Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My love for the guys with the name ARJUN

Since I have been brain-dead for the past few months, this is just a fun, silly, post that I thought about a few nights ago after I tweeted about my love for the guys with the name Arjun.

It's no secret that I absolutely looooooooooove Allu Arjun aka Bunny.
 But before my Bunnyliciousness (I know, it's not even a word cause I made it up, lol), the first Arjun who won me over was Arjun Rampal.

First Arjun love

I know I don't talk much about Arjun Rampal anymore :( but I still do like him a lot. Heck, I watched Fox just for him! Even though I don't talk much about him, I still like and adore him.

He was the first guy who I fell for with just a flip of a page. I saw his photos from the Stardust annual magazine 1998. Ever since then, I had to find out who this guy was!

The following are photos that made me fall for him.

He was the hottest model I ever seen!

I followed him from his modeling to his acting career. I eagerly waited for Moksha, which suppose to be his debut film. But after many months of waiting, Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat ended up being his debut film instead. Agree or disagree, Arjun is an underrated actor. I think he's more choosier with his films than before and got recognized after being in the Temptations Concert and films, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and Don, with Shahrukh. I swear anyone who stars alongside SRK will be recognized!

One reason that make me not love him as much -- even though I still *heart* him a lot -- is his choice of films lately, especially playing in supporting roles. Even though,  he's becoming more selective, I just don't have those same feelings for him like I used to. The same can be said about John Abraham who I still adore a lot! However, that will be another blog post! I once did a Arjun Rampal vs John Abraham post for fun, which was posted on my Xanga many years ago.

Arjun Rampal will always remain in my heart, just like Salman Khan!

Non /"Real" Life Arjun Love

I have a hot, model friend name Arjun.

I knew him through a mutual friend, never met the guy but we've kept in touch. He credits me for encouraging him to model because he is a very modest person and never thought about it.

He's a fitness freak and a lover of martial arts. He has a second degree in Tae Kwon Do. Just my type of man! Not only is he hot but has a heart of gold and very intellectual. The way he thinks and talks reminds me of Bruce Lee, who I admire a lot!

He once asked me how did I go from Arjun Rampal to Allu Arjun? At least, I'm still keeping the love for the Arjun's, huh? :D

Then there's my favorite Arjun.....

Arjun-Bunnylicious Obsess Love

Allu Arjun is my obsession. I have never felt this way for any other celeb.
If you haven't already, check out a few of the following posts for my Bunnyliciousness --
Fan video, cake, SI films, something something

I will re-tell the story again very briefly. A friend was posting photos of Allu Arjun on Bollywhat in a guessing game thread. I fell in love with Bunny instantly, asking him who this guy is.

Believe it or not, these are the photos that he posted of Bunny.

It was the martial arts stance that got me! Seriously!

My buddy was sweet enough to send me two films -- Aarya & Bunny. I credit him for making me know who Bunny is. Since then, I was hooked and became a fan. The rest is history. Right now, I am so much more than just a fan, more than a fan girl that I'm on the obsess mode now. Ahem, the banner, former website, ringtone is "Ringa Ringa," watching Bunny's films in theater with*out* subs (the only celeb who I'll do this for or even spend my $$ on in the theater), etc.

Bunny, what have you done to me??

Recent Arjun Love

Usually I crush for younger guys (Bunny) or at least guys around my hubby's age (Arjun Rampal), but this Arjun got me! He is no other than Arjun Sarja. I adore him! When I first saw him in Sri Anjaneyam, I just fell in love with him. I watched the film for Nitin but came out wanting to learn who this guy is!

From the film, Sri Anjaneyam

After watching the film, I quickly googled up the characters. I was so amazed because I fell for another Arjun! There's just something about his presence that I love. He is more famous in Sandalwood but I wanted to watch more films with him.

Then I watched Rama Rama Krishna Krishna, I had to watch more of him! Since then, I was able to watch a handful of his movies and still completely am in awe with him! Plus I also read that he is skilled in Karate! He kicked ass in the fight scenes!

From the film, Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

Isn't he just a handsome man!

Just to throw in that I do love Arjun's.....

My favorite film of Mahesh Babu is Arjun. No kidding! I will have to review it and explain why I love it and my fave Mahesh film over Pokiri and Athadu.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I think Arjun Sarja's pretty hot! And I must admit, Rampal has begun to grow on me- he was actually really good in Rajneeti- was v pleasantly surprised.

bollywooddeewana said...

Lovely read Nicki, I always love your fan girl posts ;)

Nicki said...

Shweta - I <3 Arjun Sarja, he's so handsome :D

bollywooddeewana - Thanks so much! :D