Monday, November 8, 2010

Ashta Chamma - when you are too obsess with a celeb

Interesting enough, the title of the film is the name of a board game in India. In AP, it is known as Ashta Chamma. Taken from Wiki,
This game is called by various names in different languages in different regions of India. This list shows the name, the language and then the region:
  • Chauka Bara - Kannada - Mysuru region
  • Katte Mane - Kannada - Rural Mysuru
  • Gatta Mane - Kannada - Rural Mysuru
  • Chakaara or Chakka - Kannada - North Karnataka
  • Pakidakali-Malayalam-kerala region
  • Ashta Chamma - Telugu - Andhra Pradesh
  • Daayam or Thaayam - Tamil - Tamil Nadu
  • Kaana Duaa - Hindi - Madhya Pradesh

So with that said, what's the significance of the board game title? It's for fun!! This film is full of laughter.

Because of Allu Arjun's wedding engagment, I was watching it at the right time. I was smiling and nodding my head, lol.

The film started off with angry fans who were pissed off that Mahesh and Namrata were getting married!

Wow, just wow!

I can finally witness all this happening when Allu Arjun gets married next year.
Rumors have have been circulating that he's marrying in February 2011 :D
Let's get "Reddy" for the angry fan protesting!!
Will I be one of them?
Not! I am happy for him! Seriously!
I would love to meet his wife :)
All I ask him to do is dedicate one song to me at the wedding and starts to do an item number for me :D
Or personally invite me to the wedding :P

All jokes aside, let's get on to to the film, Ashta Chamma.

Lavanya is the biggest Mahesh fan. EVER!
She has his posters plastered everywhere in her room.

When hearing about Mahesh's marriage to Namrata, she went slightly "crazy."

Her aunt had to come talk to her about her meltdown (as well as the state of AP).

Lavanya is okay with Mahesh's marriage and will get married. Under one condition!
The guy's name MUST be Mahesh! No exceptions!

Neighbor Anand is sick and tired of Lavanya's constantly playing Mahesh Babu's OST. Therefore, he must help find this "Mahesh" for her.


Anand wants to test their friendship off daily for a week to see if he is the perfect "Mahesh" for Lavanya.

Lavanya finally has her Mahesh???

Okay...there's more to the film than just that. Without spoilers or risking it, I thought I would just leave it at that. However, I cannot continue the review without introducing to you the main stars of the film!

Even though the film revolves around Lavanya, the film is actually told from Anand's point of view! His sense of humor is adorable.

Srinivas Avasarala plays the witty, funny Anand and his his debut film! He is just a natural. His looks reminds me so much of Rahul Bose, except he's tall!

I read that he will be in Orange with Charan and Genelia! I cannot wait since I like him a lot.

See! Look how tall Srini is next to his three co-stars??

Lavanya is the obsess Mahesh fan. She only wants to marry a guy whose name is Mahesh! No exceptions. Nada!

Colours Swati plays Lavanya. Her acting reminds me of Charmy. Both of them are sassy and humorous. In looks, she reminds me of Charmy too, with a hint of Kamalinee Mukherjee.

I want to see more of her. Looking up her filmography, her Tamil film, Subramaniyapuram, sounds very interesting!
Another interesting tidbit, Colours was suppose to play the supporting role. And Bhumika Chawla to play Lavanya but Bhumika couldn't do it so Lavanya got the lead role. Honestly, I can*not* imagine anyone else but Charmy play that role besides Colours!!

With the help of Anand, Lavanya will find her Mahesh! Mahesh is handsome, rich, and smart...and can dance!

Nani plays Mahesh. I really really like Nani. He's got the looks and the dancing down packed! I am surprise he doesn't have more offers and have to seek out more of his films!

Varalakshmi is the beautiful younger sister of Mahesh and Anand's love interest.

