddeewana

jjake - for reals! :D