Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, it's 2009, so where am I at?

To all my Blogger friends:

I am extremely sorry for the lack of updates. Ever since I've been busy at work, I haven't blogged much -- I used to be able to blog at work but now, it's harder to do so. With watching movies, that has been decreased. However, I did watch Slumdog Millionaire in the theater yesterday! Definitely will post my thoughts about it soon. I used to be more of a devoted blogger but since it's 2009, I decided to concentrate more on me this year. No matter what, I will always have time for movies but I'm going to get another year older so that means gotta stay fit and healthy. Therefore, I've been working out more and that's what is taking most of my time.

This post, I am dedicating to the top three male and female hot bodies of Indian cinema. Their look is what keeps me motivated on working out. I still have lots to work on though. A very superficial post. How many times do I have to say I'm shallow?

John Abraham
No surprise, huh? He is my #1 hottie. His perfect, 6-pack abs, chiseled body makes me drool every time. He is the one who makes me feel like a high school girl again. I love how he practice what he teaches with working out, staying fit, and eating healthy. The man is 36-years-old and looks hotter and hotter every freaking day.

Bipasha Basu
No wonder she's my girl crush! If you know me by now, you know why I adore her. But if not, read here, right here, and one more. With her figure, I like the fact that she has the athletic body.

Of course both of my fave jodi on/off screen have a fitness dvd. I actually own this too!

Allu Arjun
Desamuduru - That's all you need to know...

Malaika Arora-Khan
Just adore her for looking hot after having her son, that did not stop her from being sexy. BTW, how is a mom suppose to dress like? If I had a bod like hers, I'll be showing it off too!

Impress me each and every time. His hot-to-die-for body in Ghajini (Tamil) melts my heart.

Shilpa Shetty
Love how she maintained her hour-glass figure thoughout her career. Besides Bips, Shilpa is the other known Bollywood actress to have a workout video.


dunkdaft said...

Quite a 'Healthy' post. :-)

Best of Luck for Working out. And so glad you are back now.

And you are not shallow, or this post is. I personally find it very hard to put up pictures to post, cause its a hard choice to put up only selected one.

ajnabi said...

I don't think you're shallow, Nicki--if I think so, I'll have to admit I am too! LOL Anyways, I'm glad to see you update, and hope you get more chances soon.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Omg i totally understnad- its the crazy ye and the wk is killling!
Times like these, its good just to chill and think shallow and shallower thoughts :D

Nicki said...

Hahaha, thanks Darshit. I need lots of weight to lose though. You're right, posting pics do put a lot of effort.

ajnabi - ;P I hope to update more too. I think I'm shallow because I rather watch John Abraham flex his muscles than Aamir Khan in a great movie, hehehe.

Shweta - I know, right? I don't know what it is. I think 2009 will be a good year though. Let's gather our shallow thoughts toget. :D

Daddy's Girl said...

Like Ajnabi said, I don't think you're shallow at all, Nicki! And if you are, then I am too LOL! You just like to appreciate beauty, nothing wrong with that whatsoever! Love this post, it inspires me to go and work out and... eat some salad or something LOL. Bipasha has amazing body - womanly and curvy, yet athletic and well-honed... amazing. Shilpa looks so great even after all these years in the industry - watching her in 'Shut Up and Bounce' from 'Bachna Ae Haseeno', I just kept thinking how she can give every young starlet out there a run for their money! Like you said, Malaika is definitely a yummy mummy, I feel she takes it a bit too far sometimes but hey, it's her style and she looks great. You already know how I feel about John - he's super-fit and HOT! And I love that he looks HEALTHY, not just super-fit. He looks like he is just loving life. Love his height and the fact that (although he's beefed up a bit recently) he's not TOO muscular, he still has that leanness to him (I don't like muscles that are too massive and look like they came straight out of a steroid bottle LOL). And wow, after looking at Allu and Surya, now I really need to get into Tamil and Telugu films!

Nicki said...

Daddy's Girl - You're right. Nothing wrong with admiring beauty. Gosh, I gotta work out today, just thinking about it now, lol. I agree with you exactly about John, that's why I love him. Another reason why I don't have big, buffy guys like Salman, Sanjay, or Upen on this post. All three have nice bodies but not my type. Hrithik has a nice body too but I think his arms are way too big for his body, same goes for Shahid.

Yes, go watch Allu Arjun and Surya! I am going to watch another Surya movie this week too.

Bollyviewer said...

OMG all this beauty gives me a complex - I'll never get there no matter how hard I work out! :-( Which is why we have beautiful movie-stars, I guess. And we all appreciate beauty (just have different perspectives on it) so it isnt shallow at all to write up about it and post gorgeous screencaps!

BB said...

Fuck yes, somebody else under the age of 40 who thinks Shilpa Shetty is bangin' hot!!!

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - you're too funny! I agree, I may never have the body of Bips, Malaika, or Shilpa but just looking at them, I tell myself that I can, hahaha.

BB - heck yeah! Shilpa is hot!

pavan said...

common these bipasha n shilpa shetty r very worst, u can find a beautiful women in kashmir, where even the toilet cleaners r 100 times more better tham the bipasha n shilpa

Nicki said...

It's okay pavan - It is just *my* opinion