Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nitin Reddy - hearthrob to me, taking a look at his films

Nitin is known as the "flop" actor. Flop actor or not, he's still making lots of films. Directors are still signing him left and right so he's doing something right.

Nitin is my other love. He can go from cute and adorable to hot and sexy in split second.

I fell in love with his boyish looks and smile. My crush was confirmed when I saw his dancing skills.

Therefore, I went to search for *all* his films. I just haaad to watch them all...

Jayam (2002)

Sujatha (Sadha) are Raghu are childhood friends and their parents want them to marry each other when they grow up. However, in college, Sujatha falls in love with Venkat (Nitin). Now, Raghu (Gopichand) grows up to be a troublemaker and a dangerous guy. When Sujatha's parents find out about her love affair, they end her studies and forces her to marry Raghu. Venkat will stop the marriage at any cost!

Young Nitin *heart* + Sadha, who I absolutely adore. It is a movie about young love who cannot be together. Add the badass Gopichand too :)

Dil (2003)

Seenu (Nitin) is a new admit into a college. Nandini (Neha) goes to the same college. Seenu is from a middle class family and Nandini is a rich girl. Nandini is the only daughter of Gowri Shankar (Prakash Raj), who is a land mafia don. Gowri Shankar suspects them to be lovers after he finds them dancing for freshers celebration at college. Seenu gets beaten up. Irritated by this, Seenu challenges about winning the love of Nandini. After several attempts, she falls in love with him. They elope and get married when Gowri Shankar tries to separate them. The story takes several turns before the movie ends in a happy note.

Another story of young love. This time, add in Praskah! Worth a watch. I saw it with*out* subtitles. I will definitely buy the dvd again whenever subs are available.

Sambaram (2003)

Ravi (Nitin) has always loved Geeta (Nikita) and both are childhood friends. Everyone in town knows about his love for Geeta, except for her. She's very oblivious to it. Instead of concentrating in school, Ravi rather be carefree in life. Geeta does well in her studies and passes. is a sincere student who passes engineering studies. Ravi overhears Geeta say that she has no love interest in him because she wants a husband to be financially stable. The sad Ravi now realizes that he must man up and make a name for himself if he ever wants to be with Geeta.

I absolutely love this film! Again, keeping with the same theme of young love. However, this story is what I like. It's about why the two didn't click and Ravi's transformation of an irresponsible, careless guy to the guy that Geeta fell in love with and can marry. Both Nitin and Nikita did a wonderful job!

Sye (2004)

Prithvi (Nitin) & Shashank (Shashank) are the leaders of two warring students groups in a Hyderabad college. They are fond of rugby union game and they sort the things out between them by playing rugby to prove superiority. One fine day, a local mafia leader Bhikshu Yadav (Pradeep Rawat) gets a court notice that he has purchased the land of college from its legal heirs. The groups of Prithvi and Sashank unite together by forgetting differences to fight a united cause of winning back the land for college. After getting affected by assaults of students, Bhikshu Yadav throws a challenge to defeat his team in a game of rugby union to win back the land for their college. The rest of the story is all about how Prithvi leads his team to the victory.

What I liked most about this film is it has a youthful feel. I love how the film started off with two rivalry deparments in school - art & engineer, always battling out to see who is better. They usually battle it out with a rugby match. Then later both come together to better their school and team against villians who want to break and tear down their school. Nithin is a pleasure to watch and want to see more of him. Genelia is great as always, definitely one of my favorites. Worth a watch.

Sri Anjaneyam (2004)

Anji (Nitin) is an orphan since childhood and the village adopts him. He is a faithful devotee to Lord Hanuman and carries his picture and mini-statue around with him. Goons want to demolish local temple of Lord Rama and stop the construction of the local dam. With Lord Hanuman in human form (Arjun Sarja), he comes to guide Anji in stopping them.

Although the film is a bit longer than it should have been, I absolutely looooove this film. It is too cute and adorable. Big love to Arjun! Loved the chemistry between Nitin and Charmme.

Allari Bullodu (2005)

Trisha (Trisha) takes over her father's company after his death. When Raju (Nitin) helps Trisha, she trusts him and appoints him as General Manager. Raju ends up disguises himself as Balu and Trisha's younger sister, Usha (Rathi) ends up falling for Balu. Munna, who also looks like Raju, works for the Mumbai underworld don to bring down Trisha's business.

If you like films about character confusion with identity, this is for you! I had to watch this film with *out* subs :( I did enjoy what I saw because overall, the film was comical, but a little OTT at times. No, it's not the best but worth it for Nitin and Trisha...and a few songs :D

Dhairyam (2005)

Seenu (Nitin) and Mallika (Raima Sen) are college sweethearts. However, Mallika is from a weathly family and Seenu is not. Mallika's father puts Seenu in jail on false charges. Seenu and Mallika must prove their love.

Case of rich girl, poor boy love story.
An okay movie. The beginning was much better than the second half, which failed through miserably. Worth watching for Nitin and Raima Sen.

Raam (2006)

Raam (Nitin) has superhuman strength. He sings and dances and the same time, he can punch and kick goons. On top of that, he has some mad biking skills, which landed him a job as the brand ambassador in Mumbai.

Poor Janaki (Genelia D'Souza) happens to be the daughter of a don who wants her to marry his friend's son. Ironically, she is so naive and innocent and a very much devotee to Lord Raam. She runs away from home to avoid the forced arranged marriage.

Raam and Janaki meets meets and fall in love.

I was stoked to see Nitin and Genelia together again after Sye but was left disappointed :( Very thin plot which was not executed well.

