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Kapoor Khazana

Kapoor Khazana hosted byTotally Filmi (with a list of all the blog links here), already started and going to last for the month of June. Sad part is that I haven't even written much this year, especially my full length reviews that most people know me for :(

So like the Govinda week (ironically since Totally Filmi also hosted that), I am just going to post links that I've done in the past.

I'm gonna start it off with Shashi. A few of the films that I've seen him in are supporting roles with Govinda!

Ilzaam (1986) is my intro to the dancing duo of Govinda-Neelam. I absolutely loooooooove them.

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Ilzaam - an orphan boy Ajay (Govinda) and rich girl Aarti (Neelam) falling in love with each other. Aarti's father Dhanraj (Prem Chopra) disproves of their relationship. Suddently Ajay disappears without a trace and leaves Aarti hearthbroken but she still yearns for him. She meets a guy name Vijay later who looks just like Ajay. Ajay lives with Laxmi (Shraddha Verma), her brother Suraj (Shatrughan Sinha), and mother (Gita Siddharth). Is Ajay really Vijay? What happened to Ajay? Will Ajay and Aarti ever be reunited?

Shashi plays IGP Ranjit Singh

Farz Ki Jung (1990) is one of the last films of the Govinda-Neelam jodi :( Ironically, Shashi is in both :D

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Farz Ki Jung - Vishal (Govinda) is a poet and never fell in love until he met Kavita (Neelam). Kavita is the new girl in school and loves books only until she fell in love with Vishal. Both are very much in love until each one has a family member who could tear the family apart. Kavita's older brother Vikram (Shashi Kapoor) is a honest police officer but is framed by Vishal's dirty-crooked-politician father Jaikishan (Amrish Puri). Will the two lovers be together?

Shammi plays Vikram, the oldest brother of Kavita

Not only does Sindoor (1988) have my favorite dancing jodi of the 80/90's, Govinda-Neelam, but it also has Shashi Kapoor (again) AND Rishi Kapoor. Then add Jeetendra and Jaya Pradha...

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Sindoor - Ravi (Govinda) and Lalita (Neelam) are college sweethearts. In order for them to get married, both have to do well in school. They adore and admire Professor Vijay Chowdhary (Shashi Kapoor) and want him to tutor them. When Vijay comes to Lalita's house, he learns that Laxmi (Jaya Pradha) is Lalita's mother. What shocking news since they were both married before! What will happens next?

Shashi plays Professor Vijay Chowdhary

Finally, here is young Shashi. I actually blogged an oldie, Sharmeelee (1971) :D

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Sharmeelee - Kamini and Kanchan are twins, both played by the gorgeous, young Rakhee. Kamini is the sassy, outspoken, modern twin while Kanchan is the very shy, timid, traditional twin. Both end up falling for the handsome, military man Ajit (Shashi Kapoor). But it's Kamini who stole Ajit's heart away. Tragedy hits and Ajit is tricked to marry Kanchan. Ajit's Army Colonel wants him to capture a spy who resembles the twins.

Shashi plays military man, Ajit

I'm continuing it old school to the three Shammi movies that I've done full reviews on...and which Hmong people love.

Let's start off with Yeh Vaada Raha (1982), which has two Kapoor's - Rishi & Shammi. I must tell you that till this day, I still get e-mails from Hmong people asking me about this movie. It's usually described as "the girl who got in a car accident and had a face change."

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Yeh Vaada Raha - a rich guy Vicky (Rishi Kapoor) falling in love with an orphan girl Sunita (Poonam Dhillon). Vicky's mother disaprove of the relationship. Vicky and Sunita elope but end up in an accident. Sunita is badly injured and her face is deformed. Vicky's mother (Rakhee) lies to Vicky that Sunita is dead. Sunita goes to a plastic surgeon to undergo surgey. She keeps quiet about the surgery and waits to see Vicky in six months. Surgery is completed and successful. However, no one knew how Sunita looked like. She now has a new face. Will Vicky's love overcome it all? Or does look really matter?

Shammi plays Dr. Mehra, the plastic surgeon who will treat Sunita

Besides Yeh Vaada Raha, Ahista Ahista (1981) is the next most requested from Hmong people! I still seek for a dvd version of this movie..and with English subs, please!!!!

Ahishta Ahista features another Kapoor - Kunal Kapoor. Now, don't get him mixed up with the Kunal Kapoor now. This Kunal is the son of the famous, Shashi Kapoor!

