Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharmeelee - Young Shashi + Rakhee rocks!

The storyline is very complicated and twisted. Therefore, I will do my best to explain with not many spoilers...but that is so hard to do.....BTW, I've seen Sharmeelee also spelled Sharmilee but my dvd has the first spelling.

Kamini and Kanchan are twins, both played by the gorgeous, young Rakhee. Kamini is the sassy, outspoken, modern twin while Kanchan is the very shy, timid, traditional twin. Both end up falling for the handsome, military man Ajit (Shashi Kapoor). But it's Kamini who stole Ajit's heart away. Tragedy hits and Ajit is tricked to marry Kanchan. Ajit's Army Colonel wants him to capture a spy who resembles the twins.

Wow!! This storyline is very interested. Never was I bored while watching. Every moment I was entertained. With the beautiful music and scenery, add in the handsome Shashi and gorgeous Rakhee. I have to admit - I used to be afraid to watch older films. Not just Bollywood, any language because I was ignorant and didn't want to watch slow-paced movies. Thankfully, I have overcome that!

Kamini - the shy, timid, traditional twin

Kanchan - the sassy, outspoken, modern twin

Since I've always seen Rakhee as a mother role, whether it's - Karan Arjun, Yeh Vaada Raha, Soldier, etc. Never have I seen her before as a heroine. My goodness - Rakhee is soooo freaking gorgeous. Love her her makeup and outfits in the film. Wait, my mistake, I've seen her in Kabhi Kabhie, but she was not sexy like that in KK.

Not only is Shashi so adorable and good looking, his acting does not disappoint. Since I've seen an older, still handsome Shashi in a uniform, I was delighted to see him with one in this film.

The music is wonderful. I love it.

Song #1 - "Khilte Hai Gul Yahan" - I
Ajit recites his poetry to the girls and falls in love with Kamini

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Song #2 - "O Mere Shameelee"
Ajit is wondering why Kamini is acting so shy

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Song #3 - "Megha Chaye"
Sad, disappointed Kanchan. Ajit and Kamini together.

Song #4 - "Aaj Madhosh Hua"
Wedding and imagination

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Song #5 - "Kaise Kahein Hum"
Ajit celebrates with his friends, his marriage.

Song #6 - "Khilte Hai Gul Yahan" - II
Is Ajit missing too much Kamini and imagining her?

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Song #6 - "Reshmi Ujala Hai"

Item girl

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Maybe I've been reading the wrong forums or gone to the wrong web pages. But I keep reading about critics stating that actresses these days are skanky and not as classy as before. So when actresses these days dress sexy, they are consider showing too much skin. Have they seen any oldies films? Look at the item number above? Plus check out Rakhee rocking it with a sexy black bathing suit below. (I have nothing against actresses wanting to be sexy. It just bothers me when people say that actresses now shouldn't show skin but skin showing was always around)

This scenery is just so beautiful.

Rakhee in her double role.


Anonymous said...

This movie is such a good source for eye candy! I see it everytime I need some. :-)

Rakhee was super-gorgeous when she started out. Then she began putting on weight and doing all those serious/demented roles and finally graduated to Mom. She is great here - I kept admiring her dresses and jewellery.

ajnabi said...

Whoa, that bathing suit is seriously sexy! You're right, modern-day Bollywood doesn't have anything on these classics. I think sometimes the difference is the pout-faced sex moue camera flirting that the modern-day heroines do (hello MTV!). But still, there *was* plenty of skin in the 70's. ;-)

S said...

I loved almost all the songs in this movie especially Khilte hain gul yahan.... vintage Kishore kumar number....Rakhee does look so young and good looking in this movie...

S said...

Mmmm...Just wanted to let you know I added your blog to my blog that I can visit often :)

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - I agree about the eye candy. Lots! I feel bad for the actresses in Bollywood - many turn to motherly roles when they reach a certain age. I mean look at Juhi, still hot but playing motherly or sisterly roles too. But a guy in his 40s can still romance a 20s girl.

ajnabi - Yep, you hit it. It's the MTV scenerio with poutty lips that these modern-day heroines are imitating.

reviewer - The songs are sooo beautiful! Rakhee is so gorgeous in the film. Thanks. I added you too.

Devata said...

Rakhee beau woman & actress