Takkari (2007)

Tiru (Nitin) doesn't take life seriously at all. One day he sees the beautiful, Priya (Sadha) and falls in love with her. Her brother Guru (Shayaji Shinde), is a businessman who doesn't like Tiru.

Overall, the film is just okay. It could have been a lot better. The dancing and songs are enough to make you watch this film. Nitin and Sadha sizzle together again after Jayam. Both are modern and looking hot together. The direction fails but worth it for the dancing.

Aatadista (2007)

Chinna (Nithin) loves Sunada (Kajal) but didn't realize that both of their parents are business rivals. His marriage is fixed with Sunada but he doesn't know about it and thought it was with someone else. Their parents are both on bad terms again and Sunada starts to dislike Chinna.

Nitin and Kajal looks good together but the film didn't do anything for me :( Besides Nitin's good looks and dancing, the only other reason to watch this film is for Mumaith's item number.

So there's an extra picture. I seriously am thinking about making a dvd of all her song dances.

Victory (2008)

Devraj (Ashutosh Rana) is a heartless land encroacher and has left so many people homeless. Vijay (Nitin) gangs up and fight against Devraj since his his family has become one of those victims.

What I like about the film is one person standing up against injustice and getting the community to join hands together. I was a bit disappointed that Mamta didn't have a bigger role but it was great to see her. Nitin looks wow!!! This is a better role and acting job for Nitin.

Hero (2008)

Radha Krishna (Nitin) wants to be a superstar and is supported by his mom. However, his father wants him to join the police force like him. He convinces his wife to let Radha Krishna become a police officer because it will give Radha Krishna the training necessary to become a mass superhero. While training at the police academy, Radha Krishna falls for Krishnaveni (Bhavana) who is also training with him.

Too much comedic parts at time which steered away from a more serious film towards the end. Nitin looks good in the uniform but the clothes on him during the songs...the stylist needs to be fired! Bhavana is cute but wasted. Overall, good attempt but failed. I loved seeing Ramya Krishnan and Suhasini Maniratnam.

Drona (2009)

Drona (Nitin) has been missing since he was a child. Many years later, all grown up, Drona has been reunited with his parents...but he is now a thief.

I have to admit...I liked Drona...a lot! It is not the best film but it really entertained me.The songs are the best. Nitin's dancing and hotness really kept me going. Priyamani looks really good glamorous.

Agyaat (2009)

A film crew goes to the jungle to shoot their film, only to have one by one mysteriously missing.

Indian cinema is not really good at horrors or thrillers..but I didn't want to not watch it. It was a decent attempt by RGV. Agyaat is Nitin's Hindi debut. He definitely has the looks, body, and definitely dancing to make it in Bollywood. Whether or not, he succeeds doesn't matter because as long as he still dances in Tollywood, I'm happy :)

Rechipo (2009)

 Shiva (Nitin) robs from the rich to give to the poor. One day, he happens to steal from the Home Minister, who happens to be his lover's Krishna Veni (Ileana D'Cruz) father. The money that is stolen belongs to a mafia in Dubai. They kidnapped Krishna Veni in exchange to have the money back.

Another Robin Hood type of movies. Ileana is one of my fave actresses. Therefore, I was so excited to watch her paired with Nitin and loved their pairing. Ileana looks really good and shows off her curves. Nitin = love. Definitely a better film of Nitin's.

Seetharamula Kalyanam (2010)

Chandu (Nitin) and Nandini (Hansika Motwani) are in love. Nandu's father, father (Suman) has has a rival, Veera Pratap (Sunil Panda), who falls in love with her. Veera Pratap kidnaps Nandu and forced her to his house.

If you like heroes tricking villains, then this is for you. I loved the comedy in the film! Of all the Hansika films I've seen, this favorite one of hers. One of Nitin's better acting. My favorite part is when he tricked Brami :D I'm always in awe with his dancing.

When is Maaro going to release? It has been delayed :( I was looking forward to it.

Now, just have to wait for Ishq. Nitin has been tweeting about it. I'm excited to see it. The heroine is Nithya Menon :)

Nitin looks really yummy in the stills!!

I hope these two films will be hits for Nitin.

Besides Nitin being a cutie-pie, I love the fact that he interacts with his fans on Twitter. That's an extra oomph why I adore him.


Remini said...

I've only seen Nithin in Sye and Rechipo, but I really liked him in both movies - he's one of those guys that can play obnoxious characters and I still end up rooting for him :D I have Sri Anjaneyam, really looking forward to watching it. Now you've made me curious about Jayam too :)

Nicki said...

hey there Remini.

There seems not to be a lot of love Nitin but I adore him.

I hope you get to see Sri Anjaneyam, very cute. And Jayam :D

Anonymous said...

You must see his latest mivie 'ISHQ' .. absolutely loving film.. Finally Nitin got a Hit and it is huge .. after 14 flops..

Nitin is super handsome in this movie and his chemistry with Nitya Menon is adorable ..

Anonymous said...

Hey! You should definitely watch Ishq and Nitin's new movie: Gunde Jaari Gallanthayindhe. Both are super hits and his chemistry with Nitya Menon is amazing :D

Manasa said...

i love you Nitin,You are very perfect about your thoughts,looks,and that's why i love you

Anonymous said...

Love you Baby

Unknown said...

Hii nithin anna i am urs die hard fan with jayam i am fan of u from 5thclass onwards ur movie r superb mainly jayam dil sye drona seetaramula kalyanam lankalo victory ishq dairyam rechipo gjg heart attack cnk ur my sweet cute youthful power star.......i am nithin ramana drona

Unknown said...

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