Saturday, October 18, 2008

Martial Arts = Bruce Lee + John Abraham

Those who know me...I'm a huuuge martial arts fan - especially Bruce Lee.

There's going to be a tv series in China (and I'm hoping I get to see it here in the USA!!!) about Bruce Lee's life. It's produced by Bruce's wife Linda and daughter Shannon.

Bruce Lee will be played by Danny Chan Kwok, who did some parody of Bruce Lee in the movie Shaolin Soccer. He is the perfect choice! I wouldn't have it any other way -- the physique and look -- he's got it!

Must see trailer below -- looks so freaking good. I have to find the series online somewhere!

But to keep it Indian cinema....I miss my John Abraham soooo much! (Ahem, he knows martial arts) Eagerly waiting for Dostana. What happened to Aashayein? I just realized I haven't written a review for any of my jaan's movies!

A hot John commercial showing off some martial arts moves...I want to see more next time!


Anonymous said...

Johns knows martial arts? Thought Akshay Kumar was the only martial guy in Bollywood... But why were you missing him - did he disappear somewhere? Thought his movies are all over the place.

ajnabi said...

LOL Love how you edited it to keep it Indian in here! I didn't know John Abraham knew martial arts either. I heard he was really good in the first Dhoom--you should review that one!

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - Yes, John knows martial arts. When filming Garam Masala, John was excited because Akki knows martial arts and John has been taking it too. I can only find this article about it but I've read more. I'm missing John because he hasn't had a release this year at all! The long delayed Aashayein is taking forever so I'll have to see him in Dostana.

ajnabi - Actually I wanted to review Karam, one of my favorite movies of John but it won't play anymore so I'll have to get another dvd. I'm debating on either Jism or Saaya now.