Bhargavi plays Varalakshi. She's gorgeous and I love her facial and eye expressions in the "Hello Antoo" song.
I wanted to see more of her but found sad news instead :( She was murdered by her boyfriend after the success of Ashta Chamma. It was a murder-suicide. RIP!

Other important, supporting stars....

Lavanya's aunt played by Jhansi
She is adorable!

Lavanya's aunt's BFF, Amritha
Anyone know who plays her? I really like her screen presence!

Ammaji helped raised Mahesh and Varalakshmi

Sharma (Tanikella Bharani), the priest has the hots for Ammaji :)

Songs! There's only four. Fun and entertaining to watch.

Song #1 - "Thidathaara"
Mahesh's intro
Check out the cowboy hat!!

Song #2 - "Nammalo Ledho"
Mahesh and Lavanya in Love?
Beautiful song to watch!

Song #3 - "Hello Antoo"
Anand and Varalakshmi in love??
Looooove the retro look :D

Song #4 - "Aadinchi Ashta Chamma"
Lavanya pissed at Mahesh
Can't be happy forever?? ;P

I love the animated parts when the credits were rolling

Here's the frame freeze jumps that I find in another of Telugu films :D

Since it's a Superstar filled film, let's add on more!

Super Star Krishna

Power Star Palwan

The cute bromance with Anand and Mahesh is worth noting :D

So yessssss!!! Definitely worth a watch!
I love how all the characters of the film's stories come together in one. My only slight complaint would be the annoyance and stubborness of Lavanya towards the end. I think she loved the name Mahesh more than the actual person :D
To me, it's a fun film. Many people may overlook at the fact that it didn't have many "big" stars but with all the cute filmi references, why not? Watch it!


AyngareeRaj said...

Wow!! Nicee.. watched Subramanyampuram and Swati did a good job.. Ashta Chamma sounds Interesting..Definitely Gona watch it soon&let u know..Thanks for the Blog darling..cheers:)

Dolce and Namak said...

But Nicki, how will you lose your mind and want to marry a guy whose name is Arjun if you're already married?? :P Just kidding. But it is very funny when you put it that way. I may have to think of Arjun when I watch this movie now instead of Mahesh :) Oh, the pain :D

So I'll have you know, you may have just sabotaged Oy! with this review, now I have to watch this one first :) Seriously, it didn't sound like that much fun from the cover so I've been putting it off forever. Must dust it off and turn the DVD player on soon. Thanks for the push ;)

Swati Sapna said...

Hi there! Have been following ur blog for quite some time and totally love ur passion for tollywood :) im telugu myself and looking at you and jjake and so many other non-indian tollywood fans, i feel like I know less than u guys do about films made in my land :D

Ashta Chamma is one of my favorite films... Its so much fun and jus love the way its directed! Ur right, srinivas is definitely the find, though overall the casting is superb!

And jus to put it in perspective in case you didnt know, the film is inspired by Oscar Wilde's play - The Importance of Being Earnest.

@jjake - Ashta Chamma over OY a million times!!! :D

Nicki said...

AyngareeRaj - thanks love! Wow, I cannot wait to watch Subramanyampuram!! Do lemme know what you think :D

Dolce - haha!! I am able to have two husbands, nah? :D

Okay, report back to me after you watch this film!! It's so cute, I just thought about Bunny instead :D

Swati - hello!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

I just looooove Telugu films as you could see :)

BollyKonecction said...

i just love this! ure pics r wondeful, esp the screencaps!! Love it so much. i love telugu movies

Dolce and Namak said...

Argh! Yes, I had the same issue with her stubborness at the end, and also with that last twist (with Ammaji) which I didn't think was necessary. I thought it was taking the easy way out. So yes, not very happy with the ending.

But the movie is such a rollercoaster! Everything is so over the top, so ridiculous, so overacted, so insane that it just... works! I haven't seen something so wacked since Chandamama :)

Yes, definitely a fun one to watch! I'm glad you gave me the push to bring up to the top of my pile! :)

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