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Ahista Ahista - Subbalaxmi (Shashikala) is a courtesan who manages and oversees a household of women. When one of the women in the house, Sangeeta (Nanda), gives birth to Chandra (Padmini Kolhapure), Subalaxmi is estastic. Chandra befriends Kunal (Kunal Kapoor) and his family; she wants to study and not train to dance. Disappointed Subalaxmi is heart broken but allows Chandra to continue her studies. Kunal and Chandra start to fall in love. Can a young, beautiful girl born in a family of courtesans be accepted by Kunal's family? Or the society? Or is her life destined to be a courtesan?

Shammi plays Sagar, the sweet neighbor!

Romance (1983) is also a Hmong favorite. Although Shammi is only a supporting star, I loved him soooo much in the film! I know that Romance isn't a popular film in India...but neither is Yeh Vaada Raha or Ahista Ahista, but we, Hmong peeps, loved all three!!! We love 80s cheese :D

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Romance - Although the orphan Amar (Kumar Gaurav) has no set goals in life, he seeks for it. One day he sees an ad for pen pals and start writing to an English-Indian girl Sonia (Poonam Dhillon) in Britian. Writing to each other, both start to fall in love. Although her mother was once married to an Indian man, she despises anything Indian and only wants and forces Sonia to marry an Englishman. With the help of the Priest who has adopted him, he goes and get his love. Will Amar and Sonia be together?

Shammi Sushma Sen play the loving grandparents who live a sad life and have the daughter-in-law from hell.

Since I already mentioned Rishi from Yeh Vaada Raha above.

Here's a still from the film :D

and Rishi 's cameo in Sindoor

Here's a still from the film :D

I will just list the other film I reviewed. I cannot believe I've only done one more since I adore Rishi from back in the days :(

Kasak (1991) is my favorite movie of Neelam, actually. I think it's her best acting ever. It is also the Hindi remake of the the famous Tamil film, Mouna Ragam, which I have not seen :(

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Kasak - Divya (Neelam) - the young, carefree, sassy, modern college student who agrees to marry Vijay (Rishi Kapoor) just to please her strict father (Satyen Kappu) due to his illness. Despite being married to Vijay, Divya lives in the home as a stranger and wife. Her heart is still haunted by memories of her dead boyfriend Suraj (Chunkey Pandey). Therefore, she can not go on with the marriage. They end up filing for divorce but only to find out they have to live with each other for one year before the divorce is final. How can Divya continue living with Vijay for another year?

Rishi plays Vijay, the guy Divya marries.

Rishi's hot and sexy son, Ranbir

Saawariya (2007) is one of the most beautiful, visually gorgeous movie ever.

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of Saawariya - Gulaab (Rani Mukherji) narrates the story of a musician name Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) who she calls Saawariya. She is smitten by Raj because of his cute, adorable, naive nature but only wants to befriend him. When Raj sees Sakina (Sonam Kapoor) on a bridge, he falls head over heels for her. Sakina loves Raj's company but her heart belongs to Imaan (Salman Khan) who she awaits nightly for at the bridge. However, it's been years since Imaan has left. The more time she spends with Raj, she is falling for him. Will Imaan ever come back or will she fall in love with Raj?

Ranbir plays Gulaab, the lovestruck, musician

I mainly watched Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008) for Bips cause she's just my fave gal ever...but my Ranbir crush slowly starting forming :D

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of  Bachna Ae Haseeno - Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) has been in love three times. Two of the three times that he's been in love; he's hurt the girl. What comes around, always back around. He finally gets his due when the woman he loves - Gayatri (Deepika Padukone) rejects him. Finally he knows that feeling, he wants to amend his hurtful, wrong-doings and go back to the two previous women of his life -- Mahi (Manissha Lamba) and Radhika (Bipasha Basu) -- to apologize to them. After so many years have gone by, will they forgive him?

Ranbir plays Raj, the boy who learns to grow up and love

2009 was an awesome year for Ranbir and declared me a major fan. I did do descriptive details of all three of his films in 2009. That particular post is my second highest viewed post on my blog EVER!

Wake Up Sid (2009) is probably one of my most favorite films of all times. I love it that much. I've had success with each and every time with showing newbies and even friends the film. Just love the modern feel and acting. Gosh, just talking about it makes me wanna see it right now...

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of  Wake Up Sid - College graduate, Sid (Ranbir Kapoor), still had a lot of growing up to do. Money was given to him. His meals was cooked for him. Even the admission to college was practically a given to him because of who his father is. When he finally realized it was time to take his life and career more seriously, never did he imagine how hard it will be. With the help of Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma), an older woman settling her life in Mumbai from Kolkatta, who he met at his graduation party, he learns how to grow up.

Ranbir plays Sid, the boy who refused to grow up...and finally did.

Rocket Singh: Salesman (2009) of the Year portrays Ranbir in a different character. It is not a movie to be re-watch over and over like Wake Up Sid but definitely worth watching for the message.

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of  Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year - Harpeet Singh Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) is a college graduate Sikh who wants to be a salesman. He is just an average John Doe academic-wise; therefore, he thinks being a salesman is right up his alley career-wise. His heart in becoming a salesman is there, but he just is a nice guy who cannot deceive others to make it to the top. When he finally realizes that he still wants to help out others but with truth and honesty, he decides to run his own side job business.

Ranbir plays Harpeet, an honest guy who learns to play the system

Ajab Prem Ki Kahnai Ghazab (2009) is not for everyone but it worked for me. The humor is slapstick and fun, just want I need for a good laugh :D

Taken from my full review post (characters, songs, lots of caps) of  Ajab Prem Ki Kahani Ghazab - Prem (Ranbir Kapoor) just wants everyone to be happy and even started the Happy Club in his town. If for some reason, lovers cannot be together, Prem makes sure they end up together. Unforunately, he mistaken Jenny (Katrina Kaif) for one of the girls and causes her to hate him at first. Since Prem is always the happy-go-lucky guy, Jenny sees the sweet side of him. He starts to fall in love with Jenny but she is already in love with Rahul (Upen Patel).

Ranbir plays Prem, lovestruck guy

Last, but not least, the diva Kapoor of all - Kareena

I debated whether or not to talk about her before Ranbir but left her last because she's one of the best, actually, she is the best young actress right now. Honestly, I have to admit that when she first starting acting, I didn't like her as much and thought she was overrated. Over time, I started to take her as who she is. I cannot fault her for her personality and just speak out and not think. She performs well onscreen and that's what matters.

One of the first reviews I've ever done was Jab We Met (2007). Sadly, it doesn't follow the same format for my full reviews with lots of screen caps, characters, and music :(

Taken from post, well-off businessman Aditya (Shahid Kapur) who became sad, depressed, heart-broken after his true love married someone else. Unaware of his surroundings, he ends up in a train and meets the talkative, sassy Geet (Kareena Kapoor). Both end up missing the train after a stop, Geet tells Aditya that he is responsible for taking her back home. Arriving to Geet's home, her relatives mistake them for being lovers. However Geet is determine to get to her love Ashuman (Tarun Arora) with Aditya's help.

Kareena plays Geet, the bubbly girl

Tashan (2008) doesn't have a full review either :(

Taken from post, full-time call center guy Jimmy (Saif Ali Khan) who also teachs English part-time. Unlucky in love until one day he sees the beautiful Pooja (Kareena Kapoor) who asks him to teach Bhaiyyaji (Anil Kapoor) English to advance his business. Things get chaotic. Jimmy thinks he's in love. Pooja deceives Jimmy and Bhaiyyaji. The wannabe gangster Bachchan (Akshay Kumar) joins in with Jimmy to find the missing money for Bhaiyyaji. Not knowing who to trust, each have to trust someone in order to survive.

Kareena plays Pooja

In 2009, I was fortunate enough to go to the Rockstars concert - Salman Khan, John Abraham, Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur, Zayed Khan, Esha Deol, Mallika Sherawat. It was also my first Bollywood concert EVER!

Kareena is stunning in real life and really cool. My friend and I had a blast. Read the rest of my experience here.

I hope I could contribute more to Kapoor Khazana later this month!


Mette said...

I haven't seen much of the old Kapoor's, but I agree with you on Kareena and Ranbir. They're really the best! Though I didn't like Saawariya.

bollywooddeewana said...

Wow you've written alot about the Kapoors, i wet back to some of your original revies \and i feel like watching them all, I'll surelt get my hands on the one i can and i hope Ahista Ahista gets a proper dvd release too

Nicki said...

Lime - I hope you get to see more of the Kapoor's :D

bollywooddeewana - aren't oldies just fun :D I am still waiting for Ahista Ahista to be on dvd with English subs :(