Friday, October 3, 2008

Sindoor - Govinda/Neelam + Shashi/Jaya/Rishi/Jeetendra

Okay here goes - the Govinda-Neelam jodi once again. I know. I know. I do love them and hope to review all their films together. Believe or not, most of my traffic hits comes from people searching for Govinda-Neelam together. Unbelievably after all these years, people still love them. That makes me so freaking happy!

Ravi (Govinda) and Lalita (Neelam) are college sweethearts. In order for them to get married, both have to do well in school. They adore and admire Professor Vijay Chowdhary (Shashi Kapoor) and want him to tutor them. When Vijay comes to Lalita's house, he learns that Laxmi (Jaya Pradha) is Lalita's mother. What shocking news since they were both married before! What will happens next?

Raised by his maternal uncle, Ravi is a trouble-maker college student who is misunderstood.

Govinda is still handsome. When he's paired up with Neelam, the jodi sizzles every time. Doesn't matter if the storyline is weak, the dancing jodi is enough to watch the movie. Whether it's Ilzaam, Love 86, Hatya, or Farz Ki Jung.

Although she's a young, spoiled-brat baby-girl, Lalita loves her mother to death. She is the apple of her mother's eye and rules Ravi's heart.

Neelam is always adorable. I've mentioned so many times how much I miss and adore her. Come back Neelam!

The loving mother Laxmi only thinks what is best for her daughter Lalita. She's the most unselfish person who has sacrafise so much of her life to help raise Lalita.

The intelligent Professor Vijay
Chowdhary cares for his students. It's a small world after all. He knows Lalita's mother Laxmi!! Ironically, they were married before. What happened to their relationship?

The aging, yet handsome Shashi Kapoor was a pleasure to see. From what I've read, this film is the first to see the Shashi-Jaya jodi.

Flashback - Kumar is Lalia's singing partner. The jealous husband Vijay starts to distrust his wife Lalita. Rishi Kapoor is a pleasure to see. I've seen him in a lot of movies where he's a singer or sings on stage a lot. Because of that, I'm convinced he's one of the best lip-syncers out there.

The rich, short-lived Prem is Lalita's father. His evil half-brother Shera wants Prem's wealth. What a joy to see Jeetendra and Jaya Pradha again! With the moustache, I find him so much better-looking!

The evil, greedy, selfish half-brother of Prem, Shera will succeed at anything to get what he wants. What do you expect? The famous Shakti Kapoor in another typical role.

Maternal-uncle of Ravi, Dharam is an aspiring lawyer. Kader Khan had a small significant role that should've been reduced more! His unnecessary comedy scenes were boring!

Useless comedy. The downfall of the movie is the stupid comedy with a love triangle with Dharam (Kader Khan), Ramkatori (Aruna Irani), and Chunilal (G. Asrani). Plus there was even a song pictured on them! Urgh! Take this out and the song, then the movie would've been much better!

Overall the soundtrack is disappointing and medicore. There are a few good songs. I mainly like to watch them for the dancing jodi - Govinda-Neelam.

Song #1 - "Chalo Chalo Chale"
Funny and silly song! Ravi and Lalita never can get an alone time. Someone or something is always interrupting them. Check out the scarecrow and skeleton below, lol.

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Pathjadhi Sawan" I
The talented Lalita sings at college. For some reason Professor Vijay knows the song and is confused why! He joins in when Lalita stumbles for the words.

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Song #3 - "Pathjadh Sawan" II
Flashback - reason why Vijay knows the song. The famous singing duo Kumar-Lalita sang it before. The jealous husband Vijay has false accusations of an affair between Kumar-Lalita.

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Song #4 - "Jath Path Ghinghath"
The most boring, useless song of the movie. The love triangle between
Dharam, Ramkatori, and Chunila.

Song #5 - "Naam Saare Mujhe"
Ravi and Lalita spend time together and can not wait to get marry.

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What I found cute is Tuffy's face. Yes, the dog from HAHK. I know, that probably isn't his name but....

One of my favorite scenes is Lalita's birthday celebration with her mother. Instead of it being a celebration of her birthday, she celebrates the day her mother gave birth to her. Since her mother taught her music and how to sing, all she wants is her mother to sing to her and play the sitar.

Flashback - little Lalita celebrating her birthday with her parents. Without any spoilers, this day was very special for her since she hasn't seen her mother in so long. Her only wish was to see her mother again.

A WTF moment - the strong, loving father Prem fights villains with one fist holding his daughter in the other.

Sindoor definitely has flaws. All I mentioned. However, there are many great moments in the film worth watching. If you're a Govinda-Neelam jodi fan, you won't be disapppointed because they spark. However, the movie focuses more on Jaya Pradha and Shash Kapoor. It's Jaya who rocks the Sindoor!

Jaya Pradha rocks. I love this underrated woman! I've already mentioned in Maa how much I adore her. She steals the show! Even though this film seems to be focus on the Govinda-Neelam jodi, it's Jaya Pradha all the way!! Playing the innocent wife-turn widow torn apart from the promises she's made, Jaya's natural acting and emotions put everyone else in the movie to shame.


Anonymous said...

Asrani's green polka suit is a hoot! The song Patajhada saavan was pretty popular in India when the movie came out and was a big reason for me to avoid any "new" song programs in those days!

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - wow, thanks for the tidbit. I hated the song Patajhada Saavan too